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Machine learning. We at Venture Scanner are tracking 957 Artificial Intelligence companies across 13 categories, with a combined funding amount of $4.8 Billion.

machine learning

The 15 visuals below summarize the current state of Artificial Intelligence. 1. Artificial Intelligence Market Overview. Les applications du Machine Learning en Big Data. People & Groups – AI Research. The following piece on AI startups & companies was created by Shivon Zilis in late 2014 and could be missing some information at the time of posting.

People & Groups – AI Research

The original article can be found on Shivon’s website here and the full resolution version of the landscape image can be viewed here. —————- Start —————- I spent the last three months learning about every artificial intelligence, machine learning, or data related startup I could find — my current list has 2,529 of them to be exact. Yes, I should find better things to do with my evenings and weekends but until then… Why do this? A few years ago, investors and startups were chasing “big data” (I helped put together a landscape on that industry). How Machine Learning Works in Mobile Messaging [Infographic] Technology, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Marketing Automation We’re living in a brave new world of technological innovation.

How Machine Learning Works in Mobile Messaging [Infographic]

What are some of the real life examples where usage of machine learning algorithms had huge impact? - Quora. 11 Cool Ways to Use Machine Learning. Machine learning is becoming widespread, and organizations are using it in a variety of ways, including improving cybersecurity, enhancing recommendation engines, and optimizing self-driving cars.

11 Cool Ways to Use Machine Learning

Here's a look at 11 interesting use cases for this technology. 1 of 13 For years, machine learning has been used for image, video, and text recognition, as well as serving as the power behind recommendation engines. Today, it's being used to fortify cybersecurity, ensure public safety, and improve medical outcomes. It can also help improve customer service and make automobiles safer. "Machine learning allows you to look at volumes of data and do volumes of calculations that a person really can't do," said Lisa Dolev, founder and CEO of operational intelligence solutions provider Qylur, in an interview. Data Science, Machine Learning, and H2O.

SIEM, machine learning, & Analytics; Better togeth... - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community. SIEM is evolving; It is a Cat and a Mouse game with the bad guys.

SIEM, machine learning, & Analytics; Better togeth... - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

It’s no just cyber criminals who are in the mix, we have state actors and hactivists too. Their means may be different but their methodology is similar. The environment has reacted – 5 years ago the attitude was “log everything” - so customers needed to scale up and scale out to handle it. They then wrote security rules to find issues in reams of network, machine and application logs. This approach forced a rush to build out massive data aggregation and correlations platforms. Traditional detection analytics platforms had inherent weakness in that you could only find what you were looking for – seat-of-the-pants and based on hunches. We have many customers running our SIEM in its previous generations, but organizations should not throw away the old and jump into the new. Rule-based detection is not good enough anymore. Let the machine start base lining and then let them tell you when logs start deviating from the norm. Data, not algorithms, is key to machine learning success.

By boris, January 06, 2016 There has been an explosion in machine learning activity, and Shivon Zilis recently mapped out the current machine intelligence ecosystem as we enter 2016.

Data, not algorithms, is key to machine learning success

This is one of the key areas that we’ll be following this year. How Airbnb uses machine learning to detect host preferences. At Airbnb we seek to match people who are looking for accommodation – guests — with those looking to rent out their place – hosts.

How Airbnb uses machine learning to detect host preferences

Guests reach out to hosts whose listings they wish to stay in, however a match succeeds only if the host also wants to accommodate the guest. I first heard about Airbnb in 2012 from a friend. He offered his nice apartment on the site when he traveled to see his family during our vacations from grad school. His main goal was to fit as many booked nights as possible into the 1-2 weeks when he was away. My friend would accept or reject requests depending on whether or not the request would help him to maximize his occupancy. Big data et Machine learning. Les big data désignent des ensembles de données qui deviennent tellement volumineux qu'ils en deviennent difficiles à travailler avec des outils classiques de gestion de base de données ou de gestion de l'information.

Big data et Machine learning

Dans ces nouveaux ordres de grandeur, la capture, le stockage, la recherche, le partage, l'analyse et la visualisation des données doivent être redéfinis. Certains supposent qu'ils pourraient aider les entreprises à réduire les risques et faciliter la prise de décision, ou créer la différence grâce à l'analyse prédictive et une « expérience client » plus personnalisée et contextualisée. Divers experts, grandes institutions (comme le MIT aux États-Unis), administrations et spécialistes sur le terrain des technologies ou des usages11 considèrent le phénomène big data comme l'un des grands défis informatiques de la décennie 2010-2020 et en ont fait une de leurs nouvelles priorités de recherche et développement, tout comme Projetlys. L'avenir pour votre organisation ?