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Mu, a new Python IDE for beginners Mu is a very simple-to-use Python editor and IDE (integrated development environment) and this week, version 1.0 was released! New Mu Mu is designed to be as user-friendly and as helpful as possible for new Python programmers, presenting just the tools that are useful, such as: Syntax highlightingAutomatic indentationIn-built helpCode checkingDebugging Great for new programmers Nextcloud protect your data with Your Own Net Nextcloud a unmatched cloud in functionality and security Our turnkey offers: security of access, software update. A year or month depending on the volume, a commitment according to your need 10€ per year

Putty Alternative Called Xshell 5 - Free for Home users and Schools I wanted to point out to this cool free utility (compatible with Windows 10), a Putty Alternative Called Xshell 5 – Free for Home users and Schools. It’s a company called Netsarang (US) which is producing the software. Xshell 5 is another SSH client and terminal, but the product has more than that under the cover as it has tabbed environment, and a possibility to redirect input to multiple remote hosts at the same time. (when you type to one tab, you’re actually typing to all tabs in once). Let me remind you about a PuttyTray that I blogged recently. PuttyTray is improved version of Putty, SSH client, and terminal emulator. Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) - Collabora Productivity Where can I find out more about the technical architecture? Clearly the code provides the canonical version of everything. However – here is some basic overview.

Beginner Arduino The Arduino is a pocket-sized computer (also called a "microcontroller") that you can program and use to control circuits. It interacts with the outside word through sensors, leds, motors, speakers... even the internet; this makes it a flexible platform for lots of creative projects. Some popular uses include:

Frequently Asked Questions - ownCloud Running ownCloud Where do I find information on how to use/install ownCloud? You can find guides how to install ownCloud in different ways in our ownCloud Documentation. I have a problem, what do I do? If the ownCloud Documentation does not help and Google can’t solve your problem either you should check out our support page.At the ownCloud community is helping each other with problems. You should ask for help there!

Turn your old speakers or Hi-Fi into Bluetooth, Airplay and Spotify receivers with a Raspberry Pi and this step-by-step guide Last updated: 6th October 2020 If you’ve got an old Hi-Fi or sound system with an AUX input, this project is for you. Try balenaSound, a starter project to quickly and easily add Bluetooth, Airplay and Spotify Connect and multi-room capability to an old Hi-Fi, speakers, or any other audio device using only a Raspberry Pi! Contents Before you start Tutorial SpiderOak SpiderOak is built secure from the ground up Security is a first-class citizen in all our products rather than an after-the-fact addition. Most commercial off-the-shelf communication and collaboration products have an inherent weakness – “Security was NOT considered a key design feature.”