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PSA Generators - PSA Nitrogen Generators, Pressure Swing Adsorption Generators and PSA Oxygen Generators Supplier & Manufacturer from New Delhi, India. Verde LLC-Our product line of Solar Panels,Gas Generators and Wind Turbines. OXYGEN-GENERATOR IMT PO Multi. On-site Oxygen and Nitrogen Generator from Gazcon. RIFAIR, la santé est dans l'air. Groupe NOVAIR : Concentrateurs d'oxygène, air médical, vide médical, compresseurs d'air et de gaz & pompes à vide depuis 1977 - Oxygen generators, medical air, medical vacuum, air and gas compressors & vacuum pumps since 1977.

On Site Gas Systems. With rising energy costs, let On Site Gas Systems show you how you can save up to 80% over what you are currently paying for your industrial gases.

On Site Gas Systems

The ROI is better than ever! On Site’s proven PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology gives you quick returns on your investment and stable year-to-year gas costs. If your company uses as little as two cylinders (244 CF /7M3) per week, you’ll benefit from an on-site system. Bottled and liquid gases can be costly due to production, rental charges, transportation expenses, and bulk user evaporation losses. Our systems meet or exceed relevant codes ( ASME , ANSI, NEMA, CE ), and can be configured to meet CRN and CSA standards.

Oxygen where you need it, when you need it and for as long as you need it! Purity is 99%. Years of trouble-free service with proper filter element maintenance! Medical oxygen generators for healthcare applications. Our unique and patented OXYSWING modular PSA oxygen generators are available as Class IIB certified medical devices according to the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/CE . Read more IGS Italia's quality management system is also certified according to ISO 13485:2003 for the manufacturing of medical devices. European Pharmacopoeia - Oxygen 93% Monograph The fully certified OXYSWING are allowed for any healthcare application, especially after the introduction of the Oxygen 93% Monograph as outlined in the European Pharmacopoeia Supplement 7.1., which has become effective starting from July 2011.

Read more Reliability With the OXYSWING Medical Oxygen Generators from IGS finally you have access to a fully safe and reliable oxygen source, which can be installed in your healthcare facility as per ISO 10083:2006 and HTM 2022. Field Hospitals The OXYSWING can be dimensioned to whatever local ambient condition, allowing the installation in field hospitals, even under very extreme conditions.

Civilian Hospitals. PCI offers a complete product line that fits your need, be it in a small rural hospital or a 500+ bed large hospital, whether it needs to be mobile or stationary. Our oxygen generators are built to be light weight, compact, and basically turn-key. The installation time is measured in hours and not days, which is not the case with other systems. Hospitals all over the world are realizing that on-site oxygen generation provides a highly reliable and economic solution for their oxygen requirements.

Further, with the European acceptance of 93% oxygen for use in hospitals civilian as well as disaster preparedness hospitals can also consider these systems eliminating the logistical issues associated with vaporized oxygen or cylinder supply. Besides direct supply to the hospital house supply line an on-site oxygen system can be designed to include the capacity to fill cylinders to provide backup, peak and remote oxygen requirements. Hospital Supply Systems - OGSI: Oxygen Generator Manufacturer: Oxygen Generators, Oxygen Machines, og 15 Portable Oxygen Generators, Pressure Swing Adsorption PSA Oxygen Systems.

As a premier oxygen generator manufacturer, Oxygen Generating Systems Intl. (OGSI) offers complete systems for oxygen generation, storage, and distribution. Operating in over 70 Countries, OGSI has the engineering and manufacturing experience to meet your facility's needs. Hospitals all over the world are realizing that on-site oxygen generation provides a highly reliable and economic solution for their oxygen requirements. Eliminate the expense of purchasing, receiving, and monitoring your hospital's oxygen supply. Costly overstock, manual handling injuries and expensive emergency cylinder deliveries all add to the expense. OGSI' s Medical Oxygen Generators can directly supply the hospital house supply line, fill cylinders to provide backup, and/or supply for over peak demands.

Economical A modest capital investment in an OGSI oxygen system can result in up to an 80% reduction in your facility cost of oxygen. The unique modular design of the OXYSWING® PSA oxygen generators. The design of the OXYSWING generators (international patent) offers you the following advantages: Unlimited Flexibility The best fit solution to any oxygen supply requirement. No risk for excessive oversized systems. Easy System Adjustment In case your oxygen supply conditions will change, simply adjust your OXYSWING system by varying the number of PSA modules. Just by yourself, no other modifications to the system required. Lowest Energy Consumption Energy cost is your major expense, not depreciation. Each OXYSWING modular PSA oxygen generator can easily be upgraded at any time simply by adding modules or by installing a so-called Dual-Bank in parallel without additional modifications.

A Dual-Bank is a PSA oxygen generator identical to the standard OXYSWING, but without PLC and power supply, and which will be installed parallel to the standard generator. One OXYSWING is able to control up to maximum of two Duals Banks in parallel. Technical Specifications Standard Components Options.