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EU careers : The European Personnel Selection Office is the place to start!

EU careers : The European Personnel Selection Office is the place to start!

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Graduate recruitment agencies The UK graduate market offers an important pool of qualified candidates for employers across all sectors. While lack of experience typically leads to entry-level jobs, graduates are thought to be 15%-20% more likely to attain work than candidates without a degree. Finance, marketing and law companies offer some of the best career opportunities for ex-students and graduate recruitment agencies are necessary to search and supply the best personnel available to their clients in these industries. Student Work Experience Placements Abroad - IAESTE In an increasingly competitive job market, much has been said about the need to gain relevant work experience before graduation. IAESTE not only provides traineeship experience but also the valuable experience of working abroad. Work experience gained abroad enhances your independence and flexibility, communication and foreign language skills, and contributes to your personal and academic development. Employers know that if students have successfully overcome the challenges brought on by international work experience, they will stand out from the crowd at interview. IAESTE is open to degree level science, engineering, technology and applied arts students in the second year of study and above.

Make a difference This careers resource was jointly developed by the Biochemical Society, British Ecological Society, British Pharmacological Society, Microbiology Society, Society for Experimental Biology, Royal Society of Biology and The Physiological Society. Bioscience learned societies offer a range of services and support for their members, such as scientific conferences, publishing specialist journals, careers guidance, grants, competitions and awards. If you would like to order a pack containing a copy of each of the posters, please email Amanda Hardy. Poster and banner design by Blitz. Schools outside of the UK may request print ready PDF files of the six careers posters for use in their school.

What is Docker? When your app is in Docker containers, you don’t have to worry about setting up and maintaining different environments or different tooling for each language. Focus on creating new features, fixing issues and shipping software. Accelerate Developer Onboarding Stop wasting hours trying to setup developer environments, spin up new instances and make copies of production code to run locally. With Docker, you can easily take copies of your live environment and run on any new endpoint running Docker. Empower Developer Creativity Civil Service recruitment Search for jobs in the Civil Service by department, category, job type, salary and location. You can start a job search now. You will have to create a login to apply. Best advice from a live Q&A on languages careers Anne Marie Graham, CILT (National Centre for Languages) skills and qualifications adviser: Anne Marie said: What does my languages degree qualify me for? Other than a career in translation, interpreting and teaching, the answer is take your pick. A recent CBI survey confirms European languages, in particular French and German, are highly sought after by employers, with Chinese, Spanish and Russian becoming increasingly popular. Some 74% of employers are looking for people with conversational competence because it helps their business to be able to communicate, even at a basic level, with customers and clients.

Starting a business (Spark) Information Around a third of students intend to start their own business. Our Spark team will support and encourage you from initial idea to start up and beyond. If you have got a business idea, then we can help. Maybe you are just wondering whether starting a business is a realistic graduate career, then we can support you. In this section

inventwithpython Practice Exercises 1A Using the cipher wheel or St. Cyr Slide, encrypt the following sentences with key 5. Eat food.Mostly plants.Not too much. Profiles online at Redgoldfish We have provided this detailed profile resource section on the site in order to assist you with understanding further information regarding your chosen job or career. This section is categorised by "Trade Role" ie your official "Working Position Title" you would find on your contract of employment. Each individual profile will provide you with information in the following eight key areas:-

Language Careers including "What can I do with a Degree in Modern Languages?" This section has been written for all undergraduate and postgraduate students of modern languages at the University of Kent. It attempts to give a brief answer to the question: "What can I do with my degree?" and an overview of the many and varied ways in which you can use your language skills in a career.