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Raspberry Pi et plateau tournant

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A Python class to move the stepper motor. To properly control the stepper motor from the Raspberry Pi we need a class to represent it.

A Python class to move the stepper motor

This is one of the most direct ways of understanding object oriented programming (OOP): from the class you make an “object” and the object represents and controls an object in the real world (the stepper motor). Rotary Encoders on RPi. Remote Controlling a Car over the Web. Ingredients: Smartphone, WebSocket, and Raspberry Pi. At Kaazing, we have been experimenting with using a smartphone as a remote control for quite some time now.

Remote Controlling a Car over the Web. Ingredients: Smartphone, WebSocket, and Raspberry Pi.

Those familiar with our demos may have seen our Zing-Pong demo (which is a “Pong”-style game using smartphones to control the paddles over WebSocket) or our Racer demo (which is a 3D Formula One car rendered in WebGL as a Chrome Experiment, and remotely controlled with a smartphone). These demos, along with the other demos we’ve created with Kaazing’s platform, use no plug-ins. You simply point a browser on your computer to the address of the object you want to control (for example, the gorgeous Formula One car rendered in WebGL) and a browser from your smartphone to the address of the remote control (an ID we generate for you). Once connected, you just…go!

The Racer Demo Let’s first take a closer look at the Racer demo. The Node Beginner Book » A comprehensive Node.js tutorial. Raspberry Pi GPIO en français. 1.

Raspberry Pi GPIO en français

Driving RC car with node.js and a Raspberry Pi. Pi-motor. Pi-motor is a simple node.js module to help control dual-half-bridge motor control ICs like the L293 and its variants using the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins. var Motor = require("pi-motor"); var m = new Motor(7, 11); m.clockwise(function(err) { m.counterclockwise(function(err) { m.stop(); });}); About The L293 and similar ICs are among the most common motor drivers for DC motors.


If you are planning to pick up a toy RC car and break that apart to make your own hardware on top of it, or if you are building a robot from scratch and need a DC motor in it, chances are you will want to use one of these ICs. Some of the ICs in this family are L293/L293D (pdf) and SN754410 (pdf), available in several variations of packaging. I've been using the L293D IC in my projects, wired up to the Raspberry Pi in the following fashion: Using GPIO on Raspberry Pi. Recently we started our first experiments with Raspberry Pi using GPIO.

Using GPIO on Raspberry Pi

Inspired by the existing access libraries and extensions for GPIO functions, we wanted to write our own implementation for security reasons. This article will give you an insight on why we pursued our own implementation and how we finally realised it. The Raspberry Pi is a Single Board Computer with the size of a credit card. Raspberry Pi GPIO - Led (NodeJS) On se base sur une distribution Raspbian. Light Painting with Raspberry Pi. Interfacing Adafruit’s Digital Addressable RGB LED strip to the Raspberry Pi is super simple, requiring just a few connections between the board, strip and a DC power jack.

Light Painting with Raspberry Pi

The board’s MOSI pin connects to the DI pin on the LED strip, and SCLK connects to the CI pin. Instead of supplying power to the Raspberry Pi’s Micro USB connector, a 5 Volt DC power supply is required because the LED strip draws significantly more current than the USB input can provide. A 2 Amp power supply is sufficient for a 1 meter LED strip, while our larger 10 Amp supply can power up to 5 meters of LED strip (plus the Raspberry Pi board, in both situations). +5V and ground from the power supply connect to the 5V and GND pins on both the LED strip and the Raspberry Pi GPIO header.

Raspberry Pi with RGB-Pixels and node.js. This article is also available in Serbo-Croatian language by Vera Djuraskovic.

Raspberry Pi with RGB-Pixels and node.js

Thanks Vera! For quite some time I had my Raspi lying around. And some RGB Pixels as well. So it was about time to bring them together. The last couple of days I built a web interface that I can use to control my pixels. For the server part I decided to use node.js. The pixels are connected to the Raspi vi SPI. When put together, it works like this: The browser opens index.html and renders an array of 25 clickable batches.Clicking and dragging on a batch changes its color and lighting.These changes are send to the server over web sockets.The server receives the color changes, updates the pixels over SPI and then sends a broadcast via web sockets to all connected clients Over all I’m quite pleased with the outcome. Links. Domotique : Réalisez une lampe d'ambiance WiFi à LED RGB de 2x30W pilotée par iPhone avec PLCLink et le Raspberry PI.

LED RGB. De MCHobby Wiki.


Rpi-gpio. Control Raspberry Pi GPIO pins with node.js Setup See this guide on how to get node.js running on Raspberry Pi.


Rotary Encoder Library for the Raspberry Pi - Gaugette. Here’s a quick overview of the rotary encoder I/O class in the py-gaugette library.

Rotary Encoder Library for the Raspberry Pi - Gaugette

The encoder I’m using is a 2-bit quadrature-encoded rotary encoder, available from Adafruit.The datasheet is here. The documentation for this encoder says that it gives 24 pulses per 360° rotation, which I interpreted to mean 24 resolvable positions, but after trying it I see that it has 24 detent positions, and between each detent is a full 4-step quadrature cycle, so there are actually 96 resolvable steps per rotation. This unit also includes a momentary switch which is closed when the button is pushed down. Takes a solid push to close the switch. The diagram above shows how I’ve connected the rotary encoder to the Raspberry Pi. Les Capteurs. Codeurs rotatifs Codeur rotatif incrémental Codeur rotatif absolu Capteur de position Les capteurs de position sont des capteurs de contact.

Ils peuvent être équipé d'un galet, d'une tige souple, d'une bille. Recantha/stepper-pi. A Python class to move the stepper motor. Use your RaspberryPi to power a company dashboard - Here are five steps to follow if you want to start using a RaspberryPi to power a company dashboard. I’ve just finished putting this together at my office. PiUi – control your Pi with your phone. David Singleton has been laid up with a broken leg, and has taken the downtime to do some work on PiUi. PiUi enables you to add a mobile phone user interface to a Raspberry Pi project when a screen and keyboard aren’t a practical solution. It’s magic: PiUi makes your Pi behave like a wireless access point, and connecting your phone is as easy as…[restrains self from making obvious bad pun].

RGB-LED Lesson 1 – Creating Python Libraries (& Colours) This lesson will introduce creating and using your own library to provide low level control of the GPIO, while hiding away the detail inside. Plus, you can have a Disco and even touch the Rainbow! If you don’t have the kit don’t worry since much of the information in this lesson can be applied to other GPIO control projects and using Python generally, you just miss out on the beautiful colours… LED Pink is the NEW Red! P785 Super-Duty Pan System. Introducing the new P785SD Super-Duty, closed-loop, pan system. Choosing a Motor Type for Your Motion Control Rig. Mécanisme PAN pour antenne directionnelle, vol en immersion. Mécanisme PAN pour antennes et caméras Cette embase livrée en kit et équipée d'un servo puissant (Hitec HS-785HB) assurent le mouvement horizontal de grosses charges telles qu'une lourde caméra ou une antenne directionnelle.

Mouvements Phenix : Boutique en ligne. FANTASTIC Motors, PLATEAUX tournants, PRESENTOIRS tournants motorisés, Panneaux Supports d’affichages tournants, Présentoirs photographiques motorisés, Suspensions tournantes, Enseignes tournantes, Moyeux tournants, Podiums tournants, Plateau-tournant Pho. Collecteur rotatif 6 contacts - Snootlab.

Miniature Slip Ring - 12mm diameter, 12 wires, max 240V @ 2A ID: 1195 - $24.95. Roboshop - Boutique de Robots. Port Expander Combo Kit. Passe-temps des composants electroniques des fournisseurs pour votre passe-temps et les besoins éducatifs. Sparkfun Electronics. — REST API Tools Company. Home · simonmonk/raspirobotboard Wiki. PiUi – Add a mobile phone UI to your Raspberry Pi project. Raspberry Pi Official Homepage. Tandy Multiface Gertboard Compatible Interface Board for Raspberry Pi.

The Tandy Multiface is a brand new I/O interface board for the Raspberry Pi designed by Darren Grant from Tandy. The reason it came about is that, back in September 2012, Tandy was marketing a Gertboard kit, having bought a supply of official Gertboard PCBs from Farnell. Home Automation with AngularJS and node.js on a Raspberry Pi. In this blog post I show how you can quickly setup and implement a control software for your switches at home with some modern JavaScript stuff. This project should primarily help me to get more in touch with these kinds of freaky scripting and this is maybe helpful for other Java Developers or people who want to play around with the Raspberry Pi. So I decided to share it with you. There is no line of old-fashioned Java code here, but maybe some really technical C++-code ;-).

The Big Easy Stepper Motor Driver. S Raspberry Pi Lesson 10. Stepper Motors. Stepper motors fall somewhere in between a regular DC motor (Lesson 9) and a servo motor (Lesson 8]). They have the advantage that they can be positioned accurately, moved forward or backwards one 'step' at a time, but they can also rotate continuously. In this lesson you will learn how to control a stepper motor using your Raspberry Pi and the same L293D motor control chip that you used with the DC motor in Lesson 9. The Lesson will also show you how to use an alternative driver chip, the ULN2803 For this project, it does not really matter if you use a L293D or a ULN2803. The lower cost of the ULN2803 and the four spare outputs, that you could use for something else, probably make it the best choice if you don't have either chip. The motor is quite low power and suffers less from the surges in current than DC motors and servos (which use DC motors).

.43x Wide Angle Lens. Padcaster -