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Jeffrey Friedl's Blog この記事は長いですが、簡単な要約すると、新しいサイクリング用の靴を慣れてきました。 It's been a couple of weeks since I posted “Trepidation and Anticipation: Moving Up to Cycling Shoes”, which opens with the same photo seen above, and in which I admit my anxiety of riding with shoes that physically clip to the bike's pedals. The fear arose from not being able to put my food down in an emergency, thereby causing me to fall over, perhaps on nasty rocks or at high speed, or, even worse, in front of friends. Prior to this change, since I first got bitten by the cycling bug in January, I'd ridden 2,978km (1,850 mi) with normal shoes, which is roughly the straight-line distance from San Francisco to Chicago, though with an accumulated 50,507m of elevation gain, what I've actually done has exceeded that hypothetical route by almost an order of magnitude. This is not very much compared to many cyclists around here, but it's a lot for someone like me and I'd grown comfortable with how I was doing things. Here's how I used to ride:

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