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Lesson Plans & Worksheets for School Teachers

Lesson Plans & Worksheets for School Teachers

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USA TODAY Education Sign up to receive updates, offers and our weekly newsletter – Inside USA TODAY! Connect Current Partners News and associations Gannett resources Helping Shy Students All teachers have had shy students in their classroom. These children are the ones who keep to themselves and quietly complete their work, often hiding from the attention of the teacher or their classmates. However, some of these children are not just shy or quiet but may have social anxiety disorder. For these students, simply going to school everyday and interacting with other children and adults makes them feel extremely anxious.

Ten Tips for Building Teacher Resiliency In July, I wrote “Building Resiliency in Struggling Students: 7 Key Ideas from the Research.” The topic of resiliency got a lot of people talking, and I heard from many of you about the challenges you face when trying to reach your students. In all this talk about resiliency, one important topic sometimes gets left out—teachers. Getting Started with Gamification Details Category: Gamification Published on Thursday, 03 April 2014 16:57 Written by Techie Teacher Hits: 118 websites/apps for teaching These digital resources and tools for creating, collaborating, researching, and sharing can be found in the Common Core Curriculum Maps. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, as the technologies are constantly evolving. Consider it a beginning! Free Online Resources Bookmarking

Johns Hopkins University: New Horizons for Learning Welcome to New Horizons for Learning - a leading web resource for identifying and communicating successful strategies for educational practice. The Johns Hopkins School of Education does not vet or endorse any information contained on the New Horizons website. Information posted on New Horizons prior to January 1, 2014 can be repurposed as long as the repurposing party provides attribution to the original author of the material being used. Information posted on New Horizons after January 1, 2014 is considered open access information and can be repurposed without attribution to the original author. In all cases, attribution should be given to the New Horizons website.

25 Ideas for Teaching Your Kids Resilience - Creative With Kids This post is by CWK Contributor Chelsea Lee Smith, who writes Moments a Day, where she has an entire collection of Hands on Activities to build character in your children. I hope you will visit her there too. ~Alissa 25 Everyday Resilience Building Activities for Children Happy by Pharrell Williams This is a great song to play to your students at any time,but the regular structure of the chorus provides a good opportunity for some pronunciation awareness, drilling and creating our own version of the song. There are three versions of the video included in the lesson, the original version, a lyrics version and a Saigon (my city) version. There are lots of other versions from different cities, so have a look for yours on YouTube. Did you know? Pharrell made 9 other versions of this song before he was happy with this one.

Differentiated Learning Tracy A. Huebner Today's classrooms are filled with diverse learners who differ not only culturally and linguistically but also in their cognitive abilities, background knowledge, and learning preferences. Faced with such diversity, many schools are implementing differentiated instruction in an effort to effectively address all students' learning needs. Teaching Students the ABCs of Resilience From natural disasters to economic meltdowns, from wars abroad to tragic shootings close to home, this year brought to light the increasing complexity of the world in which we raise kids. Our natural instinct as teachers, parents and caretakers is to protect children from hardship, yet we know walking between the raindrops of adversity is not possible. Instead of sidestepping challenge, we can teach kids to cope positively, to learn and grow from adversity. We can arm our youth with skills of resilience, and these lessons can begin in the classroom. Understanding the Roots of Resilience

Present perfect tense – grammar explanation Some time ago I presented here an infographics on present perfect tense. This infographic contains a lot of interesting information but when I tried to teach the present perfect tense using it, I found out that I failed. That is why I have prepared this new one where I try to introduce the form and the basic usage of the present perfect tense. To teach the grammar successfully though the students have to know the past participles. You can learn present past participles here.

Differentiating Instruction Within the four ways for differentiating instruction there are embedded several other learning strategies which are used in conjunction with each other. The Strategies: Readiness / Ability Teachers can use a variety of assessments to determine a student's ability or readiness. Resiliency Quiz: "How Resilient Are You?" from the Resiliency Center Al Siebert, PhD (1935 - 2009) by Al Siebert, PhD, author of The Resiliency Advantage* and The Survivor Personality • Resiliency Quiz Interpretation * Winner, 2006 Independent Publisher's Best Self-Help Book How do you react to unexpected difficulties? Active and Passive Voice Here is a detailed explanation of the active and passive voice. Let's start from the beginning: What do we mean by "voice"? Voice is the form of a verb that shows whether the subject of a sentence does the action (= the active voice) or is affected by it (= the passive voice).

In the "Fluency Letter Wheel" Activity, students use spinners to play a letter sound correspondence game. There are several variations to this. In the activity "Race Into Fluency" students work in pairs to challenge one another with repeated readings of a story. There is also a "Reading With Fluency and Expression" lesson plan. by lois1955 Nov 11

This website has lesson plans, worksheets and games by grade, rating, subject and CCSS. "Letter-Sound" Dominoes has a letter on one end of the dominoe and a picture on the other end. This is just one of many ideas for teaching phonics. by lois1955 Nov 11

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