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Dorama x264 - Download Links

Dorama x264 - Download Links

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A Well-Raised Daughter Korean Drama BlueBird’s House 1.52K Views24 Likes A drama that tells the story of strong bond between the members of a family even though they are not blood-related. This drama also portrays the hope of parents toward their children’s success and how difficult for fresh university graduates to get respectable and well-paid jobs. Ojakgyo Brothers Ojakgyo Brothers Uee / Baek Ja Eu Joo Won / Hwang Tae Hee Ryu Soo Young / Hwang Tae Bum Episode 2 – Personality disorders, infidelity and human cloning t’s episode 2! And by now we’re a well-oiled podcasting MACHINE! (No, we’re not. But we try real hard. That counts for something, right?)

The Gifted Hands Titre alternatif : Psychometry Année de production : 7 Mars 2013 Durée : 108 min Synopsis : En parapsychologie, la notion de psychométrie désigne la faculté de connaître l’histoire d’un objet ou le passé d’une personne simplement en le(la) touchant. C’est le don que possède Joon, expert dans l’art du graffiti.

Top 10 Best Empress Ki's TaNyang Moments ~ TaNyang's Haven Happy Empress Ki Day! Today marks one year since Empress Ki’s first airing on 28th Oct, 2013. So there’s plenty of fans, K-fans and I-fans celebrate it as 1st anniversary. To celebrate this important date, we will present Top 10 Best Ta Hwan-Seung Nyang (TaNyang) Moments. Of course it comes from our biased judgement so feel free to comment to add what you think TaNyang’s best moment or offer analysis and insight for our couple’s scenes. 1. Dal Ja's Spring DDL Vostfr Complet Dal Ja's Spring Titre Original : 달자의 봄Genres : Comédie, RomanceDiffuseur & Épisodes : KBS2 - 22 épisodesPays & Année : Corée - 2007Acteurs : Chae Rim, Lee Min Ki, Lee Hyun Woo , Lee Hye Young, Gong Hyeong Jin Oh Dal-Ja, gérante d'une entreprise de télé-achats placesa vie professionelle au centre de ses préoccupations. Succès, argent, pouvoir, tout lui réussit.

Watch Wuxia Online – The Mischievous Princess If the video isn’t playing, please reload the page and try again later. Use mirror links if they’re available. Title: The Mischievous Princess [M-Alice Fansub] Temptation & Sin Détails Publié le 15 mars 2014 Écrit par M-Alice Fansub Affichages : 744 Поразительное на каждом шагу / Startling by Each Step - OST - OST 01. A Persistent Thought – Hu Ge and Alan Dawa Dolma 02. Season of Waiting – Cecilia Liu (Liu Shi Shi) 03. Three Inches of Heaven – Yan Yi Dan 04. Startling by Each Step 05.

Projets terminés - Qwenty Fansub Par Qwenty le 8 Septembre 2013 à 10:30 ◊ Titre anglais : The Concubine/The Emperor's Concubine ◊ Genre : Drame/Historique Cdrama: Incisive Great Teacher Episodes » A Virtual Voyage English Title: Incisive Great TeacherChinese Title: 犀利仁师Cast: Nicky Wu, Liu Shi Shi, Gui Gui, Ye Zu Yin# of Episodes: 44Airing Days: Insane so please be patient.Broadcasting Station: Dragon TVSynopsis: Emperor decrees that women may now attend classes in a school. But his effort to promote gender equality was opposed by the traditional forces. To ensure smooth integration, special agent Liu Ao Tian was sent to the school to be a teacher. He brought with him a group of highly diverse students to challenge the school’s age old tradition. [Credit: Wiki]Reviews: By Miss Yolo Note: Video files are 540p mkv version.

One Perfect Day - AdyMinoz Fansub Nom : One Perfect Day Titre alternatif : Love's Rock, Paper, Scissors Année de diffusion : 2013 Réalisation : Kim Jee-Woon Genre : Romance, Comédie, Court Durée : 35 minutes