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Derrida 9/11. Il Nostro Strabismo Sull'islam. Immagine il Fatto Quotidiano, 28/12/2015.

Il Nostro Strabismo Sull'islam

Comment nous pouvons gagner la guerre contre le terrorisme. 22 mars 2016 Article en PDF : Nous vous invitons à lire ou relire l’article de Marc Vandepitte sur les réponses à apporter contre le terrorisme.

Comment nous pouvons gagner la guerre contre le terrorisme

Le terrorisme touche la société dans son âme, délibérément. C’est pourquoi il faut tout mettre en œuvre pour fournir une riposte aux terroristes et les éliminer radicalement. A cet égard une approche anti-terroriste ne doit satisfaire qu’à un seul critère : elle doit être efficace, toucher le terrorisme en son coeur. Dans cet article nous irons d’abord à la recherche des causes plus profondes des attentats terroristes. 1.

On ne combat pas une maladie en s’attaquant aux symptômes, mais bien en éliminant les causes ou le substrat. Comprendre le basculement dans la violence jihadiste. Les facteurs du basculement dans le processus de violence jihadiste Or, pour éviter de propager des amalgames, il est nécessaire de comprendre ce qui sous-tend le basculement de certains individus dans des groupes jihadistes violents non pas pour l’excuser ou, pire, le légitimer comme le laissent croire ceux qui refusent d’entendre les « explications sociales », mais bien pour le prévenir.

Comprendre le basculement dans la violence jihadiste

Il mondo dopo Parigi. Gli attentati di venerdì 13 novembre a Parigi scuotono la Francia, l’Occidente e tutto l’eterogeneo fronte di chi almeno formalmente si oppone al jihadismo.

Il mondo dopo Parigi

Festeggia lo Stato Islamico, che si dimostra di nuovo capace di uccidere (con una potenza di fuoco incredibilmente superiore rispetto alla strage di Charlie Hebdo di appena 10 mesi fa) nel cuore dell’Europa, pochi giorni dopo aver colpito a Beirut e – ormai pare certo – in Sinai. Frankie Boyle on the fallout from Paris: ‘This is the worst time for society to go on psychopathic autopilot’ There were a lot of tributes after the horror in Paris.

Frankie Boyle on the fallout from Paris: ‘This is the worst time for society to go on psychopathic autopilot’

It has to be said that Trafalgar Square is an odd choice of venue to show solidarity with France; presumably Waterloo was too busy. One of the most appropriate tributes was Adele dedicating Hometown Glory to Paris, just as the raids on St-Denis started. INVISIBLE DOG - IL MONDO SAUDITA, IL WAHABISMO E IL SALAFISMO. Mindless terrorists? The truth about Isis is much worse. It’s “the first of the storm”, says Islamic State.

Mindless terrorists? The truth about Isis is much worse

And little wonder. For the chaotic scenes on the streets of Paris and the fearful reaction those attacks provoked are precisely what Isis planned and prayed for. The greater the reaction against Muslims in Europe and the deeper the west becomes involved in military action in the Middle East, the happier Isis leaders will be. Because this is about the organisation’s key strategy: finding, creating and managing chaos. There is a playbook, a manifesto: The Management of Savagery/Chaos, a tract written more than a decade ago under the name Abu Bakr Naji, for the Mesopotamian wing of al-Qaida that would become Isis. Hit soft targets. Strike when potential victims have their guard down. Consider reports suggesting a 15-year-old was involved in Friday’s atrocity. With that in mind, it is critical that we understand what is really going on.

Discussion: Michael Cooke on the left and fundamentalists. By Michael Cooke For the record then, I have no patience with the position that "we" should only or mainly be concerned with what is "ours’" any more than I can condone reactions to such a view that require Arabs to read Arab books, use Arab methods and the like.

Discussion: Michael Cooke on the left and fundamentalists

As C.L.R James used to say, Beethoven belongs as much to the West as he does to Germans, since his music is now part of the human heritage. Mehdi Hasan: How Islamic is Islamic State? It is difficult to forget the names, or the images, of James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, Alan Henning and Peter Kassig.

Mehdi Hasan: How Islamic is Islamic State?

The barbaric beheadings between August and November 2014, in cold blood and on camera, of these five jumpsuit-clad western hostages by the self-styled Islamic State, or Isis, provoked widespread outrage and condemnation. However, we should also remember the name of Didier François, a French journalist who was held by Isis in Syria for ten months before being released in April 2014. François has since given us a rare insight into life inside what the Atlantic’s Graeme Wood, in a recent report for the magazine, has called the “hermit kingdom” of Isis, where “few have gone . . . and returned”. And it is an insight that threatens to turn the conventional wisdom about the world’s most fearsome terrorist organisation on its head. According to François, “It was more hammering what they were believing than teaching us about the Quran. Mito e menzogna della «primavera araba» : Confronti. Cosa vogliono le popolazioni dei paesi islamici?

Mito e menzogna della «primavera araba» : Confronti

Ce l’hanno o no con noi? Chi li guida, chi li inganna, chi li sobilla? Vogliono la democrazia e la «modernità»? Islam e sesso: tra controllo dei corpi e rivoluzione sessuale. Donne a Teheran, Iran.

Islam e sesso: tra controllo dei corpi e rivoluzione sessuale

Foto AP ( — Immaginate di dover comparire davanti ad un magistrato.