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Speeduptime. Draw a Pentacle on your left hand using a blessed red pen.


Visualize a sand clock as you draw. Now Put your left hand on your forehead, or third eye, and say: The spell will last for 24 hours or until the pentacle is erased, naturally or washed, so don't try to get sweaty hands. Submitted by Earl Manning of Ravenwood ******************************************************************* Another Spell to Accelerate Time... Light 3 candles and place them on an alter, create a circle, mark it with roses, and recite the following words. Submitted by David Borgelt What is Thou looking for? Take me Back to the Home Page! Slow down time. To Slow Down Time Draw a Pentacle on your left hand using a blessed Blue pen.

Slow down time

Visualize a Sand Clock (also known as an Hour Glass) slowing way down... slower and slower as you draw. Now put your left hand on your forehead, or Third Eye, and say: The spell will last for a day, or until the pentacle is erased, naturally or washed, so don't try to get sweaty hands. Submitted by Diego Castillo Hold back the Hands of Time This is more of a skill then a spell.

Look at your clock or clocks. Here is an example: I need to do a task in 10 minutes that I usually need 15 minutes for. When you have become good at shaving off small amounts of time like about 1/4 to 1/3 of the time, move on to cutting time in half. Submitted by Anonymous What is Thou looking for? Take me Back to the Home Page! Likeme. Do you like me?


Spell... Sometimes we really like someone but say nothing because we fear if we made an advance we would experience rejection. Here's a spell to give you the green light or the red light. Moon Phase: Full Moon Day: Friday Planet: Venus Supplies: a new red rubber ball (a small one) In sacred space cleanse consecrate and empower the red rubber ball. Repeat the last line as you bounce ball. You should receive your answer shortly. Submitted by Taylor What is Thou looking for? Take me Back to the Home Page! Dream of me Spell. Materials Required: White cotton fabric Bedding or cotton to use as a stuffing Parchment paper Lavender Rosemary Needle and thread Method: You will need to make a small dream pillow in order to have this spell carried out.

Dream of me Spell

For this you need to first cut two bits of cotton fabric and sew up three sides of the rectangle or square. If you choose your pillow to be circular, then you sew the whole thing around, leaving a little at the bottom in order to fill up the pillow. Then write the name of the person whom you want to perform the spell on and also state exactly what you want them to dream of you. The incantation can be changed in a way to match your preference.

Submitted by Anonymous Sender What is Thou looking for? Take me Back to the Home Page! Spells and Magic. spells, hexes, occult knowledge, black and white magic. Spell to Bring You What You Need - Free Spells. Free Witchcraft Downloads: ebooks, pictures, movies. Read Dr Ruickbie on witchcraft and magic in Paranormal magazine. What is Witchcraft? That's what this website is here to find out. Witchology.com is the website of WICA - the Witchcraft Information Centre and Archive - founded in 1999 by Dr Leo Ruickbie as a research and education provider specialising in the areas of Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, Magic (Magick) and the Occult. We have been online continuously since 2000.

WICA Recommended by: Thanks to Leo Ruickbie and his staff for a wonderful learning experience. From Witchology.com Visitors: Your pages are a Celebration of the Now, a Wellspring of Creativity for all to enjoy. About Leo Ruickbie's Books: Get Involved with WICA: Want to investigate magic (Magick), review a grimoire, or write for this website? Other Opportunities at WICA: Want to make some money? Free Witchcraft Newsletter: Plus special offers, secret events and a free gift! Spread the Word about WICA: Search Witchology: Witchcraft to Go: Download some witchcraft into your life. Spellcraft Menu. Spell to Bring Back Lost Love - Return to Me Spell - Get your Lover Back. An easy love spell for the uninitiated or inexperienced that is designed to bring back a lost love: Light the following candles: A red candle (South) A green candle (North) A yellow candle (East) A blue candle (West) Two pink candles Position the candles at the corresponding corners.

Spell to Bring Back Lost Love - Return to Me Spell - Get your Lover Back

Hold the two pink candles in your hands and face the red candle (south). Chant the following until you feel satisfied: Beautiful Goddess, powerful God, hear my prayer! Rituals and Spells for Astral and Psychic Matters. Download Occult, Esoteric, Magic, Rare Books And Texts. Grimoires, Spellbooks, Manuscripts For Free. Spells and Magic. spells, hexes, occult knowledge, black and whi.

Casting a Circle. The Purposes of a Circle A sacred circle has several purposes, the most significant of which is to define an area where formal ritual work can be performed.

Casting a Circle

A circle is a place in which the rules and conditions are different to that of the everyday world. A circle is not a barrier, but a doorway to another world. To contain any magickal energy raised and to prevent its dissipation until it has been used up is another purpose of the circle. The sacred circle does not need to be physically represented (drawn or marked on the ground), it just needs to be visualized. The circle is a spiritual entity. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. This completes the casting of your circle. How to Close a Circle Go to the North, hold up your blade, and say, “Guardians and spirits of the North wind, my ritual is now complete. Extinguish your altar candles and bow your head at the altar, saying, “I declare this scared circle closed.

What is Thou looking for? Witchcraft Magic Love Spells! Learn & Reviews FREE. Free Spells, Witchcraft Spells, Wiccan Spells, Wicca Spells, SpellSpot. Free Spell Archive: Every month or so we add free spells, rituals and energy workings to the list below so check back soon!

Free Spells, Witchcraft Spells, Wiccan Spells, Wicca Spells, SpellSpot

We have tried to credit the authors wherever possible; if you recognize something here that does not have the author credited, please let us know. Feel free to copy the spells as you wish. We do ask that if you use any part of the spell or ritual on a website for any purpose, that you link back to SpellSpot.com as the source. A Note About Spells: If you are here looking for spells to affect the will of other people, i.e., make someone love you, harm someone, attain personal gain at the cost of others, etc... you are in the wrong place.

A Witch in the Wood Wicca - An Olde Religion A Pagan Primer The Witches Voice December 2003 : ( back to top ) Winter Solstice Spell - Perform on the night of Winter Solstice Gather your supplies: Small Amount of Hollyberry Oil Small Amount of Mistletoe Herb Clean, small piece of white paper (parchment if you have it) Red Candle. Gardnerian Book of Shadows Index. Sacred Texts Neopaganism Contents Start Reading This is the text of the Gardnerian Book of Shadows. In one sense, this is the central sacred text of the Wicca religion. However, it is important to point out that there is no 'official' Book of Shadows. Typically each coven has a hand-written copy of a Book of Shadows, sometimes in cypher or code, which reflects its own practices and knowledge. The Book of Shadows was attributed by Gardner to an ancient, clandestine witch cult, which he claimed to have been initiated into.

The copyright status of this text can best be described as 'orphaned.' LOVE SPELLS Spell Casting Services Love Magic Love Spells Powerf. Love Spells – Spells who boost your love life.

LOVE SPELLS Spell Casting Services Love Magic Love Spells Powerf

Today, Love spells can revisit lost lovers, attach wrecked relationships and fetch back an Ex for reuniting purposes; these prevailing Love Spells will make difference in your love life. Cast a Free Love Spell today. Prefer this spell to make the one you craving fall in love with you or to root two other people to fall in love. Some of the Powerful Love Spells are as below : You can choose desired love spells for your needs, Here we offers numerous spells including Lost love spells, Gay love spells, Unconditional love spell, Break up Love Spells with a view to looking at your problems. These days, Love Spells are intending to facilitate you and support you in judgment the correct person in your life and also to augment the bond in among two lovers. Love spells can and do work. Love spells that hold such powerful spell qualities. Email us your requirement of love spells at newspells@gmail.com Some of the Powerful Love Spells are:

Wicca Spells Wiccan Spells Talismans Love Spells Magic Spells Ch. Chants, Blessings, Prayers and Charms. A Spell to Cast Away Darkness Belisama Fire 2001 In the center of the darkest storm, Is a brilliant rainbow, bright and warm.

Chants, Blessings, Prayers and Charms

Look past the darkness that you see, There's more than what you think might be. There now is freedom, so you can find, The path to stimulate your mind. So don't despair, let hope shine bright, The sun will rise, just past the night. A Spell for Healing May the light that shines from deep inside, Flow ever out, and never hide. May the shining light within my soul, Heal me now, and make me whole. May the light that shines so very bright, Help heal ________, on this night. May the shining light within my core, Bring peace and love, forever more. A Happy Positive Day Now close your eyes and visualize the day you want to have, image who is there, what you are wearing, the place, surroundings, the atmosphere, what the weather is like and other things that you would like to happen.

Hold this image for as long as you can, then repeat the following 3 times: "God and Goddess hear my plea, Bougaivillea's Book of Shadows : Member's Books of Shadows. White: A balance of all colors; Spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, clairvoyance, healing, truth seeking; Rituals involving lunar energy' May be substituted for any color candle.

Bougaivillea's Book of Shadows : Member's Books of Shadows

Yellow: Activity, Creativity, unity; brings power of concentration and imagination to a ritual; use in rituals where you wish to gain another’s confidence or persuade someone, or in rituals that require solar energy. Gold: Fosters understanding and attracts the powers of cosmic influences; beneficial in rituals intended to bring about fast luck or money, or in rituals needing solar energy.

Orange: Creativity, ability to speak one's mind, ambition, career matters and the Law, self-confidence. Solar color and also stands for Leo. Pink: Promotes romance, friendship; standard color for rituals to draw affections; a color of femininity, honor, service, brings friendly, lively conversation to the dinner table. Emerald Green: Important component in Venusian rituals; attracts love, social delights, and fertility.