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Islam and politics

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L’Etat islamique à la « conquête » d’Istanbul. Le | • Mis à jour le | Par Ghalia Kadiri L’Etat islamique poursuit sa redoutable opération marketing et lance Konstantiniyye, un magazine mensuel en turc, également disponible gratuitement en ligne.

L’Etat islamique à la « conquête » d’Istanbul

Le premier numéro est paru le jour de la date d’anniversaire de la conquête de Constantinople par les Ottomans, le 29 mai 1453, fêté en grande pompe en Turquie. Konstantiniyye n’est pas le premier instrument d’une propagande soigneusement mise en scène par l’Etat islamique. Sa revue en arabe, Dabiq, lancée en 2014, a ensuite été déclinée en anglais, en russe et dans une version française dénommée Dar Al-Islam. L’organisation terroriste se sert de son puissant organe de communication, l’éditeur Al-Hayat Media, pour relayer ses idées dans le monde et in fine recruter ses prochains combattants.

Avec 46 pages en couleur, illustrées de photos des plus beaux monuments stambouliotes, Konstantiniyye rassemble tous les codes d’un magazine traditionnel. The Incredible Muslim Hulk proves to be no friend of Islam either. Protesters clash with Sydney police Hundreds take part in an anti-Islam film protest in Sydney in front of the US consulate in Sydney on Saturday. 17, 2012.

The Incredible Muslim Hulk proves to be no friend of Islam either

Blasphemy laws: politics far from God's intentions - The Drum Opinion. Find More Stories Blasphemy laws: politics far from God's intentions Irfan Yusuf Rimsha Masih , an illiterate 14-year-old girl, lives in hiding with her family in a secret location somewhere in Pakistan. She was released on bail after being charged with a blasphemy offence under Pakistan's Penal Code. In a nearby prison, the illiterate farmhand Asia Bibi languishes in prison awaiting her appeal against a death sentence imposed on her after she allegedly insulted Islam. Socialism and Religion. V.

Socialism and Religion

I. Lenin The economic oppression of the workers inevitably calls forth and engenders every kind of political oppression and social humiliation, the coarsening and darkening of the spiritual and moral life of the masses. The workers may secure a greater or lesser degree of political liberty to fight for their economic emancipation, but no amount of liberty will rid them of poverty, unemployment, and oppression until the power of capital is overthrown. Lectures. Related: Islam + Left - Michael Brull. The Left should be firmly and unapologetically secularist.

Related: Islam + Left - Michael Brull

The Left, rightly in my view, has historically stood for classical Enlightenment values of rationalism. We should support people thinking for themselves, rather than believing in irrational and empirically dubious dogmas. We should support people challenging undeserving authorities, rather than offering them deference or outright obedience. During the Iranian revolution, French philosopher Michel Foucault solemnly explained: one thing must be clear. Related: Islam + Left - Tad Tietze. Michael Brull makes two key claims that lead him to confusing issues of principle and strategy for a Left forced to deal with political Islam’s influence.

Related: Islam + Left - Tad Tietze

First, he argues that while ‘[p]olitical Islam can take many different forms’, it is not anti-imperialism, it is not feminism, and it is not socialism – and he backs this with examples of reactionary policies and betrayals by various Islamist formations. If the argument were about whether the Left should import Islamism into its politics, there would be nothing to debate. We should not: we must remain fiercely critical and independent of any reactionary policies and actions. But today the organised Left is almost everywhere a marginal force, and organisations well to the Right of us play a major role in resisting imperialism, dictatorship and neoliberalism, however inconsistently.

Islamism is not just the ideology of certain ruling elites in the Middle East and Asia: Islamists also play key roles in opposition from below. Tad Tietze response. The wave of revolutions sweeping the Arab world represents a sharp break from almost a decade of defensive struggle against triumphant neoliberalism and neo–conservatism.

Tad Tietze response

Philosopher Peter Hallward calls it an opportunity to break the pattern of TINA (the notion that ‘there is no alternative’ to the relentless assault by ruling elites on their peoples), while Slavoj Žižek celebrates the revolution’s appeal to the ‘eternal idea of freedom, justice and dignity’.34 Yet some are anxious that the revolts will be hijacked by Islamist political currents bent on imposing sharia law, oppressing women and homosexuals, and crushing hopes for freedom under theocratic rule. The spectre of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has been raised not only by Western leaders but by some sympathetic to the uprisings. In my view, building united fronts with Islamist currents around specific issues is an inescapable part of any potentially successful Left politics in the Middle East. Tad Tietze response. Michael Brull response. Perhaps the most astonishing thing in Tietze’s essay is his dismissal of ‘a naïve adherence to secularism as a progressive force in the modern world’.

Michael Brull response

It reminds me of Emma Goldman’s meeting with Lenin, during which he informed her that ‘free speech … is, of course, a bourgeois notion’. Goldman reeled in horror: ‘Free Speech, free Press, the spiritual achievements of centuries, what were they to this man?’ Chris Harman: Prophet and proletariat (Conclusions) REDS – Die Roten > Religion (E) | Religion (D) > Prophet & proletariat Conclusions.

Chris Harman: Prophet and proletariat (Conclusions)

More than opium: Marxism and religion.

Mona Eltahawy why they hate us

Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West. Immigration.

Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West

Islam. The west. Christopher Caldwell's book is divided into three neat sections. The structure represents an equation - immigration multiplied by Islam equals the collapse of the west. Book Review - 'Reflections on the Revolution in Europe,' by Christopher Caldwell - Review. Reflections on the Revolution In Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West (9780385518260): Christopher Caldwell.