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Gravit. Une alternative libre et gratuite à Illustrator – Les Outils Tice

Gravit. Une alternative libre et gratuite à Illustrator – Les Outils Tice

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Volcanos & Convergent Boundary Project with Minecraft PE (Updated) Mrs. Y asked me if we could incorporate Minecraft PE into her plate tectonics & volcano unit. I thought it would be great to have students create a diagram of a volcano and a plate tectonic boundary. Here is a short description of what we did for the project: 1. Research Specific Boundary and Volcano

Nik Collection Today we’re making the Nik Collection available to everyone, for free. Photo enthusiasts all over the world use the Nik Collection to get the best out of their images every day. As we continue to focus our long-term investments in building incredible photo editing tools for mobile, including Google Photos and Snapseed, we’ve decided to make the Nik Collection desktop suite available for free, so that now anyone can use it. The Nik Collection is comprised of seven desktop plug-ins that provide a powerful range of photo editing capabilities -- from filter applications that improve color correction, to retouching and creative effects, to image sharpening that brings out all the hidden details, to the ability to make adjustments to the color and tonality of images.

Online tool to create sketch, painting, drawing, outline effects Steps to convert Image to sketch: For creating sketch effect, first you need to browse your high quality photo and then press the UPLOAD button, once your photo uploads SKETCH IT button will be visible, if you want to select additional option you may select now, then press the SKETCH IT button, elegant sketch will be appeared in the photo frame and same time DOWNLOAD button will be visible. you may select to download sketch. If you want to change additional option you can change without uploading image again, you just need to select new option and need to press SKETCH IT button.

Top 20 Social-Media Tools to Add to Your Arsenal in 2016 Social media is here to stay in the marketing world and, by all accounts, it will only further penetrate all aspects of life and work. As we enter 2016, many social-media experts are already forecasting the direction of social media in the new year. To be prepared, it’s that time of year to organize our social-media tool boxes, adding some new tools that can be game-changers in terms of how effective this platform is for certain strategic objectives. Here are 20 recommended social-media tools to add to your game plan, if you don’t have them already. Related: 5 Social-Media Opportunities Businesses Mostly Overlook

Microsoft Launches a New Classroom Platform The future of the classroom is taking shape through digital workspaces shared by teachers and students, and Microsoft is carving out its own place in an increasingly competitive market. Today, Microsoft announced a new platform for education — Microsoft Classroom. Having stitched together tools from Office 365 and a series of learning management partnerships, Microsoft has high hopes that Classroom will become the central hub for the class experience. "Classroom is deeply integrated into the fabric of Office 365," says Tony Prophet, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of education marketing. "It's a tailored experience for managing classrooms and assignment workflows."

14 Open Source Photography Tools In a recent article for, JT Pennington shares his favorite open source tools for photography enthusiasts. He points out that, while most people “scoff at the idea of a professional workflow on anything other than Windows or Mac,” that there are plenty of open source software options out there. Pennington explains that “[t]he software landscape on Windows and Mac is so dominated by Photoshop and Lightroom…[but] we know of a better way—the open source way—and this is yet another example of how open source leads to more options and innovations.” Here are 14 open source photography tools recommended by Pennington and commenters on his post. 1. Gimp

List of LaTeX symbols - LaTeX Wiki LaTeX symbols have either names (denoted by backslash) or special characters. They are organized into seven classes based on their role in a mathematical expression. This is not a comprehensive list. Refer to the external references at the end of this article for more information. Class 0 (Ord) symbols: Simple / ordinary ("noun") Suffering from Social Media Mania? Use These Tools To Manage All Your Accounts from One Place Tweet this, update that, post something over there. With all the different social media platforms overtaking our lives these days, sometimes it can seem like an impossible feat to keep up with all of them at once. Well, now the task of keeping all your connections compacted into a single source just got a whole lot easier manage, thanks to a few key apps and websites that streamline the process of staying social, and make sure you’re always one step ahead of what’s happening in the loop. Alternion If you’re simply looking to consolidate the dozens of different streams you have strewn across several social media accounts into a one-glance experience, Alternion is the lightweight, easy-to-use desktop app that’ll turn your dreams into a reality. Better yet, you can also use Alternion to keep all your email accounts neatly organized and feeding into the same window, so you never miss a beat whether it’s in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or even your company’s native email client.

Veille et Analyses de l'ifé Dossier de veille de l'IFÉ : Développer l'esprit critique par l'argumentation : de l'élève au citoyen n°108, février 2016 Jeffrey’s Lightroom Goodies (Plugins and Tools) Jeffrey Friedl's Blog Home • Photo MapTOC • Photostream 松中ジェフリーのブログ文書は英語ですが、写真は共通 Not a photo blog. A personal blog with photos. Jeffrey’s Lightroom Goodies (Plugins and Tools)