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Fotos de alta calidad de archivo, video e ilustraciones.

Fotos de alta calidad de archivo, video e ilustraciones.

Khan Academy - Hem Free Stock Photos | - Free Photos - Free Images - Gadgets japonais et Arts insolites Aiden Feehily (@photographyfun) sur Twitter 5 herramientas digitales para el Aula Flipped Hafsa Wajeeh, dtopgadgets Have you “Flipped your classroom” yet? The flipped classroom is a useful technique that has moved lectures out of the class, and onto digital media. In doing so, teachers can drastically increase interaction time with their students. It also creates two unique learning environments instead of just one, and opens up the opportunity for students to ask questions, solve problems, and use technology in a meaningful way. A number of tools are available that can be used to record lectures, including YouTube, Edmodo, Schoology, and Moodle. 1. The first tool is Panopto. If you are a teacher and you are using Panopto, you don’t have to worry about uploading your lectures because it is integrated to a Course Management System, Canvas. Panopto is as useful for students as it is for teachers. 2. Tegrity is another great tool that is used for flipping the class. To use Tegrity, you don’t have to change your teaching style. 3. 4. 5.

flickr - cc Many Flickr users have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search through content under each type of license. Here are some recently added bits and pieces: Attribution License » 89068019 photos (See more) Attribution-NoDerivs License » 23541970 photos (See more) Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License » 110039084 photos (See more) Attribution-NonCommercial License » 59973282 photos (See more) Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License » 128407998 photos (See more) Attribution-ShareAlike License » 46301192 photos (See more) Public Domain Dedication (CC0) » 3477165 photos (See more) Public Domain Mark » 9397983 photos (See more) "Creative Commons is a non-profit that offers an alternative to full copyright." Briefly... Attribution means: You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform your copyrighted work - and derivative works based upon it - but only if they give you credit. Add a Creative Commons license to your photostream.

Digital Bodleian Using Images and Pictures with Blog Posts Blog posts are always made more interesting and visually appealing when you add photos and other image types such as video. Even when writing articles around the web that link back to your blog consider images that are going to make you stand out as one of the best experts in your niche or area of interest. Take as much time selecting pics for your posts as you would when you create title and content. There are tons of different resources to use for images for bloggers. Use screenshots and diagrams in blog posts Screenshots and diagrams in blog posts can help make a point that may be hard to explain or demonstrate in words. Ask readers for images or photos There are some bloggers that have discovered that images can come from readers. Think about hosting a contest that requires images and photos to be submitted to your blog. Asking members of your audience to send in photos will bring more participation with your blog and members. Paid images Free image sites This is a free to use site.

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