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The library for professional-quality creative coding in C++

The library for professional-quality creative coding in C++

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DirectX-FreeframeGL Bridge about A plugin that allows for using DirectX Textures in Resolume and probably other OpenGL Freeframe Hosts (which I did not test yet - anyone?). It runs completely on GPU. Multiple textures at the same time are possible. I use the NVidia Interop Functions. by @fourtonfish What is DETECTIVE? DETECTIVE is a "chat game" where the player gets randomly paired with either another player or an automated chat bot, powered by BOT Libre (ROBOT). You will also be randomly assigned a role of either a DETECTIVE or an IMPOSTOR. What is the answer to the math question of 2+2?> it depends on how you phrase the questionYou are an imposterINCORRECTGame is over An example game, see more on /r/impostors

Geometry, Textures & Shaders with Processing - Tutorial by @AmnonOwed As the title suggests, I’ll be covering a lot of ground in this blog post. My intention is to describe and show practical examples of a number of crucial building blocks for 2D/3D projects. In that sense the tutorial is more a general reference, rather than a step-by-step towards a singular end-result. All of the shared code examples are fully commented, so reading them will tell you what each line of code does.

Kinect en foco: el jefe de aplicaciones de Xbox habla Smart Homes & Cortana When you have a product like Kinect, so closely associated with gaming, how do you convince everybody else that they should be installing a motion-tracking camera in the home? Microsoft is looking to smart home technology and health, among other things, to do just that with Kinect for Windows v2, though a stealthy spread through Cortana and smartphones may be just as vital. We caught up with Microsoft’s Michael Mott, general manager of Xbox applications and developer relations, to find out how virtual assistants and home automation could make Kinect-tech the next must-have. Kinect is undoubtedly a vital part of the Xbox One proposition - you can’t buy the console without it - but its Kinect for Windows counterpart project has always been less well known. Explaining Kinect to gamers is relatively straightforward.

Klaus Obermaier 1.3 mb / 27 x 20 cm 1.5 mb / 19 x 14 cm 1.5 mb / 27 x 19 cm 5.7 mb / 120 x 55 cm 2 mb / 27 x 20 cm 5.8 mb / 46 x 34 cm Black Syphon: Free Syphon to Blackmagic Utility — VDMX - MAC VJ SOFTWARE Questions about Black Syphon? Here are some answers. 1. I'm a VDMX user – how does this utility help me? If you're already using VDMX, Blackmagic hardware is already natively supported. Sorry there's nothing new to see here! Room Escape Maker - Create Escape The Room Games For Free Basic information ROOM ESCAPE MAKER is a free online application to create Escape The Room games. Build challenging casual point and click games with puzzles, hidden objects, safes with combination locks, and much more. YOU are game designer. And for free :-) The community Projection mapping lesson 01 – introduction and fundamentals Posted on Sep 25, 2013 by Jason in Teaching What is projection mapping? Projection mapping is the process of warping or aligning projected images and videos to match the dimensions of physical objects. Essentially it is the use of real-world objects as projection surfaces and using software to correct for distortions. How does it work?

ipad apps for generative design For our Reaction show at Rare Device, we recreated two of our design algorithms as interactive ipad applications that allow visitors in the gallery to engage in our process and try their hand at generative design. The two applications are Cell Cycle, which creates cellular bracelets and rings for 3dprinting, and Xylem which simulates leaf vein formation. The apps were made with the help of the Cinder library. The Cell Cycle app uses a physics simulation to sculpt a mesh for 3dprinting. Visitors can use multitouch controls to stretch, twist, and scale the basic form.

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