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by RobertC. | April 25, 2014 | 9 comments Share Use this URL to share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Has it been another week already?! It’s Friday, so we have a few new products to talk about, as well as the last and final (for now) Robotics 101 video. Check ‘em both out! This week we also have the final video for the Robotics 101 video series. We decided to revisit the tools section, and expanded it into a second, supplementary video.

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Getting Started with PlatformIO and ESP8266 NodeMcu The Arduino editor, while functional, has never been a pinnacle of productivity and usability. PlatformIO has recently been released to bring some much needed improvements to the ecosystem. The IDE is built on top of GitHub's Atom text editor, which provides an excellent extensibility model that the Arduino IDE was sorely missing. The NodeMcu ESP8266 dev board has become an extremely popular choice for an inexpensive wifi enabled microcontroller for IoT projects. Since the hardware is an open standard, they can be bought from a variety of vendors. Making Things Talk - O'Reilly Media Building electronic projects that interact with the physical world is good fun. But when devices that you've built start to talk to each other, things really start to get interesting. Through a series of simple projects, you'll learn how to get your creations to communicate with one another by forming networks of smart devices that carry on conversations with you and your environment. Whether you need to plug some sensors in your home to the Internet or create a device that can interact wirelessly with other creations, Making Things Talk explains exactly what you need.

BaronPilot Arduino based copilot autostabilizer with Nintendo Wii component (tricopter, quadcopter) This is a program to stabilize a multicopter (copilot), runs on microcontroller like Arduino or Teensy++ and only a wii motion plus, no other electronics needed. These project started April, 2010. Supported are planes, tricopter, quadricopter (+ and x config), hexacopter (penta and coaxial). The self-leveling capability helps when doing FPV (first person view). 19 Oct 2011 Look at the new quadricopter shop . Online : LED cluster for Arduino testing My friend Usman and I are collaborating long-distance on an Arduino project. He’s a software guy (by which I mean he’s a guy actually made of software. OK, not really, but almost) and doesn’t have time right now to get up to speed on hardware. So, I send him bits of hardware as needed.

GamePack Were you ever the kind of person to hack up your own Playstation controllers and hook it up to something else? Well, those shards of plastic can be mighty dangerous, so I’ve done it for you. And hey, with the GamePack you’ll even have something you can hook it up to. The GamePack comes with an Arduino, MeCap Backpack, TouchShield Stealth or Slide, ExtenderShield and an InputShield- everything you need to create your own open source, portable gaming device. Want to create a whole new gaming platform? Arduino UNO Tutorial 6 - Rotary Encoder Arduino UNO Tutorial 6 - Rotary Encoder We have written a tutorial for Rotary Encoders using a Microchip microcontroller but now would be a good time to make an Arduino UNO version. With a rotary encoder we have two square wave outputs (A and B) which are 90 degrees out of phase with each other. The number of pulses or steps generated per complete turn varies. The Sparkfun Rotary Encoder has 12 steps but others may have more or less.

Mozzi Currently your Arduino can only beep like a microwave oven. Mozzi brings your Arduino to life by allowing it to produce much more complex and interesting growls, sweeps and chorusing atmospherics. These sounds can be quickly and easily constructed from familiar synthesis units like oscillators, delays, filters and envelopes. You can use Mozzi to generate algorithmic music for an installation or performance, or make interactive sonifications of sensors, on a small, modular and super cheap Arduino, without the need for additional shields, message passing or external synths. Here are some sounds of the example sketches which come with Mozzi: Using a “Line” to sweep frequency:

ETH - IDSC - Flying Machine Arena The Flying Machine Arena (FMA) is a portable space devoted to autonomous flight. Measuring up to 10 x 10 x 10 meters, it consists of a high-precision motion capture system, a wireless communication network, and custom software executing sophisticated algorithms for estimation and control. The motion capture system can locate multiple objects in the space at rates exceeding 200 frames per second. While this may seem extremely fast, the objects in the space can move at speeds in excess of 10 m/s, resulting in displacements of over 5 cm between successive snapshots. This information is fused with other data and models of the system dynamics to predict the state of the objects into the future.

A Multi-Protocol Infrared Remote Library for the Arduino Do you want to control your Arduino with an IR remote? Do you want to use your Arduino to control your stereo or other devices? This IR remote library lets you both send and receive IR remote codes in multiple protocols. xoscillo - A software oscilloscope that acquires data using an arduino or a parallax (more platforms to come). About This is a multiplatform software oscilloscope and logical analyzer. It supports arduino(with custom firmware) and a Parallax USB oscilloscope. More platforms to come. Features

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