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Vanguard Blog - Breaking Down Cutting Edge Fashion, Art, and Design. Fresh Trend: Quixotic Chain Mail & Studs Posted by victoriadelacamara on February 28, 2012 · Leave a Comment Isabel Marant S/S 2012 Ready-to-wear collection Often when we think of Spring we think of color, flowers, and light fabrics; rarely do we think mesh and studs.

Vanguard Blog - Breaking Down Cutting Edge Fashion, Art, and Design

Well, in this Vanguard world I can forgo the silly flowers and overrated color (let’s save them for one of Monet’s masterpieces). Instead, I have looked to Isabel Marant’s Spring/Summer collection and feel particularly inspired by her reference to the detailing and materials of medieval armor. What is particularly fascinating about this trend, however, is that it has now been adopted for the Spring. Elin Kling in a gorgeous mesh top and leather skirt: hinting at the trend without going too literal. 1. Welcome to Forbes. Stylewylde_Tigi_KatieGallagher_FW2014 1 of 1.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 1510 pixels) - Scaled (66%) Forlorn Femmetography : naag magazine. By: Armida Ascano - Published: Oct 7, 2010 Updated: Jul 27 2011 • References: naag & touchpuppet This spread from the current issue of NAAG Magazine features the stunning Elisa Lasowski lounging listlessly around the city alone.

Forlorn Femmetography : naag magazine

The entire spread portrays an organic feeling that is not often encountered in the generally glamorized world of fashion photography. NAAG Magazine is an inventive publication created by Agyness Deyn and Fiona Byrne. The slightly unkempt, more humanistic feel of the spread suits the two creators perfectly as they represent true individualism. Implications - My favorite image from this collection has got to be the one featuring the model sitting at a dining table along with a tea kettle.

14.jpg (JPEG Image, 1050 × 1600 pixels) - Scaled (62%) New Carpet Designs by Christian Fischbacher. Swiss manufacturer Christian Fischbacher has introduced a collection of beautiful new carpet designs to celebrate the 195th anniversary of the family brand.

New Carpet Designs by Christian Fischbacher

Based in the town of St. Gallen, a historic centre for textile manufacturing since the 13th century, the company remains owned and managed by the founding family. Christian Fischbacher is a name internationally known for high end bedding, bath and carpet textiles, all characterised by great attention to material quality and details, blending tradition and creative innovation into their designs.

IMG_MDA111547_1600px.jpg (JPEG Image, 1600 × 1099 pixels) - Scaled (64%) Screen-Shot-2014-08-18-at-12.08.36-PM.png (PNG Image, 2369 × 2963 pixels) - Scaled (33%) 10672431_947863455241798_6264080743155056903_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 707 × 960 pixels) 08bee20097d3a5a3e6c3ddd135825c2c14eb4715.jpg (JPEG Image, 1201 × 900 pixels) - Scaled (85%) Introducing - Eliska Kyselkova 05.jpg 960×1,440 pixels. Introducing - Eliska Kyselkova 05.jpg (JPEG Image, 960 × 1440 pixels) - Scaled (69%)

5_sinner_eliskys_photography.jpg (JPEG Image, 3543 × 4961 pixels) - Scaled (20%) Noomi-repace_09.jpg (JPEG Image, 1200 × 790 pixels) - Scaled (85%) SENSITIVE SCIENCE. When you buy a device very often several months later there is a newer and cooler version.


Instead of evolving with us, our devices become obsolete. Boom Boom is the first evolving wireless speaker. Dreamt up by a young audio company called Binauric and designed by the talented Mathieu Lehanneur, Boom Boom comes with all the basic features you should expect: audio playback, conference call capabilities, compatibility with all smartphones and computers, the option to sync up two speakers. The speaker is loaded with excess components like an accelerometer, light sensors and microphones that allow the device to take on new functionalities as they will be developed. Just like sleeping components that are waiting to be woken up. Boom Boom is "as evident and magical as fruit. Binauric just roll out a new smartphone application that enables 3D sound to be recorded at home or on the move.

Cecile Poignant, our editor, had an exclusive Q&A with Mathieu Lehanneur : www.mathieulehanneur. TALENTS. Design wendy andreu - photo ronald smits Wendy Andreu is a recent Design Academy graduate; she describes herself as a craft designer that communicates through the materials she is using.


In her work she bridges matter, people and space and through her project ‘Regen’ she came up with a new and innovative way for producing water-proof garments without sewing or cutting patterns. Can you tell us a bit about your graduation collection ‘Regen’? Incredible-LEGO-Art-by-Nathan-Sawaya-heartfelt1.jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 599 pixels) Bizzare Objects by Giuseppe Colarusso. Pirate Manu | On 11, Oct 2013 In the series titled Unlikely, photographer Giuseppe Colarusso imagine bizarre but humorous objects, each is technically impossible, improbable or simply unnecessary.

Bizzare Objects by Giuseppe Colarusso

Some of the models are actually made ​​by the artist, others are created digitally via Photoshop. Enjoy! Tokyo Cityscapes Seen Through Colorful Bokeh. Pirate Manu | On January 5, 2014 Photographer Takashi Kitajima blurs the details of Tokyo’s buildings and bridges into beautifully abstract landscapes.By gaining a bird’s eye view of the urban landscape, Kitajima creates magical scenes where single, distinct objects are surrounded by a stunning blur of bokeh.

Tokyo Cityscapes Seen Through Colorful Bokeh

The glowing dots of light create fields of color that lead directly to Kitajima’s single points of focus. / / / / / The Cloud. Brutality. Society. / / / Disturbed. Speak Up Campaign. / / / / / Tactical Game. My World. / Broken. Mirror. Destruction. Robotic. Connecting Wires. Real Or Fake? No Escape. Hidden. Observation. Pixelation. Virtual World. Laptop Keys. Distortion. Broken Communication. Reflection. False Reflection. Unprotected. Decode. Growing Figures. Spacing. Someone's Watching. Aim. Trapped. Mysterious. Interference. Light & Shadow. Merge. Target. Under Attack. Technical Glitch. Watching. Escapism. Encapsulated. Captured. Isolation. In Disguise. Texture. Dishonest. Identity Theft. Theodore Pantelopoulos photographed by Eliška Kyselková and style with pieces form Daniel Ramos, in exclusive for Fucking Young!

Identity Theft

Online. Behind The Mask. Saint Laurent Store. Saint Laurent has recently opened a new store in Milan.

Saint Laurent Store

The brand’s creative director Hedi Slimane designed this new space, featuring geometric shapes, marble surfaces and some reflective and transparent furnishings. Insight.