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Animal Charity - Rescue Dogs, Cats, Pets, Horses - Prevent Cruelty -

Animal Charity - Rescue Dogs, Cats, Pets, Horses - Prevent Cruelty -

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Equestrian Jobs, Horse Related Employment Vacancies Browse equestrian job vacancies by county, job type or search for equestrian jobs for sale by keyword or phrase. For those looking to advertise an equestrian job vacancy, then the Equestrian Jobs section of Equine World UK is the ideal place to advertise equestrian job vacancies. Below are the lastest Equestrian Jobs, Horse Related Employment Vacancy adverts. Pet & Animal Care: Video Series Adopting a wild animal can only be done by a licensed individual who rehabilitates the animal before letting it back into the wild. Find out why wild animals should never be tamed or domesticated with helpful information from a practicing veterinarian in this free video series on pet and animal care. Home Remedies for a Dog's Stomach Sickness A home remedy for a dog's stomach sickness is to take up the animal's food and water dishes until the vomiting passes. If vomiting persists after a few hours, seek immediate veterinary attention with helpful information from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on pet care.

Latest News & Campaigns Animal Aid Fighting Animal Abuse & Promoting a Cruelty-free Lifestyle Animal Aid Animal Aid Shop Visit our youth site Learn about the issues in our youth site AB 1634 Official Site - California Healthy Pets Act AB 1634, the California Responsible Pet Ownership Act, is a common sense law to help combat pet overpopulation and bites. The law will allow law enforcement to target roaming dogs and cats, prevent unplanned litters and reduce attacks. The law requires that a dog or cat to be spayed or neutered, if the animal meets one of the following criteria:

Animal Laws Animal Laws In the UK, most Laws in relation to the treatment of animals can be related back to the Protection of Animals Act 1911. This Act makes it an offence to subject an animal to unnecessary suffering and was one of the first moves to ensure the welfare of animals. Graduate Development Programme The British Horseracing Graduate Development Programme has been running for over 20 years, providing an invaluable source of talent to the sport and its supporting industry. Around 300 graduates have completed the Programme and many are now key figures in racing. Graduates from previous years work in management positions in racecourses, bookmakers, the trade press, trainer’s yards, studs, bloodstock sales and the British Horseracing Authority to name a few.

College & University Trips Bring the living world to life with a trip to Chester Zoo! We offer a fantastic and unique learning experience for pupils and students of all ages and can bring your textbooks and school lessons to life! We are the Discovery and Learning Team and we’re a bunch of enthusiastic experts ready and waiting to share our passion for the natural world. With our amazing 11,000 animals, our incredible collection of artefacts and our first-hand experience of working with wildlife both overseas and here at home, the zoo is just the ticket for making dry facts become real for your pupils. We offer great workshops, from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5 and above, in science, psychology and business studies, leisure and tourism. We run these in our classrooms or at various venues in the zoo where we can do more than just tell you about wildlife; we can show it to you!

Habitat Creation, Protection and Restoration Habitat Creation, Protection and Restoration The single most important reason for population declines in migratory birds is loss of habitat. For this reason, a major component of the Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds is habitat creation, protection, and restoration (CPR) for wild birds in the urban setting. Although urban development often results in extensive modification or destruction of natural habitat, opportunities can be identified to create, protect, restore and manage habitat for migratory birds. Bird habitat CPR may be designed to provide nesting, feeding and resting habitat for all birds during migration, or to create watchable wildlife opportunities. It may also be created or enhanced to provide habitat for Species of Conservation Concern*, or species listed on National State Heritage Lists.

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