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Social Media Revolution 2011

LawCloud – Cloud Computing for Law Firms Law professionals are very mobile and busy people, in and out of meetings, in-house or externally, with a constant need to stay in touch with all activities on client files. To deal with these information needs cloud computing for law firms is an essential tool to stay informed and in control at all times. Fragmented vs. Integrated Cloud Computing: Any solution should be integrated as to minimise IT problems, duplicating data, security risks and enhance ROI. Using one vendor for cloud accounting, another for Cloud CRM and jet another for Online Disk solutions is a big No-No! Another big issue is compliance, for example, the ability to securely achieve email correspondence between clients and the firm.

Learning with people, not technology This morning I revisited the delightful story of how people learn to do their jobs at New Seasons Market, a chain of nine natural food stores in Portland, Oregon. New Seasons exemplifies taking a non-training alternative to workplace learning. That New Seasons is a people-oriented business echoes in their approach to learning. Social Media Will Change Your Business Look past the yakkers, hobbyists, and political mobs. Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up…or catch you later Editor's note: When we published "Blogs Will Change Your Business" in May, 2005, Twittering was an activity dominated by small birds. Truth is, we didn't see MySpace coming.

Part 2: Preconditions for digital school transformation ... Leadership Research into digitally-driven school transformation commonly identifies effective leadership as fundamental to success (Fullan, 2009). Unpacking ‘effective’ to define the style of leadership necessary to facilitate change, however, is more challenging. 4 Myths About Social Media and Business This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. 25% of small business owners said they plan to spend more on social networking in 2010, according to the Ad-ology Small Business Marketing Forecast. Facebook ranked as the most beneficial social network for small businesses, followed by LinkedIn and Twitter, according to the November 2009 report. The 1,100 small business owners surveyed said the biggest benefits of social networking were the abilities to generate leads, keep up with their industry, and monitor the online conversation about their business. But despite the enormous growth of business presences on social networking sites, there are still many misconceptions about how best to use social media. To help cut through the hype, here are a few social media myths dispelled.

Leading Gen Y: the Secrets Every Leader Must Learn I am extremely fortunate to be able to call Greg Hartle a friend. I met him on Twitter when he began participating in Leadership Chat, sharing genuinely insightful tidbits of wisdom in 140 characters; wisdom that seemed beyond his years. He read my “Twitter profile” and saw that I was a kidney transplant recipient. Social Media for Business - Who's Doing it Well & How Charlene Li, co-author of Groundswell, and former Forrester analyst, has recently launched her own company, the Altimeter Group. This week, she gave a keynote at the Social Media Marketing Summit 2008, San Francisco. Known for her commitment to social media, and belief that marketing and advertising are fatally flawed, Li started with a Google search on 'Comcast'.

How Harvard Business School Leverages Social Media to Boost Its Brand Ever heard of Harvard Business School? Odds are that you have, since brand awareness has never been a Harvard problem. What was a Harvard problem was the perception of the school as a stuffy, arrogant, blue-blood playground. And so, back in 2008, Harvard Business School hired Brian Kenny to be its first chief marketing and communications officer and to help tell the Harvard story to alumni and prospective students. Kenny's background is in marketing — he spearheaded U.S. marketing for Genuity, Inc. and oversaw global marketing at The Monitor Group before moving to academia — and was the VP of marketing at Northeastern University prior to moving to HBS.

Cloud EventTracker Cloud is an enterprise class SIEM and “Security monitoring as a Service” (SecaaS) solution. It enables organizations to meet compliance regulations and respond to security and operational incidents in real-time. Powerful real-time incident and reporting dashboards allow you to a have 360 degree view of IT security and operations – all provided through a fully secure cloud. OS logs, network logs, application and database logs, IPS/IDS logs, and change logs are forwarded to a hosted system in real-time. All the data can be compressed and encrypted before transfer and securely stored and archived. Threats and security incidents are detected and addressed within minutes.

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