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ESL Plays (Drama)

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Improvs and Warmups. Freeze and Justify | The Martha Game | What Are You Doing?

Improvs and Warmups

| Everyone Who. . . | Pinocchio Murder Mystery | Hitchhiker | Look Up (Dude!) | The Shakes | Mr. Hit | Whole Zoo Duck Duck Goose Improvs and Warmups This is a small collection of improvisation games and warmup games that can be used to sharpen up your cast if you're a director, or to add energy and originality to your students' acting if you are an acting teacher. None of these games are my own inventions, although I've made some modifications to some of them.

Freeze and Justify The Granddaddy of 'em all. The group sits or stands around the acting space. Two people enter the space and begin to improvise a scene, with dialogue and as much physical action as possible. At any moment, anyone else in the group may shout, "FREEZE! " The actors freeze instantly and exactly. The person who stopped the scene taps one of the actors on the shoulder.

The new person must now initiate a new and DIFFERENT scene. Pointers The Martha Game. Websites. * Suggest new websites, blogs, wikis, nings... to add. * Submit your own websites, blogs, wikis, nings... * Let me know if any of the links you find here are broken. * Recommend the site on blogs, forums and other sites. * Link this site. * Consider buying my 1,000 Ideas and Activities book. Drama Game: Wizards, Giants, Goblins. By bbbpress Type: Ensemble Building Procedure: 1.

Drama Game: Wizards, Giants, Goblins

This is basically a fun group version of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” EFL Theatre Club - Bringing theatre into the classroom. Aaron Shepard's Home Page *Stories, Scripts, More* KingCats. Aaron's Extras: Special Features for Books, Stories, Scripts. Here is a menu of all special features and alternate formats for Aaron Shepard’s books, stories, and scripts.

Aaron's Extras: Special Features for Books, Stories, Scripts

Use this to quickly find any and all materials related to specific works. The listing is alphabetical by title. Note: Bulleted links and links to online formats and book info take you to other areas of this site or to associated sites. Click on “Back” to return. The Adventures of Mouse Deer: Favorite Tales of Southeast Asia ONLINE—Story | Reader’s Theater | Reader’s Theater (Team) | Storytelling BOOKS—Early Reader | Folktales on Stage Book Poster #1: Mouse Deer and TigerBook Poster #2: Mouse Deer and CrocodileBook Poster #3: Mouse Deer and FarmerBook Poster #4: Mouse DeerMore About the StoriesHear the Music (7 seconds) Hear Meaningful Occupation Project (Exeter): Mouse Deer and Tiger (6 minutes) Hear Meaningful Occupation Project (Exeter): Mouse Deer and Crocodile (4 minutes) Hear Meaningful Occupation Project (Exeter): Mouse Deer and Farmer (6 minutes) A Mouse Deer Bookshelf Help!

RTE #36 ~ King o' the Cats. Adapted for reader’s theater (or readers theatre) by the author, from his picture book published by Atheneum, New York, 2004 NARRATOR 1: Young Peter Black was a good man, but everyone said he had one big fault.

RTE #36 ~ King o' the Cats

He loved to tell wild stories. NARRATOR 2: Peter was the sexton at the Church of St. Thomas the Believer, there in the little town of Tabby-on-Thames. He stayed in the cottage behind the church, right next to Father Allen’s house. NARRATOR 1: Many were the jobs he’d held before that, but with his wild stories, he’d managed to lose every one. NARRATOR 2: Father Allen had warned him. FATHER ALLEN: (sternly) Peter, this is the last job you’re likely to get in this town. Scripts Based on Children’s Books.

Fun ESL Plays for Children. Thanks to Jitka in the Tcheque Republic for the two videos.

Fun ESL Plays for Children

ESL Plays EFL Plays ESL Drama For Children Learning English Fun ESL skits Adaptable Humorous Easy to put on 30 Fun ESL skits and plays for children learning English. Age: Children aged 4 to 12 Number of pupils: From 1 child only to a group of 15 Level: Scripts are written for beginners and can be adapted for higher levels From Shelley Ann Vernon Dear Teacher, Lesson Plans.