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Times Higher Education - Education news and university jobs

Times Higher Education - Education news and university jobs

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Civil Service recruitment Search for jobs in the Civil Service by department, category, job type, salary and location. You can start a job search now. You will have to create a login to apply. Join the Civil Service There are different routes into the Civil Service, including: LRB · Stefan Collini · Browne’s Gamble Much of the initial response to the Browne Report seems to have missed the point. Its proposals have been discussed almost entirely in terms of ‘a rise in fees’. Analysis has largely concentrated on the amount graduates might pay and on which social groups may gain or lose by comparison with the present system. More Than Just Male and Female: The Six Genders in Classical Judaism — SOJOURN It's very easy to assume that Judaism is an exclusively gender-binary religion. Almost all of the common traditional laws are based on the assumed differences between males and females. We see it in assumed gender roles, in liturgy, in proscribed family responsibilities, and in both our secular and religious laws. If, however, we look just a bit deeper into our sacred texts, we see that a simple male/female binary is not only cumbersome, it's wholly inaccurate. This description from Trans Torah/Rabbi Elliot Kukla starts the conversation that we will continue throughout the summer: Zachar/זָכָר: This term is derived from the word for a pointy sword and refers to a phallus.

BISAC Subject Codes BISG develops and maintains a number of classification systems for both physical and digital products. The systems can be used individually or together to help determine where the work is shelved in a bricks-and-mortar store or the genre(s) under which it can be searched for in an online database. BISAC Subject Headings, 2013 Edition The BISAC Subject Headings List, also known as the BISAC Subject Codes List, is a standard used by many companies throughout the supply chain to categorize books based on topical content. Graduate recruitment agencies The UK graduate market offers an important pool of qualified candidates for employers across all sectors. While lack of experience typically leads to entry-level jobs, graduates are thought to be 15%-20% more likely to attain work than candidates without a degree. Finance, marketing and law companies offer some of the best career opportunities for ex-students and graduate recruitment agencies are necessary to search and supply the best personnel available to their clients in these industries. These could be for permanent, contract and temporary positions. Due to the prominence of entry-level roles and graduate schemes, salaries for candidates are typically below the national average.

Student protests against tuition fees « Jamie Potter Violence can’t be dealt against property, only people*. The smashing of windows is just damage to property; vandalism. And it was far from a riot, it was a scuffle, so stop calling it a riot. I heard one journalist on the BBC talking about how Baroness Warsi was stuck in the office and couldn’t get out, like it was a major talking point. UTx Educating students, providing care for patients, conducting groundbreaking research, and serving the needs of Texans and the nation for more than 130 years, The University of Texas System is one of the largest public university systems in the United States, with nine academic universities and six health science centers. Student enrollment exceeded 215,000 in the 2013 academic year. The U. T. System confers more than one-third of the state’s undergraduate degrees and educates nearly three-fourths of the state’s health care professionals annually. The U.

Profiles online at Redgoldfish We have provided this detailed profile resource section on the site in order to assist you with understanding further information regarding your chosen job or career. This section is categorised by "Trade Role" ie your official "Working Position Title" you would find on your contract of employment. Each individual profile will provide you with information in the following eight key areas:- How to Find Suitable Work within your chosen field Working Duties Expected Hours and Environment Working Skills Required Training Requirements Salary Expectations Trade Information Other useful Information Please click on one of the following profiles to explore and start your research:-

New reading test for six-year-olds spelt out 22 November 2010Last updated at 09:43 By Angela Harrison Education correspondent, BBC News Continue reading the main story Literacy levels among seven-year-olds are slightly up on last year Ministers have given more details of plans to bring in reading tests for six-year-olds in England. Teachers will run the tests, which will be based on phonics, where pupils learn the sounds of letters and groups of letters before putting them together.

Times Higher Education includes vacancies within academic institutions. by raviii Jun 9

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