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Find a Plan. Jim Stoppani's 12-Week Shortcut To Size - Build Muscle & Gain Strength! Main | Training | Microcycles | Nutrition | Supplements | Meal Replacements | Start Program The human body is a complex collection of tissues, chemical compounds and nutrients.

Jim Stoppani's 12-Week Shortcut To Size - Build Muscle & Gain Strength!

To maximize results in the gym, you must understand how all of those combine to make muscles grow. Project Mass: Jake Wilson's 14-Week Muscle-Building Trainer. Main | Training | Nutrition | Supplements | Advanced Techniques | Get Started Designed by Jacob Wilson, PhD, CSCS, in conjunction with Dymatize athlete Lawrence Ballenger, Project Mass is an advanced, 14-week periodized resistance training program engineered to help you keep growing.

Project Mass: Jake Wilson's 14-Week Muscle-Building Trainer

Built on a combination of cutting-edge techniques and classic lifts, a precision nutrition plan, and a science-backed supplement stack, Project Mass will make plateaus a thing of the past. Project Mass Watch The Video - 04:40 Throughout his research and education, Dr. Wilson has focused on how to optimize training and nutrition for maximum muscle growth. The result of countless hours of experimentation and research, Project Mass is best suited for advanced lifters who have been training consistently for at least a few years. Step One Watch the Overview Videos Training Overview Project Mass is more than a trainer. Nutrition Overview Supplements Overview Techniques Overview Step Two Exclusive Emails Cycle One Week 1. Lee Labrada's 12-Week Lean Body Trainer. Main | Training | Nutrition | Supplements | Tips | Meals | Recipes | Bio | Start Program Lee Labrada's 12-week training program is for anyone—man or woman, beginner or advanced—who is ready to work hard, train smart, and achieve a dream lean body.

Lee Labrada's 12-Week Lean Body Trainer

The program has everything you need to burn fat, sculpt muscle, and get fit. It includes daily workouts, a full nutrition plan, recipes, and more. Start getting leaner and stronger today with fitness expert Lee Labrada! Get lean in 12 weeks with the Lee Labrada Trainer! Meet Your Trainer Lee Labrada. High-Intensity 4-Week Transformation Plan. By Thomas Fahey, Ed.D. and Jaime Baird Do you still need to tone up and blast fat before summer hits?

High-Intensity 4-Week Transformation Plan

Luckily, breakthroughs in sports science make it possible to see results fast. High-intensity, explosive training (HIET) is the key to quickly taking your fitness to the next level with increased aerobic capacity, lean muscle, power and fat loss. HIET turns on biochemical pathways that mobilize fat-burning hormones to give you that lean, athletic look. This type of training is tough, but it will produce results. Luckily, IFBB Pro Bikini Justine Munro is here to help us meet this goal. What is HIET? HIET involves three sets of 10 repetitions per exercise using moderate loads (75 to 85 percent of one-rep maximum) and performing reps explosively. HIET and HIIT programs are exhausting and difficult. The Science Behind High-intensity Explosive Training HIET can increase lean muscle at an incredibly fast rate.

We are beginning to understand why high-intensity explosive training works so well. Toned Legs And Rockin’ Abs In 31 Days. Share This!

Toned Legs And Rockin’ Abs In 31 Days

Ready for a sure-fire way to toned legs and rockin’ abs for the beach this summer? Great! Your Summer Cardio Fat-loss Plan. High-intensity interval training continues to be a top fitness trend.

Your Summer Cardio Fat-loss Plan

In fact, ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal named HIIT as the number two expected fitness trend for 2015. It’s popular because it’s effective— high-intensity interval training studies continue to reveal rapid gains in fitness training in only 10 to 20 minutes per week. Scientists have discovered that HIIT is effective in athletes, recreationally active adults, children, lung and heart patients, and older adults. Most studies show that after a few months, people get similar results from continuous and interval training. However, fast and slow training recruit different muscle fibers and influence metabolism differently. HIIT for Health and Fitness: Less is More! High-intensity interval training sounds too good to be true. The four components of interval training are distance, repetition, intensity and rest, defined as follows: Combining HIIT with Traditional Aerobics • HIIT might trigger overuse injuries in unfit people.

Posterior Power Program. The butt isn’t just a cushion to make the hours we sit on it more tolerable.

Posterior Power Program

It’s also not just an accessory to give our favorite jeans a boost in the back. Much more than that, the glutes are the power center for the lower body that fuel speed, strength and explosiveness. Take a look at any athlete’s assets, and you will see the tight, round and ready-to-run-fast rear view. Athletic glutes, like those of IFBB Bikini Pro Justine Munro, aren’t built in a day and not with squats alone. (Although, squats are a key movement for sure!) Because we know you’re already doing a traditional lower body workout that includes your squats and presses, Justine is sharing her Posterior Power Program to add another dimension to your training. Beginners. Advanced – Complete Program.

Advanced – Split It Up. With the band secured around your calves, stand with your legs about shoulder width (or the width where you start feeling tension in the band).