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A Day in the Mind of Your Defiant Child If you’re the parent of a defiant child, you’ve probably wondered what makes him so angry at life—and angry at you. With the school year approaching, are you gearing up for another difficult year with your child, just hoping that he’ll make it through—and that you’ll be able to manage without falling apart? Realize that it doesn’t have to be a daily battle of wills once you understand what’s actually going on in your child’s head. Here, James Lehman MSW breaks down some of your child’s thinking on a typical school day. Although it may feel like your defiant child hates you, that’s usually far from the truth. It’s another day and another battle. BetterWorks Brings Big Company Perks To Bay Area Startups — Coming Soon: The Gamification Of Working What’s better: an employer giving you $500 or an employer giving you an iPad? At first, you may think it’s better to get the cash. But often, that money is used on things such as paying bills — important, but not lasting. The iPad will last. Every time that person uses it, they’ll remember who gave it to them.

RetailMeNot Coupons Get cash back when you buy your favorite brands at nearby stores. From grocery to electronics to clothes and more, ditch the coupons and get paid real cash money just for shopping. Ibotta has exclusive rebates at your favorite grocery stores, retailers and online shops, updated all the time. And, we work with other offers, coupons, and discounts, so you know you’ll be getting the best deal every time you shop. Unlock your rebates anytime, anywhere, and then use them when you go shopping. Want to use Ibotta at the store for cash back?

Feeling Depressed? Here's The Top 5 Good News Websites If you are like me, then you are sick and tired of all the negative news being thrown at you by the mainstream media outlets. Pick any major online news outlet and you will find the majority of items are about the ever sinking economy, Iraq or someone’s unfortunate death. Some might argue that reading about people who have it worse can make you feel better about yourself, but I really do not think that is true. I recently spent one work week (5 days) forcing myself to only get my news from positive news network sites.

CrowdTwist E-Book - 25 Loyalty and Engagement Stats You Need to Know Building loyalty requires that brands deliver more personalized experiences, offer value, and engage customers on an emotional level. This e-book reveals 25 loyalty and engagement statistics that can help you better understand: How personalization impacts purchase intent and loyalty The importance of rewards and incentivesThe ways in which social media drives loyaltyHow to generate loyalty from different age groups And much more… Building loyalty requires that brands deliver more personalized experiences, offer value, and engage customers on an emotional level.

The Ultimate List of 100 Non-Toy Gift Ideas Remember this picture I shared last year? If that's how you feel when you survey the growing collection of toys in your home, then you may find today's post helpful! This morning I'll be interviewed on several radio shows across Canada about the idea of a Toyless Christmas, so I thought I would share a list on the blog of Non-Toy Gift Ideas that can serve as a reference for birthdays and Christmas when you're feeling overwhelmed with toys! Season Passes - Zoo - Museum - Butterfly Conservatory - Aviary - Aquarium - Amusement Park House Party Is A Serious Business, Scores $5.3 Million, a site that helps people throw brand-sponsored home parties, has raised $5.3 million in Series C funding in a round led by New York-based Acadia Woods Partners. Partiers need to apply online, indicate what type of in-home event they’re planning and take charge in spreading the word to their friends and relatives. Once selected for a house party, they receive a package of products from sponsoring brands – ‘Party Packs’ have included food, baby toys, health and beauty products and action figures in the past.

Smartphone Apps that Help you Make Money Making money online gets easier every day. So easy, in fact, that many mobile app developers are creating ways for you to earn money simply from doing what you probably do every day – unlocking your phone, shopping, and talking to friends about stuff. Source Dining Out? Mogl Grabs $10 Million For Its Gamified, Charitable Loyalty Program Would you like some gamification with your french fries? Well, one San Diego-based startup is willing to bet you just might. Mogl, which describes itself as not only “a party in your wallet” but also a “four letter word you can say in front of your grandma,” wants to turn you into a loyal customer at your local restaurants. Said another way, Mogl is using gamification and a bit of charity to increase engagement and the enjoyability of customer loyalty program for restaurants — all while on the go.

17 Apps To Help Save You Some Cash This Christmas With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and any other sales gimmick that a retail outlet can think up, there are plenty of ways to get you to spend money over the holiday season. Here are some apps that can help you save some extra cash instead. #1. Amazon Price Check. Have you been at the store and said “I bet I could find that cheaper online.” With this app, you won’t have to log onto Amazon from your smartphone to find out.