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Dragon Writing Prompts

Dragon Writing Prompts
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Free Creative Writing Prompts #61: Regrets Many of us have regrets of things we wish we'd done in the past. These free creative writing prompts about your regrets may bring back some bad memories but they may also help you to create some important writing for yourself and others. As much as you may feel alone when you have a regret in your life, it's more likely that many people before you (and after you) have experienced a similar situation. In writing about what you've done wrong you can help the people after you avoid similar mistakes. Also, you may be able to rid yourself of the guilt associated with these regretful feelings. Free Creative Writing Prompts: Regrets 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. While there are many things that I could regret in my life, it's hard to when I take into account how much I learned from those situations. Bonus Prompt - Create a giant chart of all the major regrets of your life and write a story in which you rectify all of these wrongs. Done with this page? Written by Bryan Cohen

Script Frenzy Short Stories: 10 Tips for Creative Writers (Kennedy and Jerz) (Dennis G. Jerz, Seton Hill University) From the Desk of WriteShop 5 fabulous features of children’s poetry April 7th, 2014 — Poetry This article contains affiliate links for books I’m confident your family will love! In honor of National Poetry Month, I invite you to open up the world of poetry to your children by exploring a favorite anthology and listening for elements that make poetry come to life! Discovering Children’s Poetry I practically cut my teeth on Robert Louis Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses. !) A children’s literature class in college changed all that, exposing me to this delightful genre through the works of Christina Rossetti, Walter de la Mare, Rachel Field, and others. Years later, I stumbled across The Random House Book of Poetry for Children (now dog-eared and tattered from loving use). Many nights, the girls would snuggle in bed as I introduced them to Myra Livingston Cohn, Eve Merriam, and other poets who wove tiny tapestries from vibrant words and figurative language. Introducing Poetry to Children 1. 2. “Sing Me a Song” by N.

25 Writing Prompts - Carrie Elle Feeling a little writer’s block – or maybe just looking to stretch your writing muscles a bit? I was. And so, I googled “writing prompts” and found all kinds of random stuff. And then thought, I have some good ideas for prompts…I should just come up with my own. And so, I did just that. Some of them are silly, some of them are serious. Also, I realize this post may seem kind of random amid all the pictures of kids and donkeys and stories about Target and whatnot, but, I’m realizing that I want this blog to also address another thing I love (you know, aside from my kids and donkeys and Target) – writing. And so, here are 25 writing prompts for your writing pleasure. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

What to do after NaNoWriMo If you found a month madly dedicated to one project exhilarating amidst the exhaustion :-) there are more challenges throughout the year, some lasting a month, some a week, some 3 days, some 24 straight hours. :-) (The NaNoWriMo folks aren't affiliated with any of these except Script Frenzy.) From the I Wrote a Novel, Now What? page at the NaNoWriMo site which might have more challenges added throughout the year (plus a few free contests). (For readers in the future, if you've stumbled across this page during November, the link probably won't work. - National Novel Finishing Month (December). Varies or throughout the yearNaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month (Year-Round). JanuaryJanNoWriMo - Goal: Write either 50k or your own word-count goal in January. FebruaryFAWM - February Album Writing Month (February). MarchNaNoEdMo - National Novel Editing Month (March). AprilScript Frenzy - NaNoWriMo's sister challenge (April). September3-Day Novel Contest - (September).

Creative Writing Contests Brrrr! A winter word bank! Brrrrrr! Here’s an icy blast of words that will give your young writers a leg up when they’re crafting stories and poems about winter. Remember—using a word bank isn’t cheating! It’s simply another great tool to slip into your children’s tool belt of writing aids. Try the activities below, and stay tuned for more winter writing ideas and prompts! Winter Word Bank Word Bank Activities Categories. The older the child, the more detailed or specific the categories can be. General Categories Indoor winter wordsOutdoor winter words Specific Categories AdjectivesActivities and outdoor-fun wordsWeather wordsClothing wordsBaking or food wordsComfort wordsWarm and cozy wordsCold wordsOther ____________________ Synonyms. UPDATE: The Winter Word Bank is now available as a full-color e-book download from WriteShop. Looking for Christmas word lists? Copyright 2009 © Kim Kautzer. Share a comment: What are five of your favorite or most descriptive winter words?

writing prompts About a little thing called 750words on 750 Words writing prompts - my 28 most tried and true writing prompts