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Tricot Revista Knitty

Tricot Revista Knitty

Tricot My Grandmothers Knitting By Larissa Brown When most people think of their grandmother’s knitting, they might not immediately see the connection to a modern knitter’s life. But in My Grandmother’s Knitting, Larissa Brown shows us that nothing could be further from the truth. Many of today’s hippest and most popular knitters found their passion for knitting under the tutelage of their grandmother or another revered family member, and in this book, they share stories and patterns inspired by their memories and their gratitude. Praise for My Grandmother's Knitting: “This is a pattern book with a twist. . . . "Wonderful family stories are shared by those such as Meg Swansen, Norah Gaughan, Kirsten Kapur and Kay Gardiner.

Lion Brand Yarn Grab your knitting needles and yarn and get ready to learn how to knit! How to Knit: A complete introduction for beginners is a step-by-step tutorial for new knitters to follow along and learn to knit. The complete video is 45 minutes long and jam packed with knitting know-how for the new knitter. The video has been divided into 3 parts. Part I covers: casting on (long tail cast-on), holding and tensioning the yarn, the knit stitch and purl stitch in both English and Continental styles. Part II covers: switching between knit and purl stitches in both English and Continental styles, common stitch patterns (ribbing, seed stitch, garter stitch & stockinette stitch), avoiding gaps in your knitting, and reinserting your knitting needles when they fall out. Part III covers: Basic knit and purl bind-off, tying off your yarn, weaving in the ends, and some general tips on choosing a project and felting.

Knitting conversions From The Knitting Fiend. Your source for free custom generated knitting patterns, tips, calculating tools and mindless knitting chatter on the web. I'm working on posting a whole bunch of tools that help you do the calculations required to convert a published knitting pattern, design your own from scratch, or just knit a pattern that is a bit terse. Click the links to find the calculator you need: Decrease stitches evenly across a row. Do you love to look stylish?

Red Heart Yarn | Yarn, Knitting Patterns, Crochet Patterns tutorials Follow these simple instructions to make the covered buttons that feature on the Richard the Roundhead Tam and Scatness Tunic. Steek Tutorials These tutorials will be helpful if you are making the Bláithín cardigan, the Rams and Yowes blanket, or the Tortoise and Hare sweater. Part 1: What is a steek? Part 2: Reinforcing and Cutting Part 3: The steek sandwich Part 4: Some questions answered Part 5: different ways of finishing your steeks Betty Mouat Video Tutorials Demonstrated by Melanie Ireland. Part 1: no-purl garter stitch In the first clip, Melanie demonstrates Susan Stevens’ nifty and innovative trick for working garter stitch in the round without purling. Part 2: Working with several colours When knitting the lace section of Betty Mouat you will be working with three colours, and, if you are using the no-purl method, six balls of yarn. Part 3: Cockleshell Lace In this clip, Melanie demonstrates rows nine and ten of the lace pattern, where the “cockleshell” is formed. Like this:

Tricot Knitting on the net Elann Tutorials | Eskimimi Makes Eskimimi Makes loves to make and share tutorials about crafting, and a few of these are presented below. Use the tabs below to move between various types of tutorial. If you have any suggestions as to what might make a good tutorial or a technique you’d like more information on, please visit Contact Eskimimi to get in touch! Short Rows For The Sock Enthusiast Two in-depth but easily understood articles on when and why short rows are useful for sock heels and toes, and how to make them. Super Stretchy Alternating Cast On For Single Rib This gorgeous cast on is perfect for socks and anything with a 1×1 ribbed edge. Super Stretchy Alternating Cast Off For Single Rib This beautiful cast off perfectly matches the cast on above and is an absolute breeze to complete, plus it’s probably the stretchiest cast off you could ever use. Simple Short Row Shaping A visual guide to why short rows are fantastic and why they are so often used to bring dimension to your knitting. Three Simple Embroidery Stitches

Modelos gratuitos Os modelos DROPS estão à vossa disposição gratuitamente, quer tricote por hobby quer tenha uma loja de lãs ou uma retrosaria. Se tem uma loja, pode usar a base de dados dos modelos DROPS para promover a venda do seu stock de fios. A única coisa que lhe pedimos é que não efectue quaisquer alterações/adicionamentos ao documento original imprimido... e que, de acordo com a filosofia DROPS, os modelos sejam dados, gratuitamente, aos seus clientes. Os primeiros catálogos DROPS foram publicados no outono de 1985. Desde então, mais de 130 catálogos e de 6941 modelos diferentes foram criados! Actualmente, oferecemos-lhe 4659 modelos gratuitos traduzidos em Português! Nestas páginas, esforçamo-nos por lhe trazer o melhor do tricô, inspiração, conselhos e novas ideias – se houver algo que deseja ver no nosso site, não hesite em nos dizer e daremos o nosso melhor para satisfazer o seu pedido.

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