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Réalité virtuelle - Sélection Applications Android

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Apps for Google Cardboard. Cardboard. Expeditions. Lantern Festival VR. Village for Google Cardboard. Sensors. COMPLETELY FREEno ads or in-app purchases MATERIAL-INSPIRED DESIGNsimple, clean and colourful user interface OTHER FEATURES:- get extra information such as range and resolution- record sensor values to monitor changes over time SENSORS (availability depends on device):- Accelerometer- Geomagnetic Field- Gravity- Gyroscope- Humidity- Light- Linear Accelerometer- Pressure- Proximity- Rotation Vector- Temperature SPECIAL THANKS TO:- for the launcher icon- TOTALMENTE GRATISNo hay anuncios o compras en la aplicación DISEÑO DE MATERIALES-INSPIRADOinterfaz de usuario simple, limpio y colorido OTRAS CARACTERÍSTICAS:- Obtener información adicional, como rango y resolución- Los valores del sensor de registro para monitorear cambios en el tiempo.


vTime for Google Cardboard. A TIME IN SPACE 2 VR FREE. Looking for the best VR in the universe?


Did you like A Space in Time? Well that was just the beginning. You will love the next installment of the top space adventure on Cardboard! Welcome to A Space in Time 2, your free portal to a virtual reality space experience. We have worked hard to create another exciting journey into space, this time it’s longer, bigger and even more exciting. See the complete list below: List of Compatible Virtual Reality Headsets. A TIME IN SPACE VR – Applications Android sur Google Play. DARKNESS ROLLER COASTER VR. Samsung VR. Now access Samsung VR’s amazing library of immersive videos.

Samsung VR

The Samsung VR mobile app, a VR 360 player, allows you to upload, discover, search, download, and play 360 video content on your Samsung phone anytime and anywhere even when you don’t have your Samsung Gear VR nearby. Even download your favorite videos in the mobile app so they are ready for viewing the next time you use your Gear VR. HIGHLIGHTS:• Search or browse the ever expanding library of Samsung VR 360 video content• Play any video directly on your Samsung phone, even without your Gear VR headset• Explore your 360 world either by moving your phone left/right or using touch navigation• Download to play your videos in Gear VR for an even more immersive experience• Upload 360 videos directly to Samsung VR. ARTE360 VR. VR Player FREE. ***** Thank you to everyone who supports VR Player FREE!

VR Player FREE

We listen to every one of your comments and suggestions and we have a BIG news announcements coming soon to FREE users! Stay tuned. Thank you! ***** Now... Step inside the action! VR Player FREE is our consumer version of our more powerful and customizable VR Player PRO media player app for high definition VR video playback, immersive media experiences, and even 360° LIVE streams. Now, you can see what it is like to use your phone as an HD virtual reality headset OR move your phone around without a headset like holding a window into another world. Features: - Support 2D/3D photos and videos - Supported formats: mono, side-by-side, over/under- Read local files or call up remote URL's- Stream in 360° events live.- Activate voice commands- Gamepad and keyboard supports- Subtitles support (.srt and .smi format)- Ambient lighting effects. VaR's VR Video Player. Cardboard Camera – Applications Android sur Google Play.

Cardboard Camera APKs. Sites in VR. Virtual tours of landmarks from Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Kuwait, Yemen, Macedonia, Belgium, France and Space.

Sites in VR

Examine the marvels of Islamic architecture, visit mosques, tombs, palaces of sultans, museums, inns, baths, castles, towers, old houses, squares, parks, nature, religious sites, ancient cities, space and other places with more than a thousand 360 degree panoramic images in high quality. Go up the Eiffel tower, go inside the Egyptian Pyramids and even visit Mars!

You will feel as if you are there... No gyroscope or compass needed! BONUS: You can now use this app to setup your viewer for all other VR apps too! Even if you don't have a QR code, you can setup your viewer by using one of the many viewer presets. If there is no preset for your viewer, or you simply want to improve the perceived quality, you can use the unique VR settings option. 3D Panoramas: Normal panoramas are projected on a distant sphere. Tips: Pas de gyroscope ou une boussole nécessaire! Cedar Point VR. Titans of Space. Titans of Space® is a short guided tour of our planets and a few stars in virtual reality.

Titans of Space

Works with Google Cardboard. Important! • A powerful modern phone will give you the best results, not only with smooth framerate but also headtracking latency. Additionally, shutting down other background tasks may help with performance. To give you an idea of what to expect, this experience runs at 50-60 FPS for the entire tour on a cool Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.3 and minimal background activity. • This program requires a phone with the NEON CPU extension (many modern phones have this) . • Note: Some users have reported getting stuck at the loading screen, and then having it work after a re-install.

What's Google Cardboard? Deep Space Battle VR. Snow Strike VR (Free) TaoVisor 3D App Launcher.