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Writing Prompts

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The Inventor's Shed. The Love Shed. A shed full of animations. The Maia Walczak Shed. Picture Book Party: Cumulative Stories. The Adventure Shed. Stellar 2nd Grade Sweethearts: narrative writing. is finally cooling down!

Stellar 2nd Grade Sweethearts: narrative writing

Yesterday I rocked my new mustard colored deep v-neck sweater to our neighborhood block party. It felt sooo good to wear skinny jeans and a sweater, drink a little cider, and sit around a bonfire. The wonderful world of writing! These are writing prompts and paper that I use throughout the whole year.

The wonderful world of writing!

There are over 25 of them...all for you! :) I put them in writing centers, sometimes use them in whole group lessons, and even use them as "fast finishers". The kiddos love them! I ALWAYS do an example page for them. Some of the writing papers don't have specific things that they have to write about....For instance, the "Spring Fun" page. The Literacy Shed. The Fantasy Shed. Adventures are the Pits. Reading: Adventure in the Pits. Dreamgiver. DreamGiver. Story Starters: Creative Writing Prompts for Kids.