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Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller
Pros I have been meaning to install Revo for ages to clean out some junk on my PC but never got around to it. Well today I really needed it after I couldn't get rid of a program with just my PCs' uninstall application, and it worked just they way I thought it would. Cons It doesn't seem that it can be used to get rid of browsers like the Homepage-Web browser hijacker that sneaked its way on to my PC. Reply to this review Read reply (1) Was this review helpful? Reply by kstenbch on July 20, 2015 You may have malware, and Revo uninstaller is an uninstaller, not a cleaner. Easy to use Tons of features and controls Straightforward user interface Free version is just fine Works for most problems Won't uninstall badly corrupted programs Summary I got this for the sole purpose of removing a badly corrupted factory image of Microsoft Office 2010. Reply to this review it cost nothing (but wasted time) without total destruction. Was this review helpful? Easy to use, thorough as expected, nice interface. Related:  MICROSOFT - Office Programs

HitmanPro 3 (64-bit) Pros Free for the first 30 days and extremely cheap for the outcome that it provides. removes malware and viruses that are not easily detected by its competition Cons cant think of one Summary worth it! Reply to this review Was this review helpful? Catches and deletes all of the tougher viruses that all the other scanners were not able to get rid of. I'm sure there are cons out there, but I didn't use it at length to find any, it deleted the PITA spyware, so what more can you ask for! I only use this to ensure I get rid of everything. Found double click and a lot more. It may pick up genuine programs but leaves you to decide if it to delete or not. I like it and it will stay on my computer and works along Spybot and McAfee. Haven't got it working. See's Dropbox.exe as a Virus! Pros ?!! It took a couple of minutes to do a fall system scan and I have no idea what is scanned for in such a short time. It's a dangerous program to have. Was this review helpful? Absolutely like no other anti-virus.

A free, light-weight alternative to Mathematica 6 Tips to Increase Your Facebook EdgeRank and Exposure Ever wonder why you can have 548 friends on Facebook, yet only 15-20 show up in your news feed? It’s not that those other friends have stopped using Facebook; chances are they’re still there. It’s just that they aren’t showing up in your news feed. If you haven’t noticed, there are now two settings on your Facebook news feed: “Most Recent,” which shows most of the content published by your Facebook friends in chronological order and “Top News,” which filters content based on EdgeRank. Friends and fan pages with a high EdgeRank are more likely to show in your “Top News” stream. For businesses or others looking to market, promote or just interact through Facebook, the implications of this change are huge. EdgeRank Defined Facebook looks at everything published as “objects.” An object’s EdgeRank is based on three factors: affinity or the relationship between the creator and user, interaction with the object (likes, comments, etc.) and timeliness. Affinity Level of Interaction Timeliness

WinPatrol Program Database LicenseCrawler, Download bei heise Name: Sprache: Deutsch/Englisch Betriebssysteme: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, Vista, 7, 8 Mindestvoraussetzungen: CPU: 100 MHz Download-Größe: 1,33 MByte Preis: kostenlos (für den privaten Gebrauch) Einschränkungen: keine Hersteller/Autor: Martin Klinzmann E-Mail-Adresse: LicenseCrawler in Themen-Specials Auf c't-CD oder -DVD c't-Software-Kollektion 7/2011: LicenseCrawler 1.6 build-182 LicenseCrawler steht auch in den Rubriken: Bewertungsrang: Download-Rang: Programmdaten aktualisieren(nur für Autoren/Hersteller) Datensatz zuletzt aktualisiert am 08.04.14 Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr. Anzeige Melden:Neue Version | Falsche Programmdaten | Download-Probleme | Viren/Trojaner/Spyware Meinungen zu LicenseCrawler Nr. 12 zu LicenseCrawler 1.28 build-323 dotbizz 26.05.13 10:07 melden Nag-screen. Kommentar bearbeiten Nr. 11 zu LicenseCrawler 1.28 build-323 Tadeuz 20.03.13 20:09 melden Funktioniert mit Adobe CS6 nicht. Kommentar bearbeiten Das Programm ist Shareware. Kommentar bearbeiten

What You Need to Know About Windows Update on Windows 10 Windows Update has seen a lot of changes on Windows 10. The biggest is a more aggressive approach to getting everyone up-to-date, but Windows 10 will also use BitTorrent-style peer-to-peer downloads for updates. Many of the included applications on Windows 10 — the Microsoft Edge browser and all those other “universal apps” — will be automatically updated through the Windows Store, which is separate from Windows Update. The Control Panel Interface is Gone Windows 8 offered dual interfaces for Windows Update — one in the PC Settings app, and one in the older Control Panel. Windows 10 retains most of the old Control Panel, but the Windows Update interface has been removed. Instead, you’ll find Windows Update in the new Settings app under Update & security. Updates Install Automatically, and You Can’t Choose Which Visit the Windows Update interface and you’ll just find a single button — “Check for updates.” Windows Won’t Download Updates on Metered Connections You Can Choose When to Reboot

Plans and pricing : PythonAnywhere We guarantee a certain amount of computing capacity for your web app, but how many hits/day you can get out of that depends on you. If you write a website that does tons of calculations for every request then you won't be able to handle as many hits per day as our estimate. If you write a super-efficient one using a lightweight framework, you'll be able to handle more. Our estimates are based on real-world websites that we host, like, so we're confident that they're a good indicator of what a typical website will be able to handle. How it works, under the hood The web app compute capacity is defined by the number of web workers associated with your app. For sites without a lot of traffic — even if they have a lot of users accessing pages occasionally — one web worker is enough. Making things faster with static files

EdgeRank Checker | Check your Facebook Page's EdgeRank VAIO Laptops Desktops Computers PCs | Sony Store USA A Touch of Greatness Interact with your computer in the most natural, intuitive way possible: by touch. Using your fingertip or the Active Pen (select models, or sold separately), simply tap and slide your way through photos, files, even the Internet. Optimized for touch and totally reimagined, Windows 8 will transform the way you use your PC, while still offering everything you need and have come to expect from Windows. Learn More About Windows 8 Premium from the Inside Out Meticulously crafted using only the finest components, VAIO laptops boast best-in-class designs featuring quality materials at their core. Endless PC Possibilities From traditional laptops to revolutionary tablet PCs, there's never been more to explore in the world of VAIO PCs. 2-in-1: twice the productivity, twice the fun. (1:30) Impeccable Displays VAIO's fantastically Full HD displays (1920 x 1080) make surfing the web, watching blockbuster hits and video chatting with friends across the miles a thrill to behold.

Sysinternals Suite By Mark Russinovich Updated: January 27, 2022 Download Sysinternals Suite (45.6 MB)Download Sysinternals Suite for Nano Server (9.1 MB)Download Sysinternals Suite for ARM64 (11.7 MB)Install Sysinternals Suite from the Microsoft Store The Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities have been rolled up into a single Suite of tools. This file contains the individual troubleshooting tools and help files.

How to reserve your free copy of Windows 10 Apple finally started singing a new tune. The maker of iPhones and iPad tablets on Monday unveiled its first streaming service, dubbed Apple Music, as its revamped way of presenting songs on its devices. Apple's $10 a month service is built off the music subscription service that it acquired a year ago from Beats for $3 billion. Apple will also offer a plan for families of up to six people to share a subscription for $15 a month. When it launches June 30 in over 100 countries, Apple Music will be available with a three-month free trial. Some elements will be free without a subscription, such as a viewing artists' content and listening to radio with some limitations. In addition to running on Apple devices -- including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac computers and Apple TV -- Apple Music service will also be available for devices that use Android, the mobile operation system from rival tech giant Google. Apple said the service would "bring together all the ways people love music."