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28 Useful JQuery Sliders You Need To Download

28 Useful JQuery Sliders You Need To Download
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Owl Carousel - Lazy Load Delays loading of images. Images outside of viewport wont be loaded before user scrolls to them. Great for mobile devices to speed up page loadings. Img need special class class="lazyOwl" and path to image in data-src="":

Get Ready for HTML 5 With support in Chrome, Firefox 3.5, Opera, and Safari, HTML 5 is coming at you like a runaway train. Here are some suggestions to help you prepare to get on board rather than be left at the platform or tied to the tracks. See what others have done#section1 Article Continues Below The first thing you can do to prepare for HTML 5 is see how other people are using it. Now you do it#section2 You can look at the sites, read all the articles here and elsewhere, and even read the specification—but none of that will help you understand HTML 5 as much as using the new elements. By doing this, you’ll find out what works and what doesn’t. X marks the spot#section3 If you are like most designers, you probably don’t write all your markup by hand. HTML 4.0 (the markup language we all know and love) is based on a “rulebook” called SGML. When you write markup in HTML form, you are allowed to leave off some closing (and opening!) Of course, it’s not all good news. Fig. 1. Regular expressions#section4

URUWorks ready to download Select your operating system SWXE 6.01 r2 (15/08/2015) MD5:16ed36d8ea7231aca1a6f765770d6a23 Remember: currently is a BETA version so may contain errors and not all features enabled. dictionaries The Hunspell Spell Checker This spell checker used in OpenOffice, Mozilla, and Chrome is also available in Subtitle Workshop XE, which includes the following built-in dictionaries: English and Spanish. To add a new spelling dictionary, or to replace an existing one, you should follow these steps: Download a spelling dictionary package that is compatible with the Hunspell checker (for example, from the website). languages additional language files © 2015 URUWorks.

50 Photoshop Actions For Every Photographer Photoshop 50 Photoshop Actions For Every Photographer by Alex on Apr 1, 2011 • 12:17 pm 9 Comments Using Photoshop actions can make your life easier and help you edit your photos more quickly. Photoshop Actions For Every Photographer Here i have collected over 50 Time Saving Photoshop Actions for your photosthat will help you achieve some of these looks and save you a ton of time in the process. PROActions Landscape action by EliseEnchanted Magical effect 4.0 by sa-cool Ghost Stories Photoshop Action by elestrial HDR Tools by forfie PW Action Set action 10 by night-fate 3D Actions by myonlyloverob Cinematic Effect by orangeycow Retro Vintage actions by Freaky-Stock Caffeshop Actions – 1st Set by FairyAngelPrincess Blue Eyes Action by mysweetobssession Free Useful Photoshop Actions by MosheSeldin Cross-Processing ATN by mutato-nomine Photoshop Dream Blur Action by jaj43123 color enhancing actions by Princess-of-Shadows CoLoR effect 4.5 by sa-cool Skin Smoothing by Jean31 Photo Ageing by mutato-nomine

#ff6699 hex color (#f69) In a RGB color space, hex #ff6699 is composed of 100% red, 40% green and 60% blue. Whereas in a CMYK color space, it is composed of 0% cyan, 60% magenta, 40% yellow and 0% black. It has a hue angle of 340 degrees, a saturation of 100% and a lightness of 70%. #ff6699 color hex could be obtained by blending #ffccff with #ff0033. #ff6699 (or #f69) is a websafe color. R 100 G 40 B 60 RGB color chart C 0 M 60 Y 40 K 0 CMYK color chart ● #ff6699 color description : Light pink. The hexadecimal color #ff6699 has RGB values of R:255, G:102, B:153 and CMYK values of C:0, M:0.6, Y:0.4, K:0. #ff6699 #ff6699 rgb(255,102,153) #66ffcc #66ffcc rgb(102,255,204) Complementary Color #ff66e6 #ff66e6 rgb(255,102,230) #ff6699 #ff6699 rgb(255,102,153) #ff8066 #ff8066 rgb(255,128,102) Analogous Color #66e6ff #66e6ff rgb(102,230,255) #ff6699 #ff6699 rgb(255,102,153) #66ff80 #66ff80 rgb(102,255,128) Split Complementary Color Below, you can see some colors close to #ff6699. #ff6699 border color

40 Irresistible jQuery Mobile Themes for Responsive Web Apps This is a collection of 12 free jQuery mobile themes (also called jQuery mobile templates) and 28 premium templates. The continuously evolving nature of mobile technology has made it feasible for us to fetch all the desired information with a simple swipe of our finger. jQuery Mobile is one of the stunning frameworks used for developing websites that look rich and function efficiently on a wide range of mobile devices with varying screen sizes and dimensions. A large group of mobile app development companies has utilized and appreciated the jQuery Mobile framework and the remarkable collection of themes/templates available with the same. In this year 2015, if you also want to dig deeper into the concept of website development using jQuery Mobile framework, then have a look at these 40 scintillating jQuery Mobile templates that will add zing to your entire experience of developing eye-catchy and fully-functional websites. Note: These templates are also called jQuery mobile themes. 1. 2. 3.

Screenr is Closing - Try Screencast-o-Matic Earlier today I wrote a post about screencasting tools. In that post I included Screenr. A couple of hours later I received an email from Screenr announcing that they are shutting down on November 11th. Screencast-o-matic is my recommendation for a Screenr replacement. Screencast-O-Matic is available in a free version and a pro version. Applications for EducationScreencast-O-Matic can be used for creating how-to videos or simple flipped lesson videos in which you record yourself talking over a set of slides. 40 Funny Posters About Graphic Designers Posters can be an incredibly fun and colorful way to brighten up the spaces around you – whether they be in your office or at home. They can provide inspiration or simply make your environment more enjoyable to be in. Posters can be beautiful and illustrative, minimalistic and modern, cheeky and funny – really, the list goes on and on. We could all use a little more joy in our lives, so today we’ll be looking at some humorous posters about graphic design and the struggles graphic designers face every day. Let’s lighten up the mood and explore 40 funny posters all about graphic design and those who love it dearly. 01. This poster depicts a phrase many of us graphic designers can empathize with and have heard in one form or another at least once. 02. This poster shows one of a designer’s most loved and most loathed utterings. 03. Ruining the integrity of a font is a cardinal sin amongst seasoned designers. 04. 05. While you can certainly do a lot in Photoshop, you can’t work magic. 06. 07.

How to Create your Photography Portfolio Website for Free A new web app makes it extremely easy for you to create a beautiful portfolio website in minutes using your photographs that are uploaded on Flickr, Instagram and Facebook. John is not a professional photographer, the day job keeps him busy, but he’s an enthusiast who loves photography. One fine evening, he got a call from someone in his friend’s network who was willing to hire John for a photo shoot but, before signing the contract, they wanted to see more of his work. John has captured some stunning and impressive photographs over the years but they are clearly not sorted and arranged in a manner that can be easily shared with a client. His photographs can be found all over the social web – from Facebook to Instagram to Flickr – but, for lack of time and technical know-how, he never considered building a portfolio website to showcase his work. Siftr is a new web app that is trying to tackle the same problem but with a “build it, forget it” approach. Smart Categories, like Google Photos

50 Blog Headers Guaranteed To Draw Readers Into Any Post It has been said that designing a blog is easy, a-no brainer. Pick a template from the myriads out there all readily available on any platform and you’ll be good to go, right? But popping images and text into an existing template will likely translate into another generic looking blog. And in today’s growing blogging industry, being just another sheep in the herd won’t do much for your traffic. Differentiating your blog from others in the same niche by creating a blog designed with a bit more character will turn you into the sheep they’ll remember. Creating a stunning blog does not necessarily mean building your own layout from scratch. 01. The Everywhereist is a hysterical travel blog written by Geraldine, who travels often with her husband. 02. 52 Weeks of UX is exactly that: a blog that writes about UX for 52 weeks. 03. Trent Walton uses a type-centric header to lure you in. 04. Easily one of my favorite headers. 05. Opt for expressive type on white, like The Wanderlust Project. 06.

How to use Dotsub Now you can easily share your video content in any language! Dotsub makes it simple to create and view captions and subtitles in multiple languages. These subtitles can be viewed anywhere your video travels - on websites, blogs, and mobile devices. Upload your video Uploading your videos is quick and easy. Here's how: Select any digital file (up to 4GB) Tell us about your video Choose your privacy settings Click 'upload file' That is it, you're done! Caption your video Next, write up all the dialogue, or caption it. Select the "caption" option Start typing When you are finished click "complete" That's it, you're done! Translate your video Now that your video has been uploaded and captioned, it is ready to be translated/subtitled. Select the "translate" option Choose a language from the drop down menu Hit the translate button and start translating! The translation tool is easy to use. Share your video Now you are ready to share your video with family, friends, fans, or the world!

The Role Of Textures in Contemporary Graphic Design Texture is a powerful technique for creating compelling and lifelike design projects, and mastering it will vastly improve your designs. Ever dreamt of having the skill and knowledge required to produce living, breathing designs? Texture is the surface quality or feel of an object. The way your skin rubs against the rough fabric of your wool blanket, the warm sensation of the soapy bubbles covering your skin in the bath or the gentle touch of your hair falling down your shoulders — these are all sensations and experiences created solely by the qualities of texture. In graphic design, texture is generally only a visual thing, but it creates a physical illusion and it continues to play a leading role in the creation of all types of visual elements. In this article, we’ll walk you through 10 ways that texture can be incorporated into your own designs. 01. The first trick on our list is to incorporate natural textures into your designs. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10.

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