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Sculptural paper orb lights

Sculptural paper orb lights
It’s wonderful to see so many DIY projects that take advantage of the humble paper globe light. Just when I think I’ve seen them all, I come across a new one that I love, like this version created by Heather Jennings of Poppy Haus. While browsing her local Anthropologie store, Heather was inspired by two things: the ingenuity of the displays, all made with simple, everyday materials, and the Rhododendron Chandelier. Adorned with handmade, sculptural paper flowers, the chandelier is amazing, but at $898, Heather thought it would it be the perfect candidate for a DIY variation. Luckily, Heather stumbled upon decorative cupcake liners with an optical, graphic print that provided the perfect amount of depth and texture. By layering them over plain liners, she was able to create a beautiful effect on these orb lights; the organic, anemone-like shapes look lovely up close, far away, unlit during the day and glowing from within at night. Materials Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

poppy haus: DIY Fridays Summer ends next week, in a way, and for the first time in 2 1/2 years I will be kid free, three days a week. I will miss their little butts, but I am so ready to have the time to create projects, work on recipes and do more research on design, housewares and goings on. I'm instituting a DIY Friday post which be an easy to accomplish weekend project. This week I'm featuring a revision of a sunburst I made last year. My first version was broken in the move. Cut the 1" balsa pieces in half (which will result in 12 pieces, you will need only 11) Cut the 1/2" pieces to 18" each Spray the ring and the 1" pieces gold Spray the 1/2" pieces ivory (may need two coats) Lay out the 1" pieces around the ring, and glue down, allowing 3 hours to dry. Glue down the ivory pieces face down into the groove created by the first layer. I can't attach anything to our living room walls, because they are plaster, so I will be hanging mine with line using a moulding hook.

Paper Scrap Light / Chandelier It’s a whopping 70 degrees in Brooklyn right now, so I’m going to get out from under the pile of packing boxes in our house and get some fresh air. Before I head out, I wanted to share this beautiful (and totally genius) DIY light project that graphic designer Gabrielle Guy created for a friend. After moving into a new house and finding an old lantern left behind, Gabrielle decided to cut strips from scrap paper and glue them onto the shade. Two days later, the result was an incredibly stunning artichoke-like lamp that looks expensive but cost close to nothing. I’m so impressed with this project that I had to share it as inspiration for the weekend. Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

Add Character to a Calendar - Happiness is...Creating Mar 11, 2014 | Post by: Meghan A long time ago I saw this really cool calendar online at Crate and Barrel. I thought the design was so much more appealing than a standard calendar. I kind of forgot about the calendar, until one day I was at Target in the stationary aisle (no idea why I was in this aisle, or what I was buying!) I bought the calendar, but thought it could OBVIOUSLY use a little love. Supplies: - Covered Brads - Round Sticky Magnets - Patterned Paper - Chalkboard Paint - Chalk Marker - Pliers - Paint Brush {Step 1}: Paint the bottom of your calendar with chalk paint. {Step 2}: Cut the bottoms off of your brads. {Step 3}: Peel off the backs of your magnets and put them on the back of your brads. After I made my calendar and magnets, I came up with a quick three ways it could be used. 1: Add pretty patterned paper and write a sweet message with a chalk marker. 2: Add ALL of your magnets to your calendar if you can’t pick your favorite! 3: This one might be the best idea.

Romantic Card My card today is for Whoopsi Daisy challenge blog. Our challenge this wick is White on White. For my card i used image from sheet # 451, and you can find it HERE. Here is some close up look on my embellishments. For her Dress i used Diamond Dust, as you can see, it’s give image beautiful sparkles. Then i added Pearls to the top For the background i used MS punch, embossing folder, and added Die cuts of Butterfly and lives swirls. To finish my card i added white Bow. Now it’s your turn to show us your creations. Nataliya Sarah Hearts - Anthropologie Inspired Pom Pom Push Pins August 12, 2013 Pin It! This week is going to be packed with all things back to school related. Even though I’m not heading back to school this month (though I’m one of those people who would love to be in school forever) I love school supplies, picking out back packs and planning a dorm room! So to start off the week, here’s an easy way to add some fun and texture to your bulletin board. These simple yarn pom pom push pins are inspired by these Anthropologie push pins. To make your own pom pom push pins you will need: - yarn (any colors) - dessert or salad fork - sharp scissors - super glue or a hot glue gun - thumbtacks There are several ways to make yarn pom poms. The first step is making the pom poms. Place a small amount of glue on the top of a thumbtack then press it firmly onto a pom pom.

Paper If you've never thought of paper snowflakes as important or relevant, get ready to have your mind blown. These aren't your old grandfather's simple fold and cut from a napkin snow crystal pretties. Paper Snowflakes for Children is a virtual encyclopedia of crystal patterns ranging from simple one or two cut designs for total beginners to creations that are virtually impossible to apply scissors or knives to craft. Mark your calendar: December 27 is Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day Simple for beginners - designs with easy folds and cut lines Four sided doilies - basic square folds, but not true snowflake shapes Math based - fun patterns using basic triangle, square and circle shapes Forget me Not - special flakes for commemorative events or personal memories Festive - holiday theme flakes Intricate - hard to cut patterns Fancy flakes - delicate flowery designs ...and so much more Natures gift Educational Symmetrical Snowflakes

Travel Memory Map DIY Jun 3 This Travel Memory Map is a gift I’ve been wanting to give to Paul to keep track of our travels. I grew up in a house with a giant map on the wall of our den and love having a map around to show my kids where everything is. It’s really easy to personalize and celebrate all the places you’ve been together. Materials: Spray Adhesive, Push Pins, Scissors, World Map, Large Piece of Foamcore, Printed Mini Travel Photos (Including Location Name & Date) Step 1: Cut foamcore down so that it’s the same dimensions as your map. Photography by Sarah Hebenstreit of Modern Kids Photography for Oh Happy Day Art Direction by Jordan Ferney Styling by Milan Shimono Lee Crafting by Caitlin Barker Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.

The Remodeled Life: DIY Paint Chip Project We've lived in our house for 10 months now and we have two mirrors hanging on our walls and that's it. We haven't put up one single picture, artwork, frame, nothing. I'm feeling like it's time to remedy that so, here's my first go at new artwork for our house - which comes in the form of free. I shared with you Wednesday that I was loving all of the paint chip artwork and projects I had seen and wanted to do something using all of the paint chips we have collected since starting on this remodeling process. One of my favorite rooms in the house, which happens to be the smallest is our little half bath that sits next to our master bedroom. I love the painted floor, the diy-ed mirror frame, the new bright wall color - there is just a lot of character going on in there and I'm loving it. Here's what I did: Next I cut out a little bird shape from one of the slate colors I had - this time I did trace my bird shape on the back before cutting. Until I had my finished peacock... So this -

DIY Painted Wooden Coasters On one of our many adventures to the craft store we picked up a set of lovely little birch wood rounds, ready-made for coasters. Now that spring has arrived we finally have the perfect way to use them! Inspired by graphic patterns and fresh pops of color, these DIY Painted Wooden Coasters are sure to bring a dose of spring to your home. To make these coasters, you will need: Birch wood rounds- Found at Michael’s Craft Store Acrylic Craft Paint Paintbrush Tape Clear Acrylic Craft Sealer – We used Plaid Aerosol Spray Let’s get started: 1. tutorial photos by Marisa Mangum / styled photo by Leah Bergman Karla's Cottage: Short cuts and tips on blinging up a birdhouse Beth and I are having a party. A self swapping, self linking "What do you LOVE about your Birdie's home?" party. Details are HERE. And we hope you can all join us and show off your own birdhouses. Either something you have made by hand, or just a favorite of yours on display in your home or gardens. I'll be giving one of my own away today, if you leave a comment on this post, and will give a 2nd away the day of our party, Thursday March 27th. And if you'd like to make one, and could use some tips, here are a few things I learned while decking out a few birdhouses. First thing I noticed, was that my hands look awful in these photos. I've bought houses in an assortment of sizes and shapes. All are smaller, some mini, none made for outdoors, they are for decorative purposes only. The prices have ranged from 67 cents to about $5 at the most. A minor buffing up with a sanding block will take off any rough edges. No reason to paint the entire piece, since most of it will be covered up. scissors

DIY Animal Mugs | Whimsy DarlingWhimsy Darling Alex and I have always wanted to try out the permanent marker on mug DIY that we’ve seen around the internet for the past few years. It looked like such an easy and fun way to personalize a tea/coffee cabinet! Guess what? It IS easy, fun, and (extra bonus) cheap! Our initial take on the mug was to draw animal faces (a cat, dog, bunny, and beaver) from the nose down so that we could feel particularly cute while we sipped from them. Making the mugs was so easy.Step 1: Buy mugs to draw on. Step 3: Pick a design and start drawing on your mug. We had a few extra mugs left over and I decided to make a completely different mug (hehe). Hope you enjoyed these simple DIY mugs! Love, the tea enthusiast & the coffee gal