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QR Code Generator: QR Stuff Free Online QR Code Creator And Encoder For T-Shirts, Business Cards & Stickers

QR Code Generator: QR Stuff Free Online QR Code Creator And Encoder For T-Shirts, Business Cards & Stickers

QR Codes in the Classroom If you haven’t noticed, there has been an influx of strange black-and-white codes showing up all over the place. Restaurants, stores, movie theaters, magazines, and even on the side of buildings! What are they? What does that mean for educators? QR Code Math Fun To create my worksheet, I had several steps to cover. My next two steps involved the technology: getting the codes to go somewhere and creating the codes to drop into the page. While the actual product does take some time and effort, the result will be an activity you can use on a yearly basis. Now you are ready to rock and roll! Thanks so much to Mr. Charity L. Solar Radiometer, blue This Solar Radiometer is made by traditional Thuringian hand-blowing in Germany, of Lauschaer bottle glass - blue-tinted for the globe, clear for the top and foot. In the glass body is a 4-vane drive assembly, which turns under the influence of light. One side of each vane is black, the other is silver. Height: ca. 15cm. (6 in) Globe diameter: ca. 8cm. (3.25 in) The Crookes radiometer, also known as the light mill or solar engine, consists of an airtight glass bulb, containing a partial vacuum.

Split On Delimiters Split Text On Multiple Delimiters This page describes two functions that are logical extensions of the VBA SPLIT function to allow splitting a character string using multiple delimiter characters and/or multiple-character delimiters. With VBA Version 6 (Office 2000), Microsoft introduced the Split function, which splits a text string into an array, using a delimiter character or characters to indicate the separation between words in the input string. You can download an example bas module here. The SplitMultiDelims function is used to split a string into substrings using any of the supplied characters as delimiters between the substrings. If Text contains a|bc$def:ghij, and DelimChars contains the string :|$, the result is the array {a, bc, def, ghij}. The function SplitMultiDelimsEX function is an extension of the SplitMultiDelims function. The code below allows you to split one o rmore multiple-character delimiter strings. This allows mutiple delimiters of different lenghts.

Programas para leer códigos QR: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian y Windows Mobile ¿Qué son esos recuadros negros que parecen códigos de barras cuadrados? ¿Sirven para algo? ¿Cómo puedo interpretarlos? Si todavía no sabes que son "esos extraños recuadros negros" que puedes ver en cualquier sitio, desde revistas hasta latas de refrescos, en este artículo te explicamos todo lo que necesitas saber sobre los cada vez más populares códigos QR. ¿Qué son los códigos QR? Básicamente, los códigos QR (Quick Response Barcode) es una evolución del popular código de barras. ¿Para qué se usan? Inicialmente, los códigos QR lo utilizaban los fabricantes de automóviles para la administración y el control de inventarios. ¿Cómo se leen? Para leer o interpretar un código QR es necesario un dispositivo con cámara de fotos y un lector compatible. Pero ahora, gracias a la nueva generación de teléfonos móviles, gran parte de la población cumple con los requisitos. ¿Cómo se crean? Crear un código QR es muy sencillo. ¿Qué programa utilizo para leer códigos QR? Sí, i-nigma repite. ¿Y ahora qué?

We’ve got the FEAR: Fantastic expectations; Amazing revelations I love this song by Ian Brown. Play it as you read on…is there a better acrostic song?! It is better sung than written down but here is a sample: For each a road For everyman a religion Forget everything and remember For everything a reason Freeing excellence affects reality Fallen empires are running Fantastic expectations; Amazing revelations Final execution and resurrection Free expression as revolution Finding everything and realizing We’ve got the FEAR This post is meant to be more than an excuse to post one of my favourite songs. I believe that too much of our discourse in education is characterised by fear, to an extent that holds us back from taking the steps we need to improve our teaching, to improve our schools and to improve the system. Headteachers scared of: results going down, losing their jobs, public humiliation, OfSTED reports, a critical Chair of Governors, pushy parents, newspaper headlines, union action, being unpopular: Failing. What is the answer? But who starts?

Reader (1000+) El codigo QR más grande del mundo | Aplicaciones móvil A través de Marketing directo descubrimos el código QR más grande del mundo. Se trata de un proyecto desarrollado por la empresa norteamericana skanz y que tiene unos 3.000 metros cuadrados. Hace no mucho hablamos de creatividad en QR codes. La idea de escanear códigos QR desde el cielo tampoco es novedosa de todas formas. Video: 3 minutes of Michael Gove that will horrify every parent in the country. Video: 3 minutes of Michael Gove that will horrify every parent in the country. The video above shows Tory MP Michael Gove answering questions on his new E-Baccalaureate. Those questions are being put to him by the House of Commons Select Committee on Education. On a week were the Health Secretary was rebuked for lying, and the PM was warned over the misuse of statistics can this government sink any lower?

Codecademy Builds ‘Labs,’ A Web-Based Code Editor Smoking hot startup Codecademy, a service which teaches you how to program online has launched its Labs feature today, as a sign of things to come. Codecademy founder Zach Sims tells me that Codecademy, and specifically new hire Amjad Masad, built the feature because it wanted people to be able to play with what they’ve learned on Codecademy without having to download a desktop-based code editor or integrated development environment (IDE). He says that most other online code-learning environments (like Treehouse) don’t yet offer a way for students freeform write and run the code they teach in-browser. In addition to Javascript, which Codecademy already offers courses in, the interactive coding console allows you to program in both Python and Ruby as a way to practice languages and implement curriculum you may have learned elsewhere. In addition to editing, Codecademy Labs allows you to run, and download executable files so your programs can run elsewhere.

15 diseños creativos de códigos QR ¿Quién dijo que los códigos QR tenían que ser aburridos? Gracias a su 30% de tolerancia en legibilidad, este novedoso sistema para almacenar información admite diseños muy creativos, que hacen aumentar no sólo su atractivo, sino también su eficacia. “Los códigos QR de diseño son no sólo una manera de hacer destacar un código de barras bidimensional, sino que añaden también un toque de humanidad a una apariencia que de lo contrario sería muy fría y tecnológica”, explica Patrick Donnelly, diseñador de códigos QR. “El diseño puede marcar la diferencia a la hora de escanear o no código QR”, añade. Para demostrar el potencial creativo de los códigos QR, Mashable ha publicado la siguiente recopilación de códigos QR de pequeñas y grandes marcas: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.