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BS. Raw. Minimal themes. Lills themes. Theme eight by lillsthemes static preview / code 400px postscontained theme5 custom linkscustomizable backgroundcustom colors (scrollbar, links, etc)hide/show navigationpop up boxes for ask + about page please like or reblog if using or considering using!!!

lills themes

Hey lills! I cant get the ask box to work on theme seven but i put my url where you said to? Hmm thats weird! (without the spaces before/after the < >’s) Just Plain Theme. Let’s make this happen partner... Azure Themes. Riverbellthemes: Theme #7 Tinfoil [revamped] by Riverbell themesA fresh and crisp makeover of my seventh theme, Tinfoil.

Azure Themes

The inspiration was minimalism and the cold colour of gold, as seen in the preview. This theme is packed with options and cool features which I hope you will enjoy. THEMES. Including: unique, customizable post background, link background, logo, and bordersborder color, link color, text color, hover color, etcsupport for all posts but soundcloud audio buggy photo permalinks. permalinks now lead to a rebloggable page, rather than tumblr image filesupport for photosets and videoadded “logo size” option thank you and if you choose to use this theme or have any issues, let me know!!


Themes by Twerkitnarry. Themes by Zenec. Latitude by Zenec.

Themes by Zenec

Preview — Code 1 Column.Infinite scroll.Coded from zero.Supports a header.Highly customizable.No support for SoundCloud posts. Methane 1.1 by Zenec. Septim themes. Septim themes. Q: oh my goddddd i've been waiting ages for you to release a theme and the new one you released is sO GORGEOUS HONESTLY WORTH THE WAIT YOU'RE BASICALLY A THEME GODDESS SENT TO US UNWORTHY MORTALS (draicarys) Thank you oh my gosh this means a lot to me!

septim themes

(Kick me in the butt the next time you want a theme!) 1997. Lucas Makes Themes. Lucas —— makes —— Themes I don't update this lol Atticus Theme — Preview / Download.

Lucas Makes Themes

Silence in the Library. Book: Any option starting with the word “book” relates to what you see on permalink pages in open books.

Silence in the Library

Color: Book Link - Link colour. Hovering underlines it.Color: Book Text - The colour of all the text plus blockquotes.Font: Books - The font used in the booksBooks Text Size - Enter a number only. This will be the text size of most of the text on these pages.Books Title Size - Somewhere between 16 and 20 works well. All titles on open books will be this size. Notes: Any option with the word “notes” relates to the notecontainer below each post (displaying tags, likes and reblogs), headings above books, and also the timestamp below popups on the index page. Color: Notes - The main font colour. Popup: Options with the word “popup” relate to the popups on the index page when you hover over a book. Exotic layouts — COMBO THEME PACK (1) - includes 3 exclusive...

Dance yrself clean. ADAPTO. MOLASSES. Florels' themes. GGTHEMES. Patoot. Millions of Pixels. Oh hi mark! Smurfy murph. *chihiro voice* check it out this theme is called boohbah the pictures i take of my themes just keep going down in quality jfc ***important*** if your sidebar is too short to reach the tabs just click fitted sidebar in the tickbox options it will fix that.

smurfy murph

Themes posts - bite hard. Delirus themes. Deap's themes* Flower bum theme by d-e-a-p (like post if using or thinking of using)

deap's themes*

Patoot. Galasai. Bajuz Themes - Free Premium Tumblr Themes by bajuz. Themes by Zenec. Themes made by fiebre. THEMES. Themes. Atlas Designs. Exotic layouts. Themes by Vacant-Veins. Atonals Themes. Grace Theme Code This is a simple one column theme, with optional endless scroll.

Atonals Themes

The description is at the top of the page, if there is one. The blog title and links are on the right side of the posts. All posts are 500px. Tumblr Themes. December Theme by Isaac // Live Preview // Code This theme includes: Two ColumnsOptional home, message, archive and submit linksUp to 4 custom links of your choiceA variety of custom coloursReblog and notes on hoverOptional cross cursorCustom title fontAlternate body fontLinks shown on hoverLarge description and links menu on hover Gratitude Theme by Isaac // Live Preview // Code Six ColumnsOptional home, message, archive and submit linksUp to 6 custom links of your choiceA variety of custom coloursReblog button shown on hoverOptional cross cursor It seems like forever since I posted my last theme but here is my newest one: ‘Gratitude’.

Sunrisen themes. Themes by phantoms-indiscreet. To change your tumblr theme you have to go to the theme customization page. It should look something like this, click the edit html button, and you'll be brought to a page where you can delete or edit you theme code, select all your previous code and delete it. Afterwards, it should look something like this. Then all you have to do is choose which theme you'd like to use, copy the code, paste it where you just deleted the old code, and there you go!

Themes. ✰✰✰ Plain Theme 3.0 [ULTIMATE] ✰✰✰ Another edition to the Plain Theme Series. 1/2/3/4/5 columnsreblog/like buttonoptional widthoptional rainbow linksoptional permalink image/background image/header imageoptional shadow/border on imageoptional click for navigationoptional show captions8 cool title fontsall colors, fonts, and font sizes can be customized+ so much more!! Preview - 1/2/3/4/5. Thēmes by faēde. Ruipin Themes. If anyone was having any issues with the photosets on crime theme v2 they have been updated and fixed to center them selves but they are still the same size, if you don’t post photo sets ever you do not need to update and are okay! Crime Theme v2 One Column 1 Column4 Custom LinksChangeable body fontHeader Image/TitleDescription font size changeBackground ImageArchive/Ask Link options and CustomizationFixed Header and Links bar1 Click ReblogPlenty of color customizationsSlight shadow of photo A very clean theme, I really enjoy the original crime theme but this one makes it simpler but cleaner in a way.

I original did this change for myself but I didn’t think it fair to hold it for myself. Features: Features: 2 Columns3 Customizable linksCustomizable ask linkImage opacity optionBackgroundPlenty of color optionsHeader/LogoPixelated sidebar font on/offShow Image caption optionScroll to Top button and customization. SPPICE ♕ THEMES. Vixion Themes. [ Senri Theme ] Contains: • Optional Three links • Maximised Background • Border Image • Optional size post ( 400px or 250 px)

THEMES. Tumblr. Free Tumblr Themes. HIATUS. Milk Themes. Haven’t submitted a theme in ages! Just to let you know, I’m working on new stuff and I also want to make this place look a bit better! I’m glad you’re enjoying the themes and I’ll answer the asks soon, too. Pleats. Simple, clear, Jquery Masonry and Infinite Scroll.

Pages can be loaded individually so you can take your time looking at your blog. Tumblr Themes by Pour Être Belle. Tumblr Themes. Tumblr. Themes by infinitives. Ville Noire Themes. 13 <a href=" Online Counter</a> Coffee Theme (above)Install/code.PreviewFeatures:1 ColumnCustomisable ColoursEndless ScrollingCustom FontsCustom SizeBackground Image6 Custom LinksText Size AdjustmentsUppercase/Lowercase customisationDotted Header OptionHeader Center/Left/Right OptionSlide Down Links OptionAnd More!

96 notes To Top. Tumblr Themes. Luiz Henrique Themes. ♡мιℓк тнємєѕ♡ Find this code remove tagged as link, delete the following code that is highlighted. remove reblogged from/via link, delete the following code that is highlighted. remove the date, delete the following code that is highlighted. remove notes, delete the following code that is highlighted. Ville Noire Themes. Tumblr. Saola Themes. Three/Two Columns, Optimized Permalink Page, No Infinite Scrolling, Fixed Font Size Three/Two Columns, Optimized Permalink Page, Different Margin For Links, Fixed Font Size One Column, Option Of Captions, Pagination Numbers At Top and Bottom, No Infinite Scrolling, Simplistic/Minimalistic. Atonals Themes. Sleepy themes.

Themes by premna. Meththemes. Perfect themes. Morbide Themes. JBAM THEMES. Preview : (Code Source 1) (Code Source 2) Single columnSmall posts (250px) or large posts (500px) *optionalSidebar Image *optionalCustomizable fonts & colorsReblog link and like button on postsEndless scrolling or Pagination *optional. O.D.T. Jewist Themes. Makena Themes. Plain Times. THEMES FOR TUMBLR by MODERNISE. THEMES BY HER. THEMES BY OLIVIA. Themes by narvage. Tumblr. Plain Themes. Silent Themes. Themes. □ mermaidthemes. Peonify. Themes by heartgrenade ♡ Tumblr.