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Novelty Theory ° A Bicameral Mind The term was coined by psychologist Julian Jaynes, who presented the idea in his 1976 book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, wherein he made the case that a bicameral mentality, that is to say a mental state in which there are two distinct sections of consciousness, was the normal and ubiquitous state of the human mind as recently as 3000 years ago. He used governmental bicameralism to metaphorically describe such a state, in which the experiences and memories of the right hemisphere of the brain are transmitted to the left hemisphere via auditory hallucinations. This mental model was replaced by the conscious mode of thought, which Jaynes argues is grounded in the acquisition of metaphorical language. Jaynes theorized that a shift from bicameralism marked the beginning of introspection and consciousness as we know it today. According to Jaynes, this bicameral mentality began malfunctioning or “breaking down” during the second millennium BC. Novelty Theory ° A Bicameral Mind
10 Mind-Blowing Theories That Will Change Your Perception of the World Reality is not as obvious and simple as we like to think. Some of the things that we accept as true at face value are notoriously wrong. Scientists and philosophers have made every effort to change our common perceptions of it. The 10 examples below will show you what I mean. 1. Great glaciation. 10 Mind-Blowing Theories That Will Change Your Perception of the World
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"A beautiful world. Look around you, it is amazing. Skyscrapers, gravity, daisies, peaches, archipelagos, children, languages, music, wars, phosphorous, galaxies, snow, literature, human existence. We live in such a breathtaking environment that is full of magic and wonder. Although we can feel intense sadness, profound happiness can be just around the corner. […]" (click to see entire quote) HighExistence | Challenging The Way You Live! HighExistence | Challenging The Way You Live!
ConsciousMate ConsciousMate Celestine Insights (from The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure by James Redfield) This novel tells of a 600 B.C.
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(Above is actual letter, below is translation): Click for larger view. Georgia Bullock Co August 29th 1857 I hav long bin wishing to imbrace this presant and pleasant opertunity of unfolding my Seans and fealings Since I was constrained to leav my Long Loved home and friends which I cannot never gave my Self the Least promis of returning to. accidental mysteries accidental mysteries
Barry Martin's Hopalong Orbits Visualizer - WebGL Experiment Barry Martin's Hopalong Orbits Visualizer - Created using three.js [Mouse Move] Camera position [Up-Down] Control speed - [Left-Right] Control rotation [H] Toggle info and cursor - [F11] Toggle fullscreen Barry Martin's Hopalong Orbits Visualizer These orbits are generated iterating this simple algorithm: (x, y) -> (y - sign(x)*sqrt(abs(b*x - c)), a -x ) where a, b, c are random parameters. Barry Martin's Hopalong Orbits Visualizer - WebGL Experiment
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Whole Systems This area is devoted to the study of whole systems. Nature is a whole system. But also an economy, a family, a company, a community, or many other things, can be looked at as whole systems. A whole system view would include all the factors involved and examine how they relate to each other and how they work as a whole. To deal with a whole system we can't leave anything out as irrelevant. Intuition is as important as rationality, we must address both scientific and artistic approaches, both material and spritual needs, the small as well as the big, what we feel as well as what we think, what we perceive as well as what we imagine. Whole Systems
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Why I Support the Worldwide Wave of Action Through a worldwide movement, we can rally to change our fate and chart a new direction, but we need to act quickly. We must overcome the current paradigm and launch a new operating system for global society, based on principles of regenerative design. Daniel Pinchbeck • Reality Sandwich | Evolving consciousness, bite by bite. Reality Sandwich | Evolving consciousness, bite by bite.
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Dhushara Contents Biocosmology and Consciousness Research Research into the cosmology of living diversity in the universe and its expression in the conscious brain. Deus ex Machina and the Conscious Cosmos 20-2-2014 The concept of “god in the machine” evokes all the paradoxes of nature and existence, from religious creationism to mechanistic atheism. We use this evocative notion to escape from the contradictions of current world views and to discover the roots of our transformative consciousness. Dhushara

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Over the past ten years or so I have been making handcoloured emblems by painting with watercolours copies of woodcuts and engravings from printed books and some manuscript drawings. In colouring these I made use of my intensive study of the original coloured manuscripts of the 15th to 18th centuries, which have been the main focus of my research over the past years. I have often found that by contemplating and meditating on these handcoloured images one can resonate with and enter into the complex symbolic world of alchemy. Coloured alchemical emblems Coloured alchemical emblems
Grimorium Verum (True Grimoire) Printed edition is now available. This digital edition and translation by Joseph H. Peterson, Copyright © 1999. All rights reserved. Large portions of the text were translated by A.E. Grimorium Verum (True Grimoire) (French with parallel English translation)
The Seven Hermetic Principles (For Manifesting) - Hermes Trismegistus
Flamel College Library: Orignal texts on alchemy, kaballah, sacred mathematics, healing arts, meditation, the Hermetic sciences, and other esoteric arts.
Ancient Knowledge, Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Phi in Nature, DNA, Fingerprint of God Pt.2
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Editor's Note: This is one of the most-read leadership articles of 2013. Click here to see the full list. Get ready to have your mind blown. I was seriously shocked at some of these mistakes in thinking that I subconsciously make all the time. 8 Subconscious Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day--And How To Avoid Them | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

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The crystal slides tutorial is a set of instructions describing how to create a really beautiful psychedelic special effect. If you are interested in other light show lumia effects and how they are produced, the best way to learn the basic techniques is to look at the collection of patents I have on the pioneers page. The neon wire tutorial requires Corel Photopaint or Adobe Photoshop. Free The Flash Warp fla shows how to create some cool flash special effects using Flash 4, Flash 5, or Flash MX. Free Lightshow - Tutorials
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Samsara 4.90K Views1 Likes Filmed over a period of almost five years and in twenty-five countries, Samsara explores the wonders of the world from sacred grounds to industrial sites, looking into the unfathomable reaches of mans spirituality and... Esoteric Tube - Downloading Reality

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Reality Sandwich | Evolving consciousness, bite by bite.
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