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Paper Rose Boutonniere

Paper Rose Boutonniere

paper flowers | Talk Crafty To Me Why not brighten up your gloomy winter day, by making your own paper flowers. This super simple project takes only about 5 mins and is sure to brighten any room. Add them to twigs or branches for an instant bouquet or simply throw them in a bowl. Originally created by Martha Stewart, Wendy from DoziDesign has whipped up a quick tutorial. Head on over there and start making flowers to your heart’s content. Pictures from Dozi & Jen Elisebeth. related posts

DIY Project: Paper Flower Boutonnieres Paper flower boutonnieres are fun and easy to make. They'll add a touch of charm to any wedding. Don't feel limited to paper though! Use feathers, beads, seashells, whatever strikes your fancy! • Tissue paper (in similar colors) $.99 pack of 10 sheets• 18-guage cloth covered stem wire (pack of 12) $1.49• Artificial stamens (pearl topped flower sprays) $1.99 Optional Moss-Wrapped Boutonniere:• Green Floral Tape $1.49• Sphagnum Moss $2.49• Crochet floss/thread $1.60• Craft Glue $.99• Succulents, interesting leaves and foliage Free (or purchase for approx. $1 each)• Scissors Quick Tip: For a masculine touch, use slow-wilting succulents, sticks and leaves from the garden to embellish the rustic boutonniere. All materials were purchased at Michael’s with the exception of tissue paper from a local art store and live plants are from the backyard. For Paper Flower Boutonniere:Step 1: Secure 12 stamens (or 6 pairs) onto stem wire using green floral tape. Step 3: Fluff out petals.

Whimsical Paper Flowers! Posted May 24, 2010 | 8 Comments Who knew paper could be so cute? We love these paper flowers that are blooming up all over the web! Recycled + re-purposed paper flowers are eco-friendly and will not wilt. Plus, they add a touch of whimsy to your wedding! Walk down the aisle with a bouquet, or use these stylish stems as your centerpieces! Here are some of our favorite hand-picked blooms: { source } { source } { source } { source } { source } { source } { source } { source } DIY Vintage Bottle Hanging Manzanita Branch Centerpiece Next up is Ashley’s DIY suspending glass centerpiece. Using small vintage bottles and manzanita branches, she created a gorgeous centerpiece that could be used to decorate escort card or guest book tables. The first place winner will receive $500 and second place a $100 gift certificate to Wendy Mink Jewelry, so this is huge. Voting won’t start till all selected entries are published, so sit tight! Materials Needed: - A variety of vintage glass bottles in all sizes, such as old medicine & perfume bottles, and lonely salt-shakers that have lost their companion along the way. Prep work: Wash and clean off old glass bottles. Instructions: Step 1: Take wire and measure across the neck of the bottle, add a little slack, cut the wire Step 2: Wrap the wire around the bottle just below the rim, and loosely fasten it.

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Thoughtful Jewelry We saw this idea for a sweet and thoughtful bridesmaid gift over on 100 Layer Cake and just had to share it with our readers. The idea was for a vintage locket with a personal message written inside. It’s a very simple gift to put together … all you need to do is write a personal note, saying or quote on a strip of pretty paper, fold it up and place it into the locket. It will pop out when the locket is opened. This is a wonderful bridesmaid gift because it’s not a major expense, but can be very personal with the message inside – a perfect way to thank your ladies for being an important part of your life and your wedding day. Photo Credit: 100 Layer CakePin it Depending on your wedding and your bridesmaid’s taste, you can buy vintage lockets or new ones – both can be purchased at a reasonable price. Vintage Lockets: Photo Credit: Stephanie Stanger’s ShopPin it Photo Credit: Anechka’s Jewelry shop Pin it Photo Credit: Envisage’s shop Pin it New Lockets: Photo Credit: Overstock.comPin it

DIY Vintage Book Ring Holder Happy Friday! I thought I’d leave you with an easy peasy DIY project for the weekend. Brittni from papernstitch sent over this DIY vintage book ring holder tutorial. From Brittni, of papernstitch: Its for a unique ceremony ring holder made from a vintage book. What you’ll need: - vintage book - ruler - pencil - xacto knife - ribbon Instructions: Step 1: Choose a book that has special meaning to you or your relationship. Step 2: Turn to almost halfway through your book (a little less than half), and draw a small two inch box center right (toward the outside of the book). Step 3: Using a straightedge and an xacto knife, follow the guide of your box and begin slicing through along the lines. Step 4: Once that is done, you can pop out the paper, revealing your hollowed out box. Step 5: Now slip a ribbon through the cut box (making sure to go through all of the pages that are cut). Step 6: Slip the rings onto the ribbon and rest them inside your hollowed box.

Printed Paper Garlands Create a vintage library feel with easy DIY garlands evoking a papered past. This gently tattered look can be used for photo booth backgrounds, hanging mobiles, or simple wall and aisle decorations. Materials: Twine Used book, preferably a vintage journal or old sheets of music Scissors Tape Optional: circle cutters Pinwheels: Tear or cut the book pages into narrow strips, where the thicker the strip, the larger the pinwheel. Flags/Pennants: Cut out isosceles triangles of equal size. Circle "Confetti": Use a hole puncher or larger circle cutter to create the paper confetti. Other paper garland ideas: Fine strips creating paper fringe 2D shapes, like birds, leaves, flowers, hearts, rectangles 3D origami shapes, like butterflies, cranes Entry #8: DIY Vintage Hair Comb Next entry for our DIY Contest is from Caroline, who sent this project all the way from Ireland! If you’re planning a rock ‘n roll wedding, today is your lucky day. Caroline used a raven’s skull, amongst other vintage pieces to create a headband to wear at her brother’s wedding. From Caroline:I made this headpiece to wear to my brothers wedding in Tuscany, Italy. What you’ll need: - rhinestone applique - vintage flowers - vintage brooch - hair comb - a ravens skull (optional, taxidermy skull found at antique shop) Instructions: I sewed the applique to the comb, then the skull on to the applique. To enter our DIY Contest, simply email us 4-5 photos that are 600 pixels wide each, instructions and a list of materials to amanda

DIY Vintage Wedding Book Our next entry was submitted by Maegan, who made a DIY Vintage Weeding Book. She reused a hardcover from old book to create a beautiful keepsake. She also sent us step by step instructions on how to bind blank pages and turn into this precious guestbook! From Maegan:This book would replace the traditional sign in guest book. What you’ll need: - old hardback book with a cool cover - Xacto knife - book binding, linen hanging, or masking tape - paper (for interior pages of book) - one piece of cardstock - paper trimmer - sewing machine - hot glue - paintbrush - mod podge - alphabet stamps or any other embellishments you want Instructions: (I included all step by step images that follow her instructions. Step 1: Using your Xacto knife, CAREFULLY cut the cover off the interior pages of the book. Step 2: Measure the interior of your book and cut your cardstock slightly smaller. Step 3: On your cardstock, make a mark at the center. Step 4: Measure and divide your spine in equal sections.

Vicky + Adam's 1920's Teaparty Wedding You Are Here: Home » Real Weddings » Vicky + Adam's 1920's Teaparty Wedding Real Weddings Vicky + Adam's 1920's Teaparty Wedding This wedding was sent me by the talented Rosie Parsons (check out her blog for more fun weddings like this one). October 10, 2009 | 2 Comments ‹ Previous Next › 2 Comments on Vicky + Adam's 1920's Teaparty Wedding We love reading your comments!