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CDC updates immunization schedule adds new HPV vaccine with double the aluminum. (NaturalHealth365) The Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, is the most common STD contracted in the United States.

CDC updates immunization schedule adds new HPV vaccine with double the aluminum

In addition, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that just about every sexually active person (male or female) has the virus at some point. But, what most people are NOT told is, HPV resolves on its own without causing complications or the need to ‘modify’ the immunization schedule with more toxic vaccines. On rare occasions, HPV can lead to cervical cancer and cancers of adjacent organs.

This was the motive for creating the Human Papillomavirus vaccine. The Prion Chronicles: The Story Of Interferon. These are the continuing chronicles of prion disease, the reason for your own state of unease.

The Prion Chronicles: The Story Of Interferon

For past research and understanding of just what a prion is, see my previous research here: Link–> Link–> I wish to pose a question… Is it possible that, in our efforts to create synthetic drugs (for profit) in order to artificially mimic or replace the body’s natural health and healing processes, even while suppressing the body’s immune response to those drugs so that they may fool the natural system, we have inadvertently created a permanent state of dis-ease as the average human condition? Nanotechnology: Covertly Administered Vaccines » DarkGovernment. Artists Rendition of Nanobot assisting in Reproduction The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is gaining a reputation for funding technologies designed to roll out mass sterilization and vaccination programs around the world.

Nanotechnology: Covertly Administered Vaccines » DarkGovernment

One of the programs recently funded by the foundation is a sterilization program that would use sharp blasts of ultrasound directed against a man’s scrotum to render him infertile for six months. CDC document bombshell reveals list of all vaccine excipients, including “African Green Monkey Kidney Cells” and fibroblast cells from aborted human fetuses … see the complete list – Prepare for Change. Almost no one has any real idea what’s found in vaccines.

CDC document bombshell reveals list of all vaccine excipients, including “African Green Monkey Kidney Cells” and fibroblast cells from aborted human fetuses … see the complete list – Prepare for Change

When they allow themselves to be injected with vaccines, they’re oblivious to the fact that they are being injected with aborted human fetus cell lines or African Green Monkey kidney pus cells harvested from infected, disease primates. (See proof from the CDC, below.) Yet, astonishingly, the CDC openly admits to all this (and more). In a PDF posted on the CDC website entitled “Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary,” the CDC lists all the excipients currently used in vaccines being injected into adults and children across the United States.

Vaccines, Dead Doctors, and Depopulation: If You Haven't Seen This Video, You Should. By Melissa Dykes Autism has now skyrocketed to ONE IN 45 in this country.

Vaccines, Dead Doctors, and Depopulation: If You Haven't Seen This Video, You Should

That means if you walked down your street right now, it’s highly likely you wouldn’t even have to go a full block before you will have passed a home with at least one autistic child living in it. What you are about to hear may be why. When the CDC Whistleblower story broke in the fall of 2014, the Establishment quickly went to work to black it out and cover it up. Regardless, it’s on record that a government epidemiologist admitted he and his cohorts massaged and omitted data in a study to hide a huge increase in autism following MMR vaccination.

Fast forward to last summer, when a bunch of doctors began turning up dead around the country under mysterious circumstances. Authorities quickly ruled some of the deaths suicides seemingly without even really investigating the circumstances surrounding the death. One Radio Network / Dawn Richardson - Informed Consent: You Can't Blindly Put Things In Your Body Without Understanding the Risks - January 12, 2016. THE MORNING SHOW with Patrick Timpone Dawn Richardson President of PROVE (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education)

One Radio Network / Dawn Richardson - Informed Consent: You Can't Blindly Put Things In Your Body Without Understanding the Risks - January 12, 2016

Search VAERS Database. SV-40: A Deadly Cure?//Viewzone. Editor's Note: When we first ran Geraldo's original story, SV-40, A Deadly Cure?

SV-40: A Deadly Cure?//Viewzone

We thought it was a bit on the conspiratory side, but it seemed well researched. We were pleased that many other journalists also investigated the material, proving the sad truth that Geraldo reported in ViewZone. How the Pertussis Vaccine Destroys Lives - Video. FDA uses 'animal' rule to approve anthrax vaccine for humans ... You're just an experimental animal to the vaccine industry. Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie dire. Most Recalled Drugs Will Surprise You. By Dr.

Most Recalled Drugs Will Surprise You

Mercola The most up-to-date list of recalled drugs is available on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) drug recall web site.iThere you can find an ongoing list of drugs that have been removed from the market; generally these are "Class I" recalls, which means there is a "reasonable probability that the use of or exposure to violative product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death. "As a whole, recalls of prescription and over-the-counter drugs are surging in the United States, but a new report highlighted a trend emerging over recent years, showing that biological products and biologics, particularly vaccines, have been subject to a large, and growing, number of recalls. Why vaccinated people are so unhealthy: They're unknowingly sharing dirty syringes like drug users. Compulsory Adult Vaccination Bill 792 Signed Into Law.

By Eileen Dannemann Gov.

Compulsory Adult Vaccination Bill 792 Signed Into Law

Jerry Brown has signed SB 792, a bill to further strengthen California’s mandatory vaccine laws by requiring that adults who work or volunteer at day care centers be vaccinated. A violation of the act is a crime. The Democratic governor announced Sunday that he approved a bill requiring day care centers and day care homes to maintain immunization records proving their workers and volunteers have been vaccinated for the flu, pertussis and the measles. E. Coli in Two Meningococcal Vaccines! Why you should NEVER get a flu shot: Nurse licensed by the New Jersey Board of Nursing uses same dirty syringe to vaccinate 70 people in a row... WOW. (NaturalNews) Add this to your list of smart reasons to avoid all flu shots forever.

Why you should NEVER get a flu shot: Nurse licensed by the New Jersey Board of Nursing uses same dirty syringe to vaccinate 70 people in a row... WOW

A New Jersey nurse licensed by the New Jersey Board of Nurses was caught using the same dirty syringe to vaccinate 70 people in a row, reports NBC 10 News. In other words, this flu shot practice just spread disease across the population and may have infected dozens of people with HIV, hepatitis or hundreds of other blood-borne diseases. "Employees at Otsuka Pharmaceutical, who received the vaccination at their offices in Princeton, New Jersey on September 30, have been warned they may have been exposed to 'infected blood.' Almost 70 patients have now been called in for testing but face a long, anxious wait as it can be months before serious infections such as HIV show up in blood work," reports the Daily Mail.

"In addition to reusing the syringes, officials also say the nurse gave a dose of the flu vaccine that was less than recommended. EU launches investigation into Gardasil following wave of serious adverse event reports. China Killing Babies to Make New WALVAX Vaccine. About Us » China Killing Babies to Make New WALVAX Vaccine Monday, September 21, 2015| 0 comments. Population Control - Not For the Squeamish BUT A Must Watch! Toxic vaccines deliver 4,925 mcg of aluminum by 18 months. (NaturalHealth365) While parents across the country are led to believe they are doing the best thing for their children by vaccinating them according to a childhood vaccination schedule, the little known fact is that those vaccines can introduce toxic aluminum into the body at nearly 200 times the safe level. Keep reading – to see for yourself the undeniable truth. Scientists at the University of British Columbia point out that aluminum clearly causes a negative impact on the nervous system of all ages.

Yet, immunizations continue to administer this toxic substance directly into the systems of some of the most vulnerable to its effects. Correlation and Causation. By Catherine J. Frompovich Correlation and causation are two terms research scientists exploit to drive consensus science—either way: pro or con—for whatever pharmaceutical product de jour they happen to be paid to promote favorably and thereby ‘endorse’ to enhance a manufacturer’s financial bottom line, plus ‘scientific’ point-of-view. Recently, a study [1] out of Harvard hinted on “correlation and causation” regarding one alcoholic beverage a day and female breast cancer! In the August 18, 2015 issue of the British Medical Journal, two cohort studies regarding alcoholic beverages were reported with this conclusion: Light to moderate drinking is associated with minimally increased risk of overall cancer. Millions of Girls Given Vaccines Secretly Spiked with Sterilization Drugs.

Kimberly PaxtonActivist Post Although some might call it a conspiracy theory, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the United Nations have been accused for decades of trying to secretly reduce the world’s population by hiding contraceptives in vaccines that are purported to be for other purposes. In 1992, during a meeting at the UN headquarters in Geneva, scientists and “women’s health advocates” discussed the use of “fertility regulating vaccines, particularly the anti-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin vaccine. A Paralyzing Mystery—Literally—In the USA. 395 new vaccines being developed for infectious diseases: PhRMA. Critical challenges remain in the centuries-old battles against infectious diseases, particularly as bacteria and viruses mutate and as the threat of bioterrorism grows.

No more vaccination waivers - California lawmakers. Merck’s Former Doctor Predicts Gardasil To Become The Greatest Medical Scandal Of All Time. Leaked Pentagon Video Shows Vaccine Designed to ~ Modify Behavior ~ 600 strains of an aerosolized thought control vaccine already tested on humans; deployed via air, food and water. Agency will confiscate infant if entire Washington family doesn't get flu shots. The Vaccinated are Infected Carriers. Nanobacteria In Vaccines Made Of BSE-Possible Bovine Material. Cure seasonal influenza quickly and naturally. Rust Contaminated Vaccines, Worldwide Recall. Chinese government suspends Hepatitis B vaccines after 8 horrific infant deaths. FDA approved: Human cancer cells added to vaccines.

Why We May Need Viruses More Than Vaccines. Vaccines Don't Work: Malignant Mumps In MMR Vaccinated Children. Tetanus vaccines found spiked with sterilization chemical to carry out race-based genocide against Africans. "Robbed of Their Womanhood" - Teens After Gardasil Shot. Kenyan Bishops Exposed WHO & UNICEF Depopulation Program - Conquer Fear and Live Free!

25 Vaccines That Contain Carcinogens. White House admits staging fake vaccination operation to gather DNA from the public - Galactic ConnectionGalactic Connection. Where are the Autistic Amish? Study Finds Evidence for CDC Cover-Up of Link Between Autism and Mercury In Vaccines. Gardasil’s Birthday Blues: June 8, 2006 – June 8, 2014. CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An 8-Year Span When It Was Contaminated With Cancer Virus. Merck vaccine developer admits vaccines routinely contain hidden cancer viruses derived from diseased monkeys. Link between polio vaccine and rare childhood cancers exposed in 1997 documentary - New Flu Shot Contains Insect DNA. Former Merck doctor predicts Gardasil will become 'greatest medical scandal of all time' Shaken Baby Syndrome often caused by vaccines, not parents. Vaccination Conspiracy. Keeping people sick for Big Pharma. 11 Reasons Why Flu Shots Are More Dangerous Than A Flu.

Researchers discover swine flu vaccine causes narcolepsy. Animal Viruses in Humans and Vaccines. Princeton to use students as vaccine experiment subjects with rollout of non-approved meningitis vaccine. Future flu shots made from dog and insect cells? WAVE - Vaccine Ingredients. Thousands of citizens in India killed by reckless Big Pharma drug trials. Heavy Metals, Vaccines, and Your Health. Whooping cough vaccine can cause brain damage and death. Vaccines linked to life threatening food allergies. Global treaty demands mercury reduction in mining, but not in vaccines or dental fillings. Vaccination Conspiracy. Keeping people sick for Big Pharma. New York Measles Outbreak: 90% Vaccinated. Scientists Expose A 30 Year Government Vaccination Cover-up. Congress Investigates 13 GM Car Deaths but Ignores Thousands of Vaccine Deaths.

Lead Gardasil developer clears conscience, admits vaccine is useless and deadly. HPV Vaccine Used as Population Control? 743,000 Gardasil Shots Recalled: Contaminated with Glass Particles. Vaccine aluminum linked to specific learning disabilities. Society's insanity plea: the real cause behind global mass poisoning and the downfall of modern civilization. Japan withdraws support for HPV vaccines due to infertility side effects.

Minnesota lawmakers ban formaldehyde in children's products but allow the neurotoxic chemical in vaccines and diet soda.