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Charity officer: Job description. A charity officer works for, or is a trustee of, a charitable organisation.

Charity officer: Job description

The job title can refer to personnel in several roles within a charity. Roles vary considerably depending on the size, aim and type of organisation. In larger organisations, the role may focus on a specific area, such as: project management; business development; finance; marketing; public relations; fundraising; volunteer management. In smaller charities, the charity officer may undertake multiple tasks. Charity officers may also be called charity administrators, community liaison officers or project development officers. Typical work activities Tasks vary according to the organisation and the individual role. Charities administrator: job description. Administrators are employed by charities, voluntary and non-profit making organisations to undertake a variety of administrative, secretarial, financial and human resources tasks.

Charities administrator: job description

What does a charities administrator do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills Administrators can often be key employees within charitable and non-profit making organisations; they are responsible for linking the organisation with the public and the media. Emergency planning/management officer: Job description. Emergency planning/management officers play a key role in planning for, protecting and maintaining public safety.

Emergency planning/management officer: Job description

They work as part of a team to anticipate and respond to threats to public safety, which can range from: acts of terrorism; natural disasters; epidemics such as swine flu; major industrial accidents; winter weather; flooding. The profession is growing in scope in the UK due to increased public recognition of the need to prepare for major incidents. The key areas of work are: Volunteer work organiser: Job description. Volunteer work organisers are responsible for the recruitment, training and management of voluntary workers.

Volunteer work organiser: Job description

What does a volunteer work organiser do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills The role of a volunteer work organiser is varied but will include people management and recruiting, managing budgets and helping out with training. Key responsibilities of the job include: advertising volunteer opportunities interviewing and selecting volunteers providing or arranging appropriate training coordinating and supporting the work of volunteers organising/undertaking mail-shots and similar publicity tasks aimed at attracting new volunteers managing budgets helping with fundraising activities producing advertising/publicity materials helping to increase the number of volunteer opportunities within the organisation.

Volunteer coordinator: Job description. A volunteer coordinator manages all elements of volunteering either within their own organisation or on behalf of the organisation for which they are recruiting volunteers.

Volunteer coordinator: Job description

The role involves assessing an organisation's needs and then meeting those needs through the recruitment, placement and retention of volunteers. Volunteer coordinators manage volunteers and their relationship with those they come into contact with, including employees and service users of an organisation. They also monitor, evaluate and accredit volunteers. Volunteer coordinators work across all sectors including public and private, but predominantly in the voluntary sector.

The role of a volunteer coordinator has gained increased recognition as a profession within its own right; however, in smaller charities it is sometimes combined with another role. Volunteer organiser Job Information. Page Content.

Volunteer organiser Job Information

University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog. The third sector is a vast area which encompasses a large range of organisations which are not-for-profit.

University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog

In this blog post our Careers Consultant, Venita Girvan, gives her advice on how to get into the voluntary sector. Getting into….The International NGO Sector. Last month Liz Wilson, CEO of Supporting Kids in Peru (SKIP) visited the University and gave a really insightful presentation on tips and advice for those interested in getting into the International NGO sector.

Getting into….The International NGO Sector

In particular she covered some key points to consider if this is something which interests you, which I’ve summarised in this post. Understand the issues: Getting into the charity sector: Summary of panel event. This is the third post in our 5-part mini-series summarising the Public Affairs and Community Engagement (PACE) Panel event we held on 11thMarch 2015.

Getting into the charity sector: Summary of panel event

Other posts in the series can be viewed by clicking on the ‘PACE Event’ tag at the bottom of this post. What is the charity sector? This sector is made up of not-for-profit organisations which set out to provide help or support for those in need; to benefit society, specific groups or individuals. The sector may also be referred to as the voluntary, not-for-profit or the third sector. Note, however, that ‘third sector’ is more of an umbrella term which also encompasses non-governmental organisations, co-operatives, social enterprises and more. According to the NCO Voluntary Sector Almanac, over 800,000 people were employed in charities at the end of 2012. The panel was made up of representatives from Fixers, Groundwork, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Charityworks. Careers-in-the-Voluntary-Sector. How to volunteer. Back to how-to homepage Things you'll need A passion Time, sometimes very little time Volunteering opportunities come in many shapes and sizes.

How to volunteer

Some volunteer a few hours regularly, others when called upon by an organisation. PROP_Career_pathways.pdf. Charity Careers. There are over 180,000 registered charities in the UK, plus countless small charities with an income below £5,000 per year that aren't required to register. Their fields of activity cover everything from human rights campaigning to animal welfare; from medical research to child care and from sports to religious affairs. The first thing to think about is what work you would do – the range of job roles in charities is vast, from accountancy to zookeeping. N1 crossrefnote. Charity and voluntary work sector. Charity and voluntary work sector Want to use your skills to benefit society? Charity and Voluntary Sector - The Truth About The Voluntary Sector. When I first started working in the voluntary sector, I met a very well-heeled young man at a party.

He asked me what I did for a living. 'I work for a charity,' I explained, seeing my opportunity to enlist him for possible sponsorship. 'Marvellous,' he mused. 'I don't know how you people do it — giving up your time for free...' I never found out whether this young man thought all staff in the voluntary sector donated their time, or whether our salaries simply failed to register on his earning scale. Potential rewards. Third sector jobs. Whether you’re working in the profit-making private sector or public-financed public sector, cash (or the lack of) can be an issue. But have you ever considered working for a sector that isn’t about making money? One that is all about helping others and giving something back. Voluntaryandcharity. How to write a CV for charity and fundraising roles.

A career in fundraising can be fast-moving. Photograph: Martin Argles for the Guardian. TheFoundation. Travel Writing (Deadline midday 31st January 2015) The Ede & Ravenscroft Prize, of £1,000, was instituted in 1990 by Ede & Ravenscroft Ltd, Robe Makers, in order to mark the occasion of their tercentenary. Information_sheet_problem_solving_for_volunteers_2011. Ethicalvolunteering. How to set up a microvolunteering project. Back to how-to homepage Things you'll need time resources internet a microvolunteering action idea Microvolunteering can be described as easy, no commitment, free to participate actions that can be completed in less than 30 minutes. They are mostly online based but there are some which can be done offline. What if you’re an NGO, a non profit or grassroot initiative wanting to tap into the huge potential that the microvolunteering market can offer? Downloads. Downloads. Charities Advisory Trust. Directory of Social Change : Home. Welcome to Ethical Volunteering.

The Gap Travel Guide 2014 - British American Media. Home — Knowhow Nonprofit. Welcome to NAVCA. NCVO - Home. Fundraising Ideas, Activities and Regulations at Raising Funding (UK) Better-world. Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. Skills Effect - Skills Platform.

Skills Effect added a new service Performance improvement Leadership and Management, Sustaining your Organisation, Communicating and Influencing, Governance, Developing Yourself & Others, Admin/core skills, Campaigning, Collaborative working, Demonstrating impact, Educating others, Fundraising, Managing teams, Resource planning, Self development, Strategic planning, Working with volunteers, Apprenticeships and Pre-employment National Occupational Standards (NOS) are useful tools to help organisations develop their people.

NOS can be used to create job descriptions or form the basis for performance development activities. Conflict Resolution - CareersWiki. Sector Overview This page has been written by Paul Brown, the relevant Careers Adviser for this occupational area. Resources for the Voluntary Sector.