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Mondo 2000 - Chaos & Complexity Pdf Library. .:ESRA On-Line - Bernard WERBER:. Psychonautics. Psychonautics (from the Greek ψυχή (psychē "soul/spirit/mind") and ναύτης (naútēs "sailor/navigator")—a sailor of the mind/soul)[1] refers both to a methodology for describing and explaining the subjective effects of altered states of consciousness, including those induced by meditation or mind-altering substances, and to a research paradigm in which the researcher voluntarily immerses himself or herself into an altered mental state in order to explore the accompanying experiences.[2] The term has been applied diversely, to cover all activities by which altered states are induced and utilized for spiritual purposes or the exploration of the human condition, including shamanism, lamas of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition,[3] sensory deprivation,[1] and archaic/modern drug users who use entheogenic substances in order to gain deeper insights and spiritual experiences.[4] A person who uses altered states for such exploration is known as a psychonaut.


Etymology and categorization[edit] Peter J. Psychonautics. LSD. Mutant Yippies, LSD, and Cyberpunks: The Story of the Space Age Newspaper 'High Frontiers' - Motherboard. Beat Generation. El fundamento de la psiconáutica. Esoteric reality. Psychedelic Researchers. Psychedelic Philosophers. Psychedelic connection. All things Psychedelic. Psychedelics. Psychédélisme. Psychedelics. Timothy Leary. Voyage psychédélique dans l’univers de Timothy Leary (3/4) Turn on, tune in, drop by the office. Every three days Nathan (not his real name), a 27-year-old venture capitalist in San Francisco, ingests 15 micrograms of lysergic acid diethylamide (commonly known as LSD or acid).

Turn on, tune in, drop by the office

The microdose of the psychedelic drug – which generally requires at least 100 micrograms to cause a high – gives him the gentlest of buzzes. It makes him feel far more productive, he says, but nobody else in the office knows that he is doing it. Terence McKenna: Online Articles and Lectures. New Earth News Articles & Lectures by McKenna:Re-Evolution "'If the truth can be told so as to be understood,it will be believed.' 'The 20th Century is the shudder that announces the approaching cataracts of time over which our species and the destiny of this planet is about to be swept.' 100% Terence...

Terence McKenna: Online Articles and Lectures

The State of Mental Health Needs a Coup d'Etat. It has been said about our understanding of the brain generally and emotional disorders specifically that we in are in the dark; fumbling around as blindly as the geneticists were before the discovery of the structure of DNA.

The State of Mental Health Needs a Coup d'Etat

Until the introduction of Prozac in 1988 psychiatric drugs were a cottage industry worth about $800 million. By 2010, the psych-meds business had ballooned to $70 billion and the once admired profession of Freud and Jung had been reduced to a drug delivery method. After increasing over 87 times some impressive results in the mental health of the population might be expected, however the number of Americans claiming mental health disability has doubled in the same time period. Techgnosis Redirect. Rudy's Blog. Today I’m posting the text of my story, “Laser Shades” for your holiday reading pleasure.

Rudy's Blog

The story was commissioned for The Superlative Light, a photo book by Robert Shults, but it has not been otherwise published as yet. L'unico Blog ufficiale di Gabriele La Porta. Pacôme Thiellement - Présentation. Pacôme Thiellement est né en 1975 à Paris de père français et de mère égyptienne.

Pacôme Thiellement - Présentation

LE LIVRE SANS VISAGE. Psychonautica.

Psychedelic Express

Themes. Think Global. Psychedelic. Conscience. Psychedelic Information Theory: A Talk with James Kent. In his new book, Psychedelic Information Theory: Shamanism in the Age of Reason, James Kent has attempted to describe both the experience and underlying mechanisms of consciousness in the language of classical wave mechanics, with terms like neural oscillators, periodic drivers, wave entrainment, resonance and coherence.

Psychedelic Information Theory: A Talk with James Kent

Of particular interest are his characterizations of psychedelic agents as nonlinear feedback amplifiers, and descriptions of shamanic technique as periodic drivers to entrain a psychonaut’s chaotic interference patterns towards multi-stable strange attractors. His book offers the first steps in developing a more refined and quantifiable theory and terminology of psychedelic action. It suggests many rich opportunities for further research that are bound to reveal some pragmatic and novel applications. Big Ideas. Psychedelic Ideas. Psychedelic. Psychedelics. Préparation d'articles. God's Lil' Helper Manna from Heaven.

Hells Angels by Hunter S. Thompson (Full Audiobook w/ Psychedelic Visuals) Le goût du psyché. Dans le livre dont il est question ici, le meilleur sur le genre publié en français depuis dix ans (et le dernier bouquin de Philippe Thieyre), l’auteur, David Rassent, donne une extraordinaire définition indirecte du psychédélisme mis en musique.

Le goût du psyché

Il décrit ainsi le Sov-Gott Rose Marie du Pärson Sound suédois de Bo Anders Persson : «En trois mouvements, le morceau décrit la stase du néant, puis la mise en branle d’une résonance cosmique et enfin le culte rendu par les hommes à cette entité, onde de vie primordiale qu’exalte toute la musique du groupe.» Peu importe le pied de la lettre : c’est l’ampleur qui compte. Le psychédélisme n’a jamais été un folklore de hippies défoncés chantant la paix et l’amour, même si l’image a été bombardée par les médias mainstream pour atténuer la force de frappe du genre. New Book: Psychedelic Sex.

"In a brief golden span between 1967 and 1972, the sexual revolution collided with recreational drug exploration to create "psychedelic sex.

New Book: Psychedelic Sex

" While the baby boomers blew their minds and danced naked in the streets, men’s magazine publishers attempted to visually recreate the wonders of LSD, project them on a canvas of nubile hippie flesh, and dish it up to men dying for a taste of free love. Way Out, Groovie, Where It’s At—each magazine title vied to convince the straight audience it offered the most authentic flower power sex trip, complete with mind-bending graphics and all-natural hippie hotties.

Along the way hippies joined in the production, since what could be groovier than earning bread in your birthday suit? Psychedelic News & Culture @ Psychedelics As Tools For Spirituality. As Timothy Leary put it, a psychedelic experience is “a period of increased reactivity to stimuli both from within and from without.”

Psychedelics As Tools For Spirituality

In a YouTube video, freestyler Jason Silva eloquently discusses the potential for exploration of consciousness that psychedelics offer. In fluid, poetic detail complete with trippy music and visual effects, he explores the psychedelic experience, and spiritual realization. He uses Leary quotes and personal observations to show how, often, the two go hand in hand. Fenomenica e psicopatologia delle condizioni estatiche. FENOMENICA E PSICOPATOLOGIA DELLE CONDIZIONI ESTATICHEdi Bruno Callieri. Amprodias - *La magia delle droghe. Chimica ed Alchimia dell'estasi artificiale* di Roberto Negrini. Perché associamo i funghi alla magia? - L'INDISCRETO. In copertina illustrazione di un artista sconosciuto. Drugs. Giorgio Samorini Network. DMT. Pourquoi l’ayahuasca ? 1 La recette de la décoction correspondant à ce nom contient des proportions variables de Banisteriop (...) 1Ce texte s’articule autour de deux questions.

Comment l’ayahuasca 1 en est-elle venue à se détacher de la multiplicité des plantes psychoactives découvertes lors de la rencontre coloniale et postcoloniale avec les Amériques ? L'iboga, une racine aux pouvoirs hallucinants. LE MONDE SCIENCE ET TECHNO | • Mis à jour le | Par Sabah Rahmani. What a Kambo Ceremony is Like - Goldmund Unleashed. Getting burns scarred into your arm by a witch, shaking, sweating, vomiting, shitting your brains out, convulsing, and getting to a point where all you can think is “what has my life come to, why did I do this?”

Sound like a nice way to spend a birthday? I had been interested in doing a Kambo Ceremony ever since hearing about it during my first Ayahuasca journey through Peru three years ago. How to Hallucinate...without drugs. Spirituality. Psychedelics. Psychedelics. Ethnobotany. Cynefin. The various domains of the Cynefin model. Cynefin /ˈkʌnɨvɪn/ is a Welsh word, which is commonly translated into English as 'habitat' or 'place', although this fails to convey its full meaning. The term was chosen by the Welsh scholar Dave Snowden to describe a perspective on the evolutionary nature of complex systems, including their inherent uncertainty ("The Cynefin framework"). Cognitive Curiosities. A menagerie of the mind. See also: Consciousness: An Outside View, Accepting Deviant Minds, Hallucinated Gods, Neurons Gone Wild States of consciousness Moods and emotions: sadness, fear, surprise, laughter, joy, lust, anxiety, guilt, anger, shame, pride, boredom, and nostalgiaDrugs: drunk, high, coked-up, focused, mellow, manic, ego-less.



Spirit Medicine. Psycho. Lucid Dreaming. Where's My Mind? Futuro. Sequenze, frattali, geometrie sacre. Optical Illusions. Intelligence. Multiple Intelligences.

Polymath. Strange Loop. Magick. Pseudo. GUMBO GUMBO. Knowledge of the Ancient. RIP (and back again) Tarot. Tarot. Tarot. Tarot. Tarot Card Meanings. Camoin Tarot de Marseille. Accueil du site > Reconstitution du Tarot > Alexandre Jodorowsky et la Reconstitution du Tarot > Livret : "L’Art du Tarot" > Sommaire de "L’Art du Tarot" Rubrique supérieure Alexandre Jodorowsky et la Reconstitution du Tarot Dans la rubrique par Alexandre Jodorowsky par Alexandre Jodorowsky copyright © Alexandre Jodorowsky Rubrique Livret : "L’Art du Tarot" En relation avec Alexandre Jodorowsky Une explication d’Alexandre Jodorowsky Biographie d’Alexandre Jodorowsky Le livret "L’Art du Tarot" sur une seule page | Accueil | Boutique | Forum Tarot | Contact | Nous contacter online | Plan du site |

Mid-Atlantic Geomancy. Divination. Arts divinatoires chinois. Divination. Divination: The Synchronous Universe. Divination (from the Latin divinare "to foresee, to be inspired by a god", related to divinus, divine) Article: By Alex Whitaker 2011 Although today divination is largely considered to be a false 'science', there is no doubt that in the past a great emphasis and respect was placed on those who claimed to be capable of it. Divination methods vary by culture and religion but in all cases, divination relies on a symbolic key to decipher the underlying meaning of physical events. Za'irajah. A branch of the science of letter magic, (practiced) among the (authorities on letter magic), is (the technique of) finding out answers from questions by means of connections existing between the letters of the expressions (used in the question). They imagine that these (connections) can form the basis for knowing the future happenings they want to know. Here we have something like puzzles and trick problems.835 There are many discussions of the subject by them.

The most comprehensive and most remarkable discussion of it is as-Sabti's Za'irajah of the World. It has been mentioned before. Here, we shall explain what has been said about how to operate it. Dhushara. Mandala. Mandala. Yantra - Mandala. Print and color mandalas online. Mandalas: symboles des couleurs. Important pour nos ancêtres parce qu’il symbolisait la vie. Il exprime la joie, la santé, le triomphe. Etoile sauvage - Générateur de mandalas - applets - lesmandalas. Darkpsychedelic. Ken Kesey & The Merry Pranksters. Terence McKenna.