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Easy Free Magick Spells

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Free Magic Spells. By Before you begin any spell, make sure you take time to meditate on positive thoughts and loving energy, check your ego and pride at the door by saying three times, Click Here to Return to Fairy Magic Home Page Magic spells copyright notice.

Free Magic Spells

The spells on this page are for your enjoyment and personal use only. Spells Of Magic - Learn Witchcraft, Wicca and Magic. Simple Spells Without Ingredients. Hello Allisson.

Simple Spells Without Ingredients

I recommend you look at this: This is pure energy magic, doesn't cost a dime and no-one will ever know. I would also recommend the 1st Sanctuary Meditation (available from which has the same benefits and then many more besides indeed. In general, there are many spells on this site which need nothing more than a piece of paper, a mirror or a bit of salt. Candles if they are a problem can be imaginary candles, as long as you treat it seriously, "evoke" the candle, light it and treat it in all ways as though it was a hard candle instead of a matrix construct.