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Emotional Logic Systems Radio Show #16 Mike Hentz. VERONICA FALLS. Sons et Ambiances sonores.

Audio Editors

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No probs. keep it up i wanna see more!!! :D – musicmania12
This pearl is nothing ive ever heard before and i love it thought. it had different sounds and the videaos were amazing – musicmania12

Music Software - Computer Music Resources. Mixxx - Free MP3 DJ Mixing Software.

Physical Instruments

Keyboard. Drums.

  1. robertwalker309 Apr 15 2016
    Beginning a music venture with my understudies and this gives us all that we require. A debt of gratitude is in order for an astonishing gathering....... Checkout my Blog Post Generic Viagra
  2. timepeaces Apr 28 2013
    It's good to see that people are using these pearls for music projects> Happy Pearling
  3. webnetworkengineers Apr 27 2013
    This is a great tree! I'll be using the resources for some projects.
  4. gormcc May 3 2012
    Starting a music project with my students and this gives us everything we need. Thanks for an amazing collection!
  5. nixnet Apr 4 2012
    Animoog for iPad is on sale right now! (my fave music app)
  6. nixnet Mar 30 2012
    Pas de quoi! Glad you like it.
  7. amsika Mar 30 2012
    You did a great job organizing the tree! Thanks!
  8. nixnet Mar 29 2012
    OK, Found some interesting Android apps so I've made a Mobile Music sub-pearl with that and iPad stuff. I'm aware that my non-professional background is causing me to prefer mainly freeware or open source music generators. If that is a problem for any Pro musicians on the team, could they add what they consider important pearls and we'll put away the freebies and fun stuff in their own section. Cheers!
  9. nixnet Mar 29 2012
    Sod it, I've placed iPad stuff in the main tree. If we want to add apps for other portable platforms I reckon can make a subtree called iOS music or something and bung iPad in there. This is fun :D
  10. nixnet Mar 29 2012
    Ok, I've set up the iPad pearl in a sub-tree called Pearlfriends: the idea being to have a place for things indirectly related to "Music Generators" and for other teams. I've tried to be strict about putting only online music-making resources, grouped according to synths, drums, experimental, etc. with other things grouped into sub-trees. Is this ok?