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Teaching Videos

The Massachusetts Teachers Association - MTA calls for “reinventing” state evaluation system The state’s largest teachers’ union has proposed that the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education dramatically change the way teachers and administrators are evaluated. Under the Massachusetts Teachers Association plan, assessments based on observation and instructional artifacts, such as lesson plans, would be validated by two additional sources of information: multiple measures of student learning and evidence of the educator’s contributions to the school, district or profession. Other key changes include: Streamlining the number of standards and indicators on which evaluations must be based. The current system of seven standards and 72 indicators would be reduced to five standards and a recommended 22 indicators, with the exact indicators negotiated locally. Changes in the educator evaluation system are required under the federal Race to the Top grant awarded to Massachusetts and 11 other states plus the District of Columbia. Policy Brief Frequently Asked Questions From the NEA:

Top 11 Educational Video Websites for Teachers The use of multimedia in the classroom is a great way of getting students engaged. One of the biggest challenges we all face today is how to hold students attention for a longer time. It seems like multitasking has taken every bit of attention from our students. No wonder, the visual stimulus they are exposed to is huge : Tv, video gaming, social networking, texting, emailing,are but the emerging tip of the iceber and unless we seriously address this phenomenon it will definetly grow out of control. One of the recommended suggestions in this regard is the use of video materials in your classroom . I am adding this list to the popular 80 Teacher Alternative to YouTube . 1- Teacher Tube This is a great video website for teachers looking for educational videos. 2- YouTube for Schools This is a channel Youtube has created to help educators access thousands of free high quality educational videos in a very secure and controlled learning environment. 3- YouTube for Teachers 4- YouTube Education

10 Great YouTube Tips Every Educator should Know about YouTube is a fascinating video website. It is one of my favourites online and I am pretty sure most of you like it too. The revolution of YouTube started right from the time Google acquired it . As you know part of the success of Google is its huge investment in the field of education so it also dedicated part of YouTube to education especially with the creation of these three channels that all promote video learning. Today we are going to cover some of the must know tips and tricks about YouTube that we as teachers can use to make maximum benefit from YouTube. This post is updated on October 25, 2013 and therefore 4 tools were removed for the list because they are no longer working. 1- Editor Do you know that YouTube has its own editor where you can edit the videos you upload there.Before you would need to use an external video editor to edit your videos before uploading then to YouTube , now you can edit your videos right from the editor page on YouTube. 2- Annotations 4- Watch Later

Educational Videos and Games for Kids about Science, Math, Social Studies and English 20 Incredible TED Talks You Should Show Your High School Students | Online College Courses What makes TED such an appealing web series and organization is its desire to offer up a little something for everyone. This includes high school students and the teachers who love, hate, or tolerate them. Honestly, pretty much any video hosted there boasts its own educational value, but some hold more relevance than others. Whether they empower and inspire, shine a light on social injustices or simply show off some seriously cool innovations, the following 20 videos are bound to make class time just a little more interesting. Viktor Frankl: Why to believe in othersFrom TED’s Best of the Web series comes a fabulous lecture by influential psychiatrist, philosopher, and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl.

Teachers TV | Free education videos and resources for professional development 9 éléments-clés à retenir à propos du E-Learning suite à la dernière conférence ISTF à Bruxelles in Share in Share 8 Mardi dernier s’est tenue à Bruxelles une conférence intitulée , organisée par l’ ISTF – Institut Supérieur des Technologies de la Formation (pour en savoir plus sur l’ISTF, je vous invite à consulter leur site web : ). Durant cette conférence, 4 intervenants ont eu l’occasion de faire le point sur des données concrètes issues du monde de l’entreprise, du secteur public et des organismes de formation à propos de diverses thématiques liées à la formation en ligne : efficacité pédagogique, tendances et évolution, Serious Games, charges cachées… L’occasion également pour l’ISTF de présenter auprès de responsables de formations de 61 structures françaises et belges (majoritairement issues du secteur privé). Je vous propose de parcourir ci-dessous dédiée aux chiffres du E-Learning : Si l’on constate une très forte externalisation des contenus , la tendance s’inverse pour les organismes de formation. *** FormaVox a déménagé et fait peau neuve ***

25 Best Sites for Free Educational Videos RefSeek's guide to the 25 best online resources for finding free educational videos. With the exception of BrainPOP and Cosmeo, all listed sites offer their extensive video libraries for free and without registration. Academic Earth Thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars. Big Think Video interviews with 600+ thought leaders in a range of fields. Brightstorm Short-form online video lessons by professional educators. CosmoLearning Aggregator of free, online video lessons and documentaries. Coursera Lectures taught by world-class professors and reinforced through interactive exercises. EdX Courses designed specifically for interactive study via the web. Futures Channel High quality multimedia content ideal for use in the classroom. Howcast Professional and user-generated how-to videos. Internet Archive iTunes U Apple iTunes - Apple iTunes Software Khan Academy Hulu

EmbedPlus - Video editing, chopping, looping, annotations, slow motion, and chapters tool for YouTube embeds and WordPress video plugins TeacherTube - Teach the World | Teacher Videos | Lesson Plan Videos | Student Video Lessons | Online Teacher Made Videos | : nouvel outil de création de parcours personnalisés Dans le cadre du programme ERDENET, éducation, recherche et développement en réseau, nous avons mis en ligne un nouvel outil d’édition et de diffusion : Il s’agit d’un projet ambitieux de diffusion de documents interactifs pour l’éducation et la formation. Le concept de est de permettre à chacun de publier et partager des scénarii, des parcours pédagogiques dynamiques où l’interaction enseignant-apprenant est valorisée. Concrètement l’interface permet de combiner n’importe quel type de support (vidéos, textes, images et sons) et de créer une séquence linaire ou délinéarisée. Il peut ajouter ses propres documents et y ajouter des interactions (questions, qcm, annotations, etc) grâce à un exerciseur en ligne. A partir de cette arborescence, l’enseignant peut assigner sa séquence à un groupe ou personnaliser le parcours d’apprentissage pour un élève. Merci et à bientôt sur

Annenberg Learner Select a program below, and click on the VoD icon to view it. If you cannot find the resource you are looking for in this list, check our discontinued series list for distributor contact information. Against All Odds: Inside Statistics Shows students the relevance of statistics in real-world settings. Video series for college and high school classrooms and adult learners. Algebra: In Simplest Terms A step-by-step look at algebra concepts. America's History in the Making Explore American history from the Pre-Columbian era through Reconstruction in this course for middle and high school teachers. American Cinema Over 150 Hollywood insiders document American culture through film. American Passages: A Literary Survey American literary movements and authors in the context of history and culture. The Art of Teaching the Arts: A Workshop for High School Teachers Discover how the principles of good teaching are implemented in the visual and performing arts. Art Through Time: A Global View Journey North