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June Ahn Research Partner June is a human computer interaction researcher at University of Maryland. He was brave enough to get involved with this crowd and is helping us make all our data available to everyone. John Britton Edupunk

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Faculty Development and Achievement: A Faculty's View., 1982-Mar The way that 48 faculty at a major research university view their professional aspirations, achievement, and career conflicts between their professional activities and personal relationships was evaluated. In addition, a conceptual framework of faculty development using three professorial ranks as three qualitatively different stages of professional development is presented. Interviews were conducted with assistant professors, associate professors, and full professors from various departments. Free Lectures Online Whether your goal is to earn a promotion, graduate at the top of your class, or just accelerate your life, lectures can help get you there. Our archives of lectures cover a huge range of topics and have all been handpicked and carefully designed by experienced instructors throughout the world who are dedicated to helping you take the next step toward meeting your career goals. Lifelong learns can turn their free time turn into self-improvement time.

A String Game All submissions for this problem are available. Teddy and Tracy like to play a game based on strings. The game is as follows. Initially, Tracy writes a long random string on a whiteboard. The Pros to Being a Psychopath When most of us hear the word “psychopath,” we imagine Hannibal Lecter. Kevin Dutton would prefer that we think of brain surgeons, CEOs and Buddhist monks. In his new book, The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success, the Oxford research psychologist argues that psychopathic personality traits—charm, confidence, ruthlessness, coolness under pressure—can, in the right doses, be a good thing. Not all psychopaths are violent, he says, and some of them are just the sort of people society can count on in a crisis. To further his psychopathic studies, Dutton is seeking participants for his Great American Psychopath Survey, which he says will reveal the most psychopathic states, cities and professions in the United States.

The Beginner’s Guide to Zen Habits – A Guided Tour Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. While some of you have been following Zen Habits since its early days (beginning of 2007), many of you are fairly new readers. To help you through the fairly overwhelming archives, I’ve compiled a beginner’s guide. Kind of a Quick Start guide. First, a note: Please don’t try to go through this all at once. A Guide to Faculty Development: Practical Advice, Examples, and Resources., 2002 Chapters in this guide provide practical guidance and useful information and resources relating to important aspects of faculty development, from setting up a faculty development program to assessing teaching practices. The chapters are: (1) "Faculty, Instructional, and Organizational Development: Options and Choices" (Robert M. Diamond); (2) "Ten Principles of Good Practice in Creating and Sustaining Teaching and Learning Centers" (Mary Deane Sorcinelli); (3) "Program Types and Prototypes" (Delivee L. Wright); (4) "Establishing an Instructional Development Program: An Example" (L.

Plans ZeroPC offers FREE, Basic and Pro premium accounts. Basic and Pro premium accounts offer users who require additional storage and expanded feature. Below please find the Pricing & Comparison for each account type. Read, Write, Innovate! Silicon Valley May 3rd, 4th, and 17th, 9am-4pm What do Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter have in common? They were all created by people who knew how to code. Programming is a skill that gives you the ability to create and innovate. That’s what CodeNow is for! Making it Funny: 8 Hilarious Infographics Humor is a fickle thing. One person’s laugh-out-loud joke is another person’s head-scratcher. Some people strive for the perfect pun, while others would rather choke on their punini, pun fried noodles, or pun seared scallops than debase themselves with wordplay. What makes a kid laugh uproariously may make an adult groan, and what makes an atheist giggle with glee may make a fundamentalist cringe. Finding that humorous sweet spot is no easy task. In infographics, it’s particularly difficult — especially when the humor plays second fiddle to the narrative message and its supporting data.

100 Incredible Lectures from the World’s Top Scientists Posted on Thursday June 18, 2009 by Staff Writers By Sarah Russel Unless you’re enrolled at one of the best online colleges or are an elite member of the science and engineering inner circle, you’re probably left out of most of the exciting research explored by the world’s greatest scientists. But thanks to the Internet and the generosity of many universities and online colleges, you’ve now got access to the cutting edge theories and projects that are changing the world in this list below. If you’re looking for even more amazing lectures, check out our updated list for 2012 with more talks from great minds.

Teaching Well and Liking It: Motivating Faculty To Teach Effectively., 1996-Nov Chapters in this collection on college faculty motivation and teaching effectiveness include: "The Meaning of Human Motivation" (Charles J. Walker and Cynthia Symons); "Wanting to Be a Good Teacher: What Have We Learned To Date?" (Wilbert J. Online Computer Science Courses In its purest form, computer science is the research and development of technology that solves specific problems. Computer science has brought the world smart phones, GPS systems, the gaming industry and tablet computing, along with technological developments that assist government, industry and medicine. In addition to creating new technology, computer scientists also make improvements to existing technology and study the ways computers can make our lives easier. One can learn more about this field of study through several online computer science courses.

Getting Started: Building a Chrome Extension Extensions allow you to add functionality to Chrome without diving deeply into native code. You can create new extensions for Chrome with those core technologies that you're already familiar with from web development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you've ever built a web page, you should feel right at home with extensions pretty quickly; we'll put that to the test right now by walking through the construction of a simple extension that will give you one-click access to pictures of kittens. Kittens!

Don't Let Your Career Get Stale: 6 Ways to Refresh and Recharge in Share 2 Spring cleaning has come and gone, and your home may (or may not) be a bit tidier because of it. But what about your career? What business dust bunnies and everything drawers have you been neglecting? Every career could use a good decluttering now and then.

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