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Most Viewed Photoshop Tutorials

Most Viewed Photoshop Tutorials
Under Articles - Photoshop is recommended for this tutorial - Under Photoshop Tutorial, Text Effect In this tutorial, you will learn how to bring a simple text to life and place everything in fantastic, colored and glowing 3D space. Some neat techniques covered here will allow you to bring your art to the next level. Under 3D Effect, Photoshop Tutorial In this tutorial, it will demonstrate you how to create a realistic 3D snooker ball. Under Drawing Effect, Photoshop Tutorial Sometimes, you may want to draw / create a flower in digital form. Under Photo Effect, Photoshop Tutorial In lots of cartoon programmes or legends, you may have seen a human face on tree which is able to talk or move. There are various text effects. To design a 3D cap, it is similar approach as other 3D object. This tutorial will explain how to make nice castle from a several photos in photoshop. Chinese painting look very difficult to make, as it requires a lot of techniques and deep knowledge in this.

Members Area Tutorial: Photo Manipulate a Beautiful, Bejeweled Ancient Princess Members Area Tutorial: Photo Manipulate a Beautiful, Bejeweled Ancient Princess Today’s advanced tutorial will show you how to photo manipulate a beautiful ancient princess scene. In this tutorial we will be covering key topics including: Creating Custom PatternsSingle Point PerspectiveTexturingAdvanced fashion photo retouchingDiscussion and use of how shadows can make the added elements look naturalCreating custom 3D textured text Final Image As always, this is the final image that we’ll be creating: Step 1 Create a new canvas in Photoshop with the dimensions Width=2253px and Height=3918px. Step 2 In this step we are going to import the model and use Refine Edge to cut the model with fine details from its BG. 1) Now import the image of the model on to the canvas and place it as shown. 2) Cut the model from its BG using the Pen Tool (P) and leave the hair area as rough as possible. 3) Open the Refine Edge option and the Radius=0.3px, Smooth=2, Contrast=7%, and set the Output to New Layer. Step 3

Photo Strip (Photoshop Tutorial) This is a Photoshop tutorial on how to create a beautiful photo film strip, as seen in Apple's iLife package design ('06 version) and DigitalMash website. The warp tool will be used to create the twisting effect (so, you need Photoshop CS2 or above to complete this tutorial). With the completion of this tutorial, you will be able build a photo strip with your own photos or artwork. Don't miss out this fantastic feature! View Final Image Download Photoshop File 1. First, create a strip with the Pen tool (either in Photoshop or Illustrator). 2. Choose 3 photos of your choice and stack them together. 3. Adjust the layer opacity to 40 or 50% so you can see the guideline underneath. Repeat this step for the rest of the strip. 4. Organize the layers into groups (ie. strip 1, 2, 3, 4). Load selection from the shapes you created in step 1 and add a layer mask for each group (so you get a perfect smooth curve). 5. In masked group 1, create a new layer above the strip. 6. 7. 8. Bonus Tips

Faire un Texte à Effet Brillant avec Photoshop - Tuto Photoshop les meilleurs tutoriaux photoshop parmis les tutoriaux photoshop du net Cs6, Cs5, cs4, cs3 et cs2 - CometBird Faire un Texte à Effet Brillant avec Photoshop Bienvenu dans ce nouveau tutoriel, dans ce dernier nous allons appliquer un super effet braillant sur un texte en utilisant les styles de calque, quelques textures et bien sur des techniques de TutsPS. Et voilà un aperçu du résultat final. Avant de commencer le travail vous devez télécharger le pack de ressource suivant ouvrez, nouveau document de 2000x1700 pixels , résolution 72Dpi , couleurs RVB8bits puis remplissez le fond avec du Gris foncé #1e1e1e. Ensuite rendez-vous dans les options de fusion (n'oubliez pas de déverrouiller le calque en cliquant deux fois sur le petit cadenas à côté de la vignette du calque). Maintenant ajoutez des étoiles en suivant ce tutoriel Nous allons maintenant créer deux grilles, pour le faire suivez la même méthode utilisée dans ce tutoriel Prenez l'outil gomme (E) et effacez quelques bouts. Puis changez leur mode de fusion en Densité couleur – Ensuite importez l'image du halo suivante dans votre document

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Space... is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is... Once you do know what the question actually is, you'll know what the answer means... The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams—eventually continued by Eoin Colfer after Douglas' death—started as a comedy radio play on the BBC in 1978 and expanded into a TV series, a series of novels, and a feature film. In many of the more relaxed civilizations on the Outer Eastern Rim of the Galaxy, the Hitchhiker's Guide has already supplanted the great Encyclopaedia Galactica as the standard repository of allknowledge and wisdom... Introduction[edit] This planet has—or rather had—a problem, which was this: most of the people living on it were unhappy for pretty much all of the time. This planet has—or rather had—a problem, which was this: most of the people living on it were unhappy for pretty much all of the time. Chapter 1[edit] "But the plans were on display . . ." Chapter 2[edit] Ah . . . ! No.

Create Something. Donate Login Remember Me Create An Account Forgot Password // Provide alternate content for browsers that do not support scripting // or for those that have scripting disabled. Join Now Hot Shiny "Do"by Misterx|43|Favorite? Free Falling (Green)by Leaflady|0|Favorite? asu (68)by Durgunsu|1|Favorite? Tom Hayden 1939-1916by Calypso rose|0|Favorite? Pennycandy|1|Favorite? Midnight Starby Maurie|3|Favorite? Free Fallingby Leaflady|1|Favorite? (204)by Bluegirl|2|Favorite? Strangers in Spaceby Leaflady|1|Favorite? Whoooo? About Myoats Read More Myoats is a community where people create designs using an online drawing application. New view more GRAPE-NUT LACEYby Robinrebornart HOT HEARTS ART-MEby Robinrebornart Morn. comes Early :(by Vonzeppelin PERI-WINK-LE BLUE'Sby Robinrebornart GrooveIsInTheHeart (2)by Bluegirl Electric linesby Tsm faker BLACK DIAMOND HIGHby Robinrebornart Doodlesby Rampuero (186)by Bluegirl Frost (2)by Rampuero view more How To Create Watch Tutorials Follow Us ?

Members Area Tutorial: Design a Summer Time Vacation Poster Members Area Tutorial: Design a Summer Time Vacation Poster In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a surreal underwater photo manipulation that is perfect for a poster design. You’ll work with various manipulation techniques including blending, masking, creating underwater effects, complex extractions and much more. This is a comprehensive tutorial that will teach you a range of applicable photo manipulation skills to use across your work. Let’s get started! Final Image As always, this is the final image that we’ll be creating: Step 1 Create a new document and fill it with white (or any colors you want). Step 2 I use an adjustment layer to change color of sky. Step 3 Open underwater stock. Use soft black brush to remove hard edges of the top and blend it with sky: Step 4 I add two adjustment layers with Clipping Mask to change color and contrast of this underwater part: Step 5 Open sea stock. I call this layer “sea surface”. Step 6 Step 7 Add layer mask to sea surface one. Step 8 Step 9 Step 10

Tuto Efeitos Realistas « %%% Blog CNN %%% - Curiosidades Na Net novembro 6, 2008 at 3:46 pm Blog CNN 494 comentários By Samara Clique em “mais” para ver todas as imagens Anúncios Curtir isso: Curtir Carregando... Entry filed under: Arte, Curiosidades. Free PSD: Facebook Fanpage Template Lets face it, designers sometimes need to make a mock-up that doesn’t actually exist which sometimes can be time consuming and extremely irritating. Facebook fanpages have been a very hot topic for clients recently. They are wanting to break into the social media scene. FYC is releasing a mock-up Facebook Fanpage with editable text, posting times and anything else you can think of. Our Twitter PSD Freebie generated such a good response that we decided to give this away as well. Hopefully this will save you some time and help you create and effective facebook mock-up for a potential or current client. The Details File Type: PSDNumber in Set: 1License Type: Creative Commons 3.0Author: Chad Engle

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