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Where's My Mind?

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Mind fuck. Where is The Mind?: Science gets puzzled and almost admits a non-local mentalscape. This will be the last "home-produced" blog entry for a while [save the short "Everyday Spirituality" which will follow it as a sign-off] .

Where is The Mind?: Science gets puzzled and almost admits a non-local mentalscape.

West Virginia beckons tomorrow morning and off I will go to whatever that entails. The expanded mind. Science, Psychology & Philosophy. Howard Bloom Official. Ideas. Character & structures. Mind. Ms31119. Mind explorers. SuperHuman Technology. From metaphor to model... Mindstuff. Mind. Arbres de connaissance. L'Arbre des Possibles. Arbre de connaissance.

SciShow Psych. Litemind. ePsych Contents View. How We Create Reality. E SE IL TEMPO NON ESISTESSE AFFATTO? The Biology of Belief: Here's How to Change Your Reality. "So many of us are leading limited lives not because we have to but because we think we have to.

The Biology of Belief: Here's How to Change Your Reality

" Many people believe they are who they are, and that they have limited means to change their health or life direction. "It is what it is," they say, "because of my genetic makeup". Well, maybe not. What does this mean, "we think we have to"? According to Dr. Meditation-Induced Near-Death Experiences. Method Participants Each participant of study 1 underwent one SSI that corresponded to their first MI-NDE of year 1 (or of year 2 or 3 in the event the participant was unavailable to complete the SSI in year 1).

Meditation-Induced Near-Death Experiences

Procedure Participants were requested to contact the research team as soon as possible after having completed an MI-NDE practice. Effetti della Meditazione a lungo termine – Istituto di Yoga Firenze. 10 Amazing Examples of Mind Over Matter. Humans While we often think of our bodies and minds as two distinct entities, it turns out they are much more entwined than we might assume.

10 Amazing Examples of Mind Over Matter

Researchers are continually finding evidence that the brain has a distinct power to manipulate the body’s physiology. As these 10 examples show, the mind/body connection can work in our favor or detriment, depending on our knowledge of a situation and our ability to control our thoughts. Judging by their ability to meditate for hours on end, to abstain from food for days, and their vows of silence, most us would agree that Tibetan Monks have better control over their minds and bodies than the average person.

Still, what’s particularly amazing is some of them can control physiological processes, such as blood pressure and body temperature – feats many medical doctors find astounding. Although, the display was fascinating to the doctors, for the monks it was an ordinary occurrence. Multiple Personality Disorder Dreams Cause Real Injuries. Coincidence is an Illusion - What is Synchronicity? All Coincidences Have Meaning Nothing Happens by Chance Have you ever experienced a coincidence so incredible that it left you stunned?

Coincidence is an Illusion - What is Synchronicity?

Physicists Say Consciousness Might Be a State of Matter — NOVA Next. It’s not enough to have a brain.

Physicists Say Consciousness Might Be a State of Matter — NOVA Next

Consciousness—a hallmark of humans, mammals, birds, and even octopuses—is that mysterious force that makes all those neurons and synapses “tick” and merge into “you.” Is the Universe a Holographic Reality? The Universe as a Hologram by Michael Talbot Does Objective Reality Exist, or is the Universe a Phantasm?

Is the Universe a Holographic Reality?

In 1982 a remarkable event took place. At the University of Paris a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect performed what may turn out to be one of the most important experiments of the 20th century. Cases of Time Slips. A white Ford pickup pulled up to cattle pasture near Ponca City, Oklahoma, in early Fall 1971, and stopped at a gate.

Cases of Time Slips

Karl, Mark, and Gordon worked for cattle feed distributor and were sent to this remote area to pick up a feeder. What they found there has kept them silent for 41 years. “We opened the gate, which was barbed wire with no lock, and entered,” Karl said. “We went on the property, which was covered with grass up to and over the hood of the truck.” They drove through the tall grass to the tank that sat close to a red barn and got out of the truck.

“We realized the tank was almost half full and too heavy to load,” Karl said. The philosophy of The Matrix. In The Matrix (Andy and Larry Wachowski, 1999) Keanu Reeves plays a computer programmer who leads a double life as a hacker called “Neo”.

The philosophy of The Matrix

After receiving cryptic messages on his computer monitor, Neo begins to search for the elusive Morpheus (Laurence Fishburn), the leader of a clandestine resistance group, who he believes is responsible for the messages. Eventually, Neo finds Morpheus, and is then told that reality is actually very different from what he, and most other people, perceives it to be.

Morpheus tells Neo that human existence is merely a facade. TO UNDERSTAND IS TO PERCEIVE PATTERNS. Mind. THE BRAIN. Brain. Brain Ideas. Brains Map Ideas. Neurotheology. Brainiac. LE CERVEAU À TOUS LES NIVEAUX! Consciousness. Humans Have a Lot More Than Five Senses. The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality. Debunking Neuromyths. Sept idées reçues sur le cerveau qui limitent votre efficacité. Le cerveau se modifie à chaque seconde, en fonction de ce qu'on pense, de ce qu'on ressent, de ce qu'on dit et de ce qu'on fait.

Sept idées reçues sur le cerveau qui limitent votre efficacité

Il est malléable car il se reconfigure en fonction de l'environnement. C'est l'une des grandes découvertes des neurosciences depuis ces vingt dernières années. Grâce aux nouvelles technologies, dont l'IRM fonctionnelle, les chercheurs ont percé quelques mystères de sa performance. Bonne nouvelle: on peut optimiser ses cellules grises en agissant autrement.

Your brain does not process information and it is not a computer. No matter how hard they try, brain scientists and cognitive psychologists will never find a copy of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in the brain – or copies of words, pictures, grammatical rules or any other kinds of environmental stimuli. The human brain isn’t really empty, of course. But it does not contain most of the things people think it does – not even simple things such as ‘memories’. Our shoddy thinking about the brain has deep historical roots, but the invention of computers in the 1940s got us especially confused. For more than half a century now, psychologists, linguists, neuroscientists and other experts on human behaviour have been asserting that the human brain works like a computer. To see how vacuous this idea is, consider the brains of babies.

Your Brain Isn't a Computer — It's a Quantum Field. The irrationality of how we think has long plagued psychology. When someone asks us how we are, we usually respond with "fine" or "good. " But if someone followed up about a specific event — "How did you feel about the big meeting with your boss today? " Novelty Theory ° A Bicameral Mind. Perceptual adaptation. Perceptual adaptation is a unique function of the brain that accounts for the differences viewed in the world, as it relates to the senses. This phenomenon occurs in all senses, including vision, hearing, touch, and smell. An example is when images sensed through the eyes are relayed to the visual cortex of the brain, and if vision is altered slightly, the brain accounts for the difference and will allow one to perceive the world as "normal.

" This is a compensation mechanism the brain uses for the world to appear normal in our minds when our world has obviously been altered from its regular state.[1] This is an important aspect in potential alterations to the visual field, effectiveness in compensating for alterations in the visual field, visual adaptation, and face recognition. History[edit] How Our Perceptions Shape Our Reality. If you asked someone, “Do things exist?” The response would probably be, “Of course things exist! The world is full of things. Everyone knows that there is physical stuff out there, that reality is tangible and real!”

But what allows any thing — a hand, a chair or any other object — to exist? One way to discover the answer is to imagine a specific thing — say, your hand — expanding and expanding until there is nothing in the universe except the hand. Consider this for a moment. Portraits of European Neuroscientists. Time on the Brain: How You Are Always Living In the Past, and Other Quirks of Perception. Memor.ability. 8 Subconscious Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day. Excitation and Inhibition: The Yin and Yang of the Brain - Knowing Neurons. What Happens After A Lack of Oxygen to the Brain? Sense perception. What It Feels Like to Be an Octopus. Step 6: Upgrade Your Brain. Why the modern world is bad for your brain.

Our brains are busier than ever before. Robert Plutchik's "Wheel of Emotions" Consciousness. Evolving consciousness, bite by bite. Personality Type. Carl G Jung. Carl Jung. Carl Jung - books. Jung: Psychology of the Unconcious. Jung - Modern man in search for a soul. Psychoanalysis of MYTH - Carl G Jung - Archetypes. Jung's Active Imagination. Miti ed Archetipi in Psicologia. Jungian Archetypes. Archétype (C.G. Jung) Archetypes. Archetypes. Présentation succincte de onze notions-clés de la pensée de Jung. Ancient Trickster Wisdom for Uncertain Times. Appendix: A Gallery of Archetypes - Caroline Myss. Synchronicity. Synchronicity Times Online Magazine - Synchronistic Reflections. Neural Network. Uncover Your True Potential. Modafinil is the first confirmed drug that makes you smarter. 8 Famous People Whose Creativity & Innovation Was Inspired By LSD. Dr Michael NEWTON (hypnose régressive= réincarnation)

Courant de pensée quantique. Révolution Quantique.