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Copyright and Intellectual Property

Copyright and Intellectual Property

A Copyright-Friendly Toolkit However fabulous Creative Commons and Public Domain content may be, sometimes you really need to use copyrighted material. Say you plan to comment on popular media or current events. For instance, you may be planning to critique the portrayal of Native Americans in commercial films. You are going to want to “quote” some commercial films like Pocahontas, Lone Ranger, and Dances with Wolves. If you are reviewing a book, you may want to share its cover art.

Teaching Copyright How Intellectual is Your Property [INFOGRAPHIC]? - UpCounsel Blog Did you know that intellectual property (IP) accounts for 20% of the US gross domestic product (GDP) and for 40% of the country’s economic gains? Or that IP-intensive industries employ close to 55 million workers? If you find yourself in one of these fields, it’s important to know the background of intellectual property and IP law in order to understand how to protect your own work.

Digital Public Library of America The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is a US project aimed at providing public access to digital holdings in order to create a large-scale public digital library. It officially launched on April 18, 2013, after 2.5 years of development.[1] Overview[edit] The DPLA is a discovery tool, or union catalog, for public domain and openly licensed content held by the United States' archives, libraries, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions.[1] It was started by Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet & Society in 2010, with financial support from the Alfred P. Tahir Amin: Lawyer + IP Evangelist Professional Role Current Titles: Director of Intellectual Property The Library of Congress : Free Books : Free Texts : Download & Streaming Mar 5, 2020 by Carpenter, Frank G. (Frank George), 1855-1924 texts eye

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free & Borrowable Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine Actively Learn

If you have not heard of Kathy Schrock, you are missing out as she provides a plethora of information and links about copyright and intellectual property. It is like one-stop shopping when you visit this site. Happy reading! by annambaker Feb 5