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Justice climatique

Here are 3 ways you can push for clean energy in your state. In a new report, Grist 50-er Liz Specht identifies the obstacles that prevent earth-friendly meat from taking over the world.

Here are 3 ways you can push for clean energy in your state.

If meat stopped coming from cows and was instead grown in the lab, she argues, it would slash meat production’s environmental footprint. So, Specht and her colleagues at the Good Food Institute hope to midwife the birth of a new clean-meat industry. Climat : Parlement européen vs Trump. Présidents des groupes du Parlement européen (Conservateurs, Démocrates-Chrétiens, Alliance des Démocrates et des Libéraux, Gauche unitaire européenne, Verts, etc.)

Climat : Parlement européen vs Trump

Le climat est l’affaire des peuples – Le Blog de Patrick Le Hyaric. La décision du Président américain de sortir de l’accord de Paris sur le climat nous consterne.

Le climat est l’affaire des peuples – Le Blog de Patrick Le Hyaric

Ocean Conservancy. Des microalgues pour sauver la planète. Meet the fixers: These activists want carbon polluters to pay. The National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority mentioned the leak in an annual report on offshore exploration but revealed no details about who operated the well.

Meet the fixers: These activists want carbon polluters to pay.

That information came to light on Friday, when Woodside Petroleum — Australia’s largest oil and gas producer, owned by Royal Dutch Shell — admitted to owning the well on the North West Shelf of the country. The leak began in April 2016 and lasted about two months. All told, it spilled nearly 2,800 gallons of oil into the ocean.

Woodside gave a statement to the Australian Broadcasting Company claiming the spill caused no damage: “Due to the composition of the fluid, small quantity released, water depth at release site, and distance from environmentally sensitive areas, there was no lasting impact to the environment.” Dramatic Venice sculpture comes with a big climate change warning. Italy's famed city of Venice has grappled with flooding and encroaching waters since the Middle Ages.

Dramatic Venice sculpture comes with a big climate change warning

But as global warming speeds up sea level rise, the charming destination is steadily slipping underwater. – Peoples Climate Sister Marches from Coast to Coast. More than 100,000 people joined hundreds of Peoples Climate sister marches that spanned from coast to coast in the United States. – Peoples Climate Sister Marches from Coast to Coast

Here’s just a taste: Denver, CO Photo Credit: Christian O’Rourke Chicago, IL Photo Credit: Max Herman Miami, FL. Congress must take bold action on climate change. With every passing day, the climate crisis continues spinning out of control, and the Trump administration is in full denial mode.

Congress must take bold action on climate change

As Trump filled his cabinet with climate deniers and fossil fuel executives, the Earth experienced yet another hottest year on record and the highest levels of CO2 in 3 million years.1,2 Progressive champions Sens. Jeff Merkley and Bernie Sanders have just introduced the 100 By '50 Act, sweeping climate legislation to wean the United States completely off fossil fuels by 2050. Tell Congress: Commit America to 100% renewable energy by 2050. Candidats à la présidentielle: Pour une politique climatique responsable. Ifaw. Le Président des Etats-Unis, Donald Trump, a signé un décret qui remettrait en question des mesures de la politique de lutte contre le changement climatique du gouvernement fédéral des Etats-Unis, et qui mettrait en danger des milliards de personnes et d’animaux.


Le niveau des mers monte, la banquise fond, les sécheresses tuent et les feux de forêt font rage. À cause du réchauffement climatique, les animaux ont déjà perdu de l’habitat et les hommes, des toits. Artist shows what climate change will do to our national parks. National parks are at the front lines of climate change.

Artist shows what climate change will do to our national parks

The creep of change is playing out in places that Americans have set aside to be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations. A new poster series takes the landscapes that have inspired countless road trips and daydreams of summer vacation and imagines what they’ll look like in 2050 if climate change is allowed to continue unchecked. Hannah Rothstein, a Berkeley-based artist who created the series, said she was interested in doing a climate project that reinvented art people were familiar with. And national parks are some of the most iconic, visited places in the U.S. Last year, a record 325 million visited parks around the country. But with countless images of parks, Rothstein wanted to cut through the noise. Pour protéger la Terre, sauvons les océans.

Alors qu’ils représentent 70% de la surface de la planète, seul 4% des océans sont actuellement protégés !

Pour protéger la Terre, sauvons les océans

Gaz de schiste : des actions ciblent BNP Paribas en France et aux Etats-Unis. Atteignons les 50 000 signatures pour une politique climatique. Peoples Climate Movement 2017. Candidats à la présidentielle: Pour une politique climatique responsable. Dans quelques semaines, les Français seront appelés à choisir leur prochain(e) président(e) pour les cinq prochaines années. Il est donc important que cette personne désignée soit consciente des revendications des Français sur plusieurs thèmes tels que la santé, l'environnement ou l'économie. 1 million emplois pour le climat 12 janv 2017. Députés européens, faites payer les pollueurs ! MMes et MM. les membres du comité de l'industrie et de l'environnement du Parlement européen. When someone tells you, “The climate is always changing,” show them this cartoon. The best way to fight climate change? Don’t call it climate change. American cities from Boston to Baton Rouge are getting hammered by hurricanes, torrential downpours, and blizzards amped up by climate change.

Maybe that’s why Americans are coming around to the idea that the climate is actually changing. But are all the floods, heat waves, and other disasters spurring cities to prepare for our overheated future? Sabrina McCormick, a sociologist at George Washington University who once investigated how cities cope with disasters for the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, set out earlier this year to find out. Her study, recently published in the journal Climatic Change, breaks down 65 in-depth interviews with city officials and experts in six cities — Portland, Boston, Los Angeles, Raleigh, Tucson, and Tampa.

Zeste - La plateforme de dons de la Nef. The12questionseveryclimateactivisthears theclimaterealityproject. Check out these photos of bad-ass climate activists around the world. Over the weekend, tens of thousands of activists in 13 countries on six continents protested against climate change and the burning of fossil fuels. Part of the Break Free campaign, activists from the coal fields of Germany to the oil wells of Nigeria to the rail lines of Washington state showed up with the same message: keep fossil fuels in the ground and transition to renewable energy. In Anacortes, Wash., 52 climate activists were arrested after blocking train tracks servicing refineries owned by Shell and Tesoro, two of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the state. What on Earth is a climatarian? If you try to eat locally sourced food, limit food waste, and avoid the most energy-consuming of meat products, your CO2-conscious dietary habits may have earned you a new label: “climatarian.”

The term recently appeared on the New York Times’ list of 2015’s top food-related words, along with a host of silly coinages like “cuisinomane” (the Frenchified word for “foodie”) and “zarf” (the cardboard sheath for those piping-hot paper coffee cups). The list describes the climatarian diet as one “whose primary goal is to reverse climate change.” Since the word is just a short linguistic hop away from “vegetarian,” it shouldn’t be too surprising that it’s popped up before. Audubon used “climatarian” in a headline back in 2009. The coinage gained popularity in 2015 partly because it was pushed forward by a social network known as Climates (and yes, the organization’s official name is formally half-bold). Quels enjeux prioritaires pour les 10 prochaines années? Survey. This new initiative out of Paris will help fight climate change with trees. When world leaders gathered in Paris to open negotiations for a pivotal international climate agreement, I was happy to see so many heads of state reaffirm the central role of trees and forest landscape restoration in fighting and adapting to climate change.

As an African woman and the daughter of Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai, founder of the Green Belt Movement, the restoration agenda is very close to me. The movement my mother established has been mobilizing communities for close to 40 years to restore their landscapes by planting trees for food, for fuel, and to bring barren land back to productive life.

Restoration is also Africa’s best chance to protect itself from climate change. Even though the continent as a whole has contributed minimally to the global climate change problem, Africans will be among those most affected.

Pour la COP 21

Toulouse Réunion publique : Changeons le système, pas le climat ! le 26 novembre. Tell Congress: Keep Fossil Fuels In The Ground! It's time to protect our people, our economy, and our planet. It's time to take action to turn the tide on global climate change. It's time to end all new leases for coal mining, oil drilling, tar sands extraction, and fracking on our public lands, stop all new leases for drilling off the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico coastlines, and prohibit offshore drilling in the Arctic. Let's keep it in the ground! Un bus pour le climat en Ariège du 1 er au 15 novembre. Special apples urge climate action through awesome natural process. These apples are worth more than $230 apiece — and even if you could stomach the cost, you wouldn’t want to eat them. Branded with the COP21 logo in honor of the Paris climate conference, these “illustrated apples” are works of art created with the climate (not consumption) in mind. They’re intended as gifts for the 196 delegates from the United Nations’ member countries who will attend the conference.

Pascal Garbe, who works at the French garden that grew apples, explains that they are the perfect reminder for guests of the conference since apple crops are susceptible to climate change. “If there is a storm at the wrong moment, if snow or frost comes, it can kill the whole crop,” he explained to DW. “J’ai appris que les petits gestes ont un impact impressionnant” Send the Pacific Climate Warriors to the Vatican. What We Need & What You Get We need your help to step up the Divest the Vatican campaign and send the Warriors to the Pope's doorstep. We'll be travelling throughout the Pacific to listen and collect stories of how climate change is destroying the Pacific way of life, and we'll be weaving these stories into traditional mats. We will then carry these mats and stories with us to the Vatican to show what is at risk if our leaders there don't divest from fossil fuels. We need $25,000 to cover all the costs of gathering stories from across the Pacific, and for flights and accommodation for the Warriors.

The more we raise, the more stories we can share, and the more powerful our voice will be. Stop trying to put climate change in a box. In the story of the blind men and the elephant, the trunky mammal is misidentified as a spear, a tree, a wall, a rope; the men are too siloed from one another to fully discern the animal they’re patting down. Today, the old metaphor from the Indian subcontinent is mostly used in corporate retreats and master’s of public policy programs to demonstrate the gains of synergy (or something thereabouts). There’s a new elephant lurking in the room, though, and its name is climate change. A new report on the global risks of a changing climate, commissioned by the U.K.

Foreign Office, suggests that we’re still mistaking the elephant for a spear. “In public debate, we have sometimes treated it as an issue of prediction, as if it were a long-term weather forecast,” writes Baroness Joyce Anelay, minister of state at the Foreign Office, in her introduction to the report. It can’t, she argues. Inscrire la lutte contre le dérèglement climatique dans la Constitution. Ce 14 juillet 2015 est particulier, puisque la France accueille dans quelques mois la COP 21, le sommet international sur le climat, et qu’à cette occasion les yeux du monde seront braqués sur notre pays. La France doit ouvrir la voie. Climat, les territoires adoptent la positive attitude.


Watch ADEME's Vine "#InnovClimat #Cop21" François Hollande : renouvelez l'énergie pour sauver le climat ! Greenpeace France. The Dalai Lama calls for swift climate action and pals around with Patti Smith. Un appel inédit de la société civile pour le climat. Les riches détruisent la planète : qui les arrêtera. Pour sauver le climat, taxons la finance ! McKibben to Obama: You still have time to be a climate champion — but not much. Campagne Climat. NAZCA. Capitalisme et changement climatique. Naomi Klein, le capitalisme et le climat. Entre radicalité et faisabilité immédiate. Western towns target coal companies over climate change. KIT-2014-V13-web5. Demain, 10 000 emplois climatiques en Pays Basque nord - Bizi ! L'Estive - Scène Nationale de Foix et de l'Ariège. Come on, people. We’re going to need a lot better than this if we want a strong Paris climate treaty.

Un blitz pour le climat à Québec. Tell Shell to take real action against climate change and not go to COP Paris! Want to fix the climate? First, we have to change everything. CLER - Base de données documentaires. Telerama-FPLP.pdf. L'autre appel de Manille. Ensemble, mettons les combustibles fossiles à la retraite. Greenpeace Suisse. Naomi Klein on the power of fossil fuel divestment. Twitter. Naomi Klein on how to build a more kick-ass climate movement. We wrote (and sang!) these climate apocalypse holiday carols just for you. Letter from Lima: What's Wrong with the Climate Movement? Email - Polar Bears - Ocean Conservancy. Le jeûne pour le climat prend de l'ampleur. Inscrivez-vous pour recevoir les mises à jour de Fossil Free Europe – Europe Web Workshops. Fossil Free Europe – Europe Web Workshops. Divestment - An Introduction for Europeans. Guide-for-climate-activists-europe.pdf.

Are women really a “secret weapon” when it comes to fighting climate change? Curious Marmot Interrupts Greenpeace Video With Most Adorable Photobomb Ever. Everything You Need To Know To Attend The Biggest Climate March In History. It’s time for civil rights and environmental activists to join hands. When it comes to climate change, this artist lets the trees do the talking. Shifting global power.

Global WarNing. Climat: dites la vérité. We should add climate change to the civil rights agenda. Climat : le « business as usual » n'est plus une option. Movements Without Leaders. « Ensemble, construisons un monde meilleur en relevant le défi climatique ! » Climat: l'Onu en appelle à la société civile et aux industriels. Eclairage public : quand la ville dort. Mexico: Ils pédalent nus pour manifester contre les voitures. Ventus Project : un projet de cartographie "sociale" et mondiale des centrales thermiques.

Doha deadlock on climate finance can be broken next week. Tell United Airlines: Stop Polluting the Political Process! InsideClimate wins Pulitzer for reporting on tar-sands spill. Submit Your Solidarity Photo. Europe vs CO2. Climate Law Institute. Pledge to Shift the Power Globally.