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Visualize your LinkedIn network

Visualize your LinkedIn network

Scholarships & Financing Depending on the country you come from and which subject you would like to study in Germany, there are different options for funding. Scholarships are offered by different institutions. The DAAD scholarship database for foreign students, graduate students and scientists contains extensive information and a variety of possibilities for those who are seeking financial support for their studies, research work or teaching assignments in Germany. Types of support There are two forms of scholarships – financial and non-monetary scholarships – both of which are often coupled together: In the case of financial scholarships, the recipient is awarded a fixed amount, paid out on a monthly basis over a defined funding period. Tuition fees in Germany The cost of studying in Germany is quite reasonable. In addition to financial support, many institutions also offer non-monetary scholarships. Remember: All the programmes have one thing in common, however – no one is entitled to a scholarship.

BeyeNETWORK: Open Source Text Analytics Open source is a great choice for many text analytics users, especially folks who have programming skills, who need custom capabilities or who are trying to get a feel for possibilities before committing themselves. Excellent options are available for all these users. Tools such as Gate, NLTK, R and RapidMiner share the low cost, power, flexibility and community that have driven adoptionof open-source software by individual users and enterprises alike. RapidMiner even combines text processing with business intelligence (BI) and visualization functions. This article will look at open source text analytics, focusing on those four tools. Be warned, however, that just as in other IT domains, open source text technologies are not for everyone. Lastly, hosted “as a service” options are very popular among new corporate users, but there are no significant, open source-based SaaS text analytics offerings available. Not Just for Programmers Gate is an ace at information extraction (IE). Conclusion

Touch Down: GE’s Quest to Know When Your Flight Will Land Some students fall in love with their teacher. Mathematician Andrew Barnes fell in love with pi. “My relationship with pi probably began when I was a schoolboy,” says Barnes, who is 44 years old and builds financial models, computes probabilities, and investigates bell curves at GE Global Research. “It started with elementary geometry and the relationship just keeps growing. Pi Face: Artist Stewart Moore is painting pi to 2,500 decimal places. Pi is the mystical ratio between the circumference and the diameter of a circle. Barnes has been drawn to pi because of its intellectual history and philosophical implications. Humans have known about pi since they started using wheels 4,000 years ago. In 300 BC, Euclid provided a path for calculating pi by “looking at the circle as a polygon with infinitely many sides,” Barnes says. Barnes says that the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Indians and other civilizations have all tried to crack pi’s mysteries.

Eintauchen | Überblick Erleben Sie uns und unsere Arbeit im Workshop "Eintauchen 2013" vom 15. bis 18. August 2013 in Barcelona. Im Team beraten Sie eine Krankenkasse, die sich neben den Herausforderungen von knappen Mitteln, einer alternden Bevölkerung und der zunehmenden Verbreitung chronischer Krankheiten nun zusätzlich mit dem analytisch und prozessual höchst komplexen Gesundheitsfonds befassen muss. Wollten Sie schon immer einmal in die Welt der strategischen Unternehmensberatung eintauchen? Tauchen Sie mit uns ein Was zeichnet einen "typischen" McKinsey-Berater aus? Agenda "Eintauchen 2013" bietet Ihnen die Gelegenheit, die Menschen, die McKinsey ausmachen, und unsere Arbeitsweise persönlich kennen zu lernen. Um eine angenehme Anreise nach Barcelona zu ermöglichen, startet das Seminar am Donnerstagnachmittag mit einer Vorstellung von McKinsey, dem BTO und des Seminarteams. Unser Team Bewerbung Bewerbungsschluss ist der 30. Häufige Fragen