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VRM: L-Histidine, Squaline, & Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin In Vaccines – Nature Off Balance - SaneVax, Inc. 28th February 2011 – By Joel Lord Vaccination is a monstrosity, a misbegotten offspring of error and ignorance; it should have no place in either hygiene or medicine.

VRM: L-Histidine, Squaline, & Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin In Vaccines – Nature Off Balance - SaneVax, Inc.

Believe not in vaccination, it is a world wide delusion, an unscientific practice, a fatal superstition with consequences measured today by tears and sorrow without end. Charles Rauta, Professor of Hygiene and material Medial in the University of Perguia/1899 L-Histidine (amino acid), Squaline (oil) & human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (female hormone) are all naturally occurring substances found in the human body, which contribute to vital areas of your fundamental health, including that of regulatory, circulatory, endocrine, nervous & immune system functioning, assisting in the equilibrium & efficacy of your metabolism.

L-HISTIDINE: ‘It is important for the maintenance of the myelin sheaths which protect the nerve cells. Is Gardasil vaccine linked to record birth rate declines? Birth rates in the U.S. started their decline in 2006 — the same year the CDC recommended every American girl between the ages of 9 and 26 get Merck's Gardasil HPV vaccine.

Is Gardasil vaccine linked to record birth rate declines?

A CBS News story earlier this week sounded a recurring alarm about the record decline of birth rates in the U.S. The news agency obtained records from health departments in more than two dozen states showing a 7% drop in births in December 2020 — nine months after the first lockdowns began. As the Pew graph below illustrates, the overall drop in birth rates actually began in 2006. Baffled "experts" blame everything from social media to the economy. But they overlooked one obvious possible explanation: the Gardasil HPV vaccine, which the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention' Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended for every American girl between the ages of 9 and 26 — beginning in 2006. 2006 "Prick" Caused 25% DECLINE IN BIRTH RATES!!! Media Silence.

Read This Before Getting a Flu Shot. October 23rd, 2020 By Alex ‘Earthie Mama’ Du Toit Guest Writer for Wake Up World As I walked through a major grocery chain store a couple of days ago, I passed a sign that said I could save 10% on my groceries if I got a free flu shot… So if my bill was $250, I save $25 and won’t get the flu!

Read This Before Getting a Flu Shot

Wow, what a deal, these major corporations must really care about my health…. Wait, what!? Every where I turn there is someone telling me that I need to inject myself or my children with a vaccine so we won’t get the flu. You also have to stop and wonder who is profiting from the flu shot industry? Mom Says She Is Giving Child Same Ingredients in Vaccines, Other Moms Threaten CPS - New American News. About a year or 2 ago I decided to throw out some bait.

Mom Says She Is Giving Child Same Ingredients in Vaccines, Other Moms Threaten CPS - New American News

I was tired of conversations that contained phrases like “but my doctor said” or “the entire CDC agrees” or “the government would never recommend shots if they were hurting people.” People just don’t always think for themselves. I decided to approach this from a different angle. I decided to bring attention to vaccine ingredients without mentioning vaccines to see if anyone would notice the deadly cocktail without all the brainwashing that apparently escorts the word “vaccine.”

Secretly, yes, I was hoping that some pro-vaccine person on my friends list would bite. Magnet-Assisted Transfection. The MATra principle Magnet assisted transfection (MATra) is a new, easy-to-handle, very fast and highly efficient technology to transfect cells in culture.

Magnet-Assisted Transfection

All types of nucleic acids from plasmid DNA or siRNA to oligonucleotides can be used with the MATra approach. Data from a variety of species - using cell lines or primary tissue culture - have been accumulated including human, monkey, mouse, rat, xenopus, pig, cat or fish. Why Vaccination Does Not Equal Immunization (Part 2) - HoneyColony. Skip to content Close Menu 15% Off + Free Shipping* on Silver products w/ coupon: SILVERFOREVER (*US ONLY. $75 MINIMUM SPEND before coupon is applied) Weekly Wisdom.

Why Vaccination Does Not Equal Immunization (Part 2) - HoneyColony

What Is It About Vaccination? The World Mercury Project - HoneyColony. Skip to content Close Menu 15% Off + Free Shipping* on Silver products w/ coupon: SILVERFOREVER.

What Is It About Vaccination? The World Mercury Project - HoneyColony

(1) EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma, Fauci & Pro-Vaccine Movement. (7) How Much Further Proof Do We Need !!! Make this Viral Please. EP3172319B1 - Coronavirus. The present invention relates to an attenuated coronavirus comprising a variant replicase gene, which causes the virus to have reduced pathogenicity.

EP3172319B1 - Coronavirus

The present invention also relates to the use of such a coronavirus in a vaccine to prevent and/or treat a disease. Avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), the aetiological agent of infectious bronchitis (IB), is a highly infectious and contagious pathogen of domestic fowl that replicates primarily in the respiratory tract but also in epithelial cells of the gut, kidney and oviduct. IBV is a member of the Order Nidovirales, Family Coronaviridae, Subfamily Coronavirinae and Genus Gammacoronavirus; genetically very similar coronaviruses cause disease in turkeys, guinea fowl and pheasants. Clinical signs of IB include sneezing, tracheal rales, nasal discharge and wheezing. Vaccinia Virus - an overview. 2 Vaccinia Virus System Vaccinia virus is a large double-stranded DNA virus that infects many types of mammalian cells and some invertebrate cells.

Vaccinia Virus - an overview

Its replication cycle is confined to the cytoplasm and can be divided into an early phase and a late phase. The late phase is characterized by the synthesis of structural proteins and enzymes that are packaged into progeny virions. Expression of foreign genes from recombinant vaccinia viruses takes advantage of promoters that are active during the late phase in order to maximize yields of the protein of interest. Several features make the vaccinia virus system an attractive system for the study of viral assembly and structure. ScienceDirect Topics. Virions are quasi-spherical, slightly pleomorphic, enveloped and about 80 nm (range 50–125 nm) in diameter (Figure 1).

ScienceDirect Topics

Size varies due to virion heterogeneity: at least three distinct virion forms are produced during infection. Thin-sections show virions with densely stained centers, presumably containing condensed DNA, and particles with lucent centers. The absence of a regular capsid structure suggests the Acholeplasma phage L2 (L2) virion is an asymmetric nucleoprotein condensation bounded by a lipid-protein membrane. Figure 1. GOD GENE - VMAT2 VACCINE- "KILLING SPIRITUALITY" Q is for the Queen's Qinetiq - Coronavirus Patent (Mirror) Dr. Andrew Moulden (Interview): What You Were Never Told About Vaccines. Interview with Dr. Andrew Moulden (10/08/09 — VACTRUTH Editor’s Note: LINK TO PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE AT THE END OF THE ARTICLE!!!!!)

*English Version* 07/21/09 1.) Dr. I am 44 years of age and have spent my entire adult life in academia, university, and clinical health science studies, practice, and research. Observations About "Vaccine" Mycoplasmas. (Catherine J Frompovich) One of the supposed many ‘unknowns’ lurking within almost every vaccine is mycoplasmas. The questions I have, as one who researches vaccine science literature, about mycoplasmas that keep rattling around in my brain, are: Are mycoplasmas indigenous to vaccines due to ‘raw’ ingredients used in manufacturing most vaccines, e.g., mouse brains, monkey kidneys, bovine tissue, and even aborted human fetal cell lines?

How come Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers are not mandated by the U.S. FDA to test for mycoplasmas as one of the conditions for licensure? Were mycoplasmas really genetically modified or “weaponized” to become vectors that cause chronic diseases for which Big Pharma must invent new pharmaceuticals to treat thereby pushing the “vested interest” envelope even further? Shortly after, the Pentagon held a press conference on May 14, 1997, where they admitted what they had done. The Beyond Evil Agenda Behind New & Pre-Born Baby Vaccines ~ SHARE. WO2017044890A1 - Bird flu vaccine combination comprising virus-like particles and novel adjuvants. The present invention relates generally to vaccines, more specifically to bird flu vaccines. Avian flu is a major disease in poultry. The disease is caused by avian influenza virus (AIV). Highly pathogenic avian influenza such as H5N1 and H5N2 strain resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of birds, including poultry.

Current commercial vaccine against the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HP AIV) is made from inactivated viruses. This vaccine may not be as effective against a newly mutated highly pathogenic strain. In one aspect, the invention relates to a vaccine composition comprising: Heads UP! Why Mandatory Vaccines are Being Forced on US All Now. AV8 - Dr Graham Downing : The 'Bill Gates' Agenda. Vaccines Are One Big Experiment Causing Hundreds of Diseases in The Modern World. September 21, 2009 from PreventDisease Website How is it that the mainstream media and international governments continue to ignore decades of evidence on the deadly effects of vaccines? It seems almost inconceivable that the issue is still under debate. This perpetual fraud of disease prevention is causing hundreds of diseases which further pharmaceutical agendas.

It is time to face the facts, stand up for humanity and boycott all vaccines worldwide today! How much longer will people shrug off serious warnings from vaccine researchers, neuroscientists and medical specialists around the world? CDC is a vaccine company, owns 56 vaccines – a grave conflict of interest. (Natural News) Two recent events have forced a glaring spotlight on the $30 billion a year vaccine industry: First, President Donald Trump announced a plan to establish a commission chaired by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (RFK) to investigate vaccine safety and scientific integrity.

The second, again featuring RFK, is when he and actor Robert De Niro announced a $100,000 reward to any scientist (or anyone else) who could conclusively prove the safety of mercury (in the form thimerosal) in vaccines. The CDC, NIH & Bill Gates Own the Patents On Existing Ebola & Related Vaccines: Mandatory Vaccinations Are Near. The more on digs into who is behind the creation and the development of vaccines for treating Ebola, the more the conspiracy networks widen. The most amazing fact is how incredibly easy it was to locate this information.

I want to be clear on this point, Ebola was invented, a vaccine for Ebola has existed for 8-10 years, some government sponsored institutions as well as some of the global elite have positioned themselves to profit enormously from the spread of the virus and the development of and dissemination of mandatory Ebola vaccines and the imposition of total martial law in the process.

Here is the proof. Birth of a New Earth: THE DANGERS OF THE RHOGAM SHOT DURING PREGNANCY. Rhogam - Vaccine Truth. Vaccine ingredients. CDC updates immunization schedule adds new HPV vaccine with double the aluminum. (NaturalHealth365) The Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, is the most common STD contracted in the United States. In addition, the U.S. The Prion Chronicles: The Story Of Interferon. These are the continuing chronicles of prion disease, the reason for your own state of unease. For past research and understanding of just what a prion is, see my previous research here: Nanotechnology: Covertly Administered Vaccines » DarkGovernment. CDC document bombshell reveals list of all vaccine excipients, including “African Green Monkey Kidney Cells” and fibroblast cells from aborted human fetuses … see the complete list – Prepare for Change. Vaccines, Dead Doctors, and Depopulation: If You Haven't Seen This Video, You Should. One Radio Network / Dawn Richardson - Informed Consent: You Can't Blindly Put Things In Your Body Without Understanding the Risks - January 12, 2016.

THE MORNING SHOW with Patrick Timpone. 11 Reasons Why Flu Shots Are More Dangerous Than A Flu. The verdict is out on flu shots. Many medical experts now agree it is more important to protect yourself and your family from the flu vaccine than the flu itself. Every year the pharmaceutical industry, medical experts and the mainstream media work hard to convince us to get vaccinated against the flu. But we're not being told the whole story. Search VAERS Database. SV-40: A Deadly Cure?//Viewzone. Vaccines Produce Homosexuality, Says Italian Scientist Gian Paolo Vanoli. Why you should NEVER get a flu shot: Nurse licensed by the New Jersey Board of Nursing uses same dirty syringe to vaccinate 70 people in a row... WOW. How the Pertussis Vaccine Destroys Lives - Video. Detoxing from Vaccines. Vaccines To Control Thought, Behavior, In Our Air, Water, Food. DNA vaccine against Zika yields immune response in phase 1 trial. FDA uses 'animal' rule to approve anthrax vaccine for humans ... You're just an experimental animal to the vaccine industry.

Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie dire. Most Recalled Drugs Will Surprise You. The Post-Vaccination Syndrome - Post-Vaccination Syndrome -  homeopathy, vaccination and autism website Dr. Tinus Smits. FACING VACCINATION OPPOSITION? THEN JUST SPRAY! Why vaccinated people are so unhealthy: They're unknowingly sharing dirty syringes like drug users. Compulsory Adult Vaccination Bill 792 Signed Into Law. E. Coli in Two Meningococcal Vaccines! EU launches investigation into Gardasil following wave of serious adverse event reports. China Killing Babies to Make New WALVAX Vaccine. Population Control - Not For the Squeamish BUT A Must Watch! Toxic vaccines deliver 4,925 mcg of aluminum by 18 months. Correlation and Causation. 25 Vaccines That Contain Carcinogens.

Millions of Girls Given Vaccines Secretly Spiked with Sterilization Drugs. A Paralyzing Mystery—Literally—In the USA. 395 new vaccines being developed for infectious diseases: PhRMA. No more vaccination waivers - California lawmakers. Merck’s Former Doctor Predicts Gardasil To Become The Greatest Medical Scandal Of All Time. Leaked Pentagon Video Shows Vaccine Designed to ~ Modify Behavior ~ 600 strains of an aerosolized thought control vaccine already tested on humans; deployed via air, food and water. Agency will confiscate infant if entire Washington family doesn't get flu shots. The Vaccinated are Infected Carriers. Nanobacteria In Vaccines Made Of BSE-Possible Bovine Material. Cure seasonal influenza quickly and naturally.

Rust Contaminated Vaccines, Worldwide Recall. Chinese government suspends Hepatitis B vaccines after 8 horrific infant deaths. FDA approved: Human cancer cells added to vaccines. Why We May Need Viruses More Than Vaccines. Vaccines Don't Work: Malignant Mumps In MMR Vaccinated Children. Tetanus vaccines found spiked with sterilization chemical to carry out race-based genocide against Africans.

"Robbed of Their Womanhood" - Teens After Gardasil Shot. Kenyan Bishops Exposed WHO & UNICEF Depopulation Program - Conquer Fear and Live Free! White House admits staging fake vaccination operation to gather DNA from the public - Galactic ConnectionGalactic Connection. Where are the Autistic Amish? Study Finds Evidence for CDC Cover-Up of Link Between Autism and Mercury In Vaccines. Gardasil’s Birthday Blues: June 8, 2006 – June 8, 2014.

CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An 8-Year Span When It Was Contaminated With Cancer Virus. Merck vaccine developer admits vaccines routinely contain hidden cancer viruses derived from diseased monkeys. Link between polio vaccine and rare childhood cancers exposed in 1997 documentary - New Flu Shot Contains Insect DNA. Former Merck doctor predicts Gardasil will become 'greatest medical scandal of all time' Shaken Baby Syndrome often caused by vaccines, not parents. Vaccination Conspiracy. Keeping people sick for Big Pharma. Researchers discover swine flu vaccine causes narcolepsy. Animal Viruses in Humans and Vaccines. Princeton to use students as vaccine experiment subjects with rollout of non-approved meningitis vaccine. Future flu shots made from dog and insect cells? WAVE - Vaccine Ingredients. Thousands of citizens in India killed by reckless Big Pharma drug trials.

Heavy Metals, Vaccines, and Your Health. Whooping cough vaccine can cause brain damage and death. Vaccines linked to life threatening food allergies. Global treaty demands mercury reduction in mining, but not in vaccines or dental fillings. New York Measles Outbreak: 90% Vaccinated. Scientists Expose A 30 Year Government Vaccination Cover-up. Congress Investigates 13 GM Car Deaths but Ignores Thousands of Vaccine Deaths. Lead Gardasil developer clears conscience, admits vaccine is useless and deadly.