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+80 apps para docentes con Android

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Edupills. EduPills es una app de micro autoformación del profesorado dirigida a adquirir y/o desarrollar habilidades, destrezas y competencias digitales docentes de una forma sencilla y rápida.Las píldoras educativas EduPills versan sobre diferentes temas educativos de interés y están categorizadas según las Áreas del Marco de Competencia Digital Docente 2017 del INTEF, de acuerdo a metodologías activas y para tu actualización didáctica.


Todas ellas tratan de ajustarse a las necesidades y tiempos de aprendizaje del docente, y pueden completarse en cualquier momento y desde cualquier lugar: sólo se necesita un teléfono móvil conectado a Internet.Esta aplicación móvil ha sido desarrollada por el Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías Educativas y Formación del Profesorado (INTEF), del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, Gobierno de España. TecnoloTIC. Mantente al día en todo lo relacionado con educación y TIC.


Encuentra estrategias, herramientas, recursos, noticias y mucho más! La herramienta TIC recomendada: Publicaremos constantemente las mejores herramientas y aplicaciones educativas.Herramienta TIC por área: Disfruta de un banco de herramientas distribuidas por área en constante actualización.Encuentra además:Videos para aprender sobre las herramientasSitio web TecnoloTICRedes sociales TecnoloTIC y cada vez mucho más. مواكبة على كل ما له علاقة التعليم وتكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات.البحث عن الاستراتيجيات والأدوات والموارد، والأخبار، وأكثر! الأداة تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات الموصى بها: باستمرار نشر أفضل الأدوات والتطبيقات التعليمية.أداة تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات من حيث المساحة: استمتع توزيع الأدوات الميكانيكية منطقة تحديثها باستمرار.تجد أيضا:أشرطة الفيديو للتعرف على الأدواتموقع TecnoloTICالشبكات الاجتماعية TecnoloTIC وأكثر من ذلك وأكثر من ذلك.

Educación 3.0. Tapucate. Grades.


4EDU. Teacher Gradebook. Teacher Gradebook is a friendly, powerful and great Android app for teachers to manage students grades.

Teacher Gradebook

It is a digital notebook for teachers. Keep your students and grades organized and auto calculate the final grade. I am a teacher that develops the app in my spare time.. This App is specially for Tablets but it also works on smartphones. Cuaderno del Profesor. Le invitamos a probar la versión gratuita de la aplicación, la cual es completamente funcional.

Cuaderno del Profesor

A pesar de que Cuaderno del Profesor es una aplicación recomendada únicamente para uso profesional por docentes, llevamos más de 75.000 descargas y miles de usuarios activos, es por ello que agradecemos enormemente todos aquellos que han confiado parte de su trabajo al nuestro. Additio. Evernote. WPS Office. Moodle Mobile. Google Classroom. Keep: notas y listas. ZipGrade. Grade multiple choice tests, quizzes, and assessments instantly in the classroom by using your Android device's camera as a grading scanner.


ZipGrade is a grading app that makes grading effortless while capturing, storing, and reporting with useful data on assessments. No need to wait for the Scantron machine or sheetfed scanner to grade papers quickly. Students receive immediate feedback and can see their score on a test as soon as they're done. Teachers can have all of their multiple-choice grading done before the next class starts. Based on teacher feedback over the last year, numerous options are available to customize ZipGrade to meet different classroom needs. --------------------------------------------------------* Free answer sheets available in several formats and sizes (up to 100 question answer sheets)* Works without internet connectivity. Quick Start: 1. Legend. Pic Collage. Pretty Painter. Book Creator.

Bitstrips. Pixton. This free app is a companion to your Pixton account on the web, so you can get creative on your mobile device.


If you don't already have a Pixton account, sign up now. ThingLink. Padlet. Trello. Bit Meditation. Hacia La Calma. Con esta aplicación podrás comprobar cómo 10 minutos al día de meditación pueden cambiar tu vida.

Hacia La Calma

Vimeo. Spotify Music. Relax Melodies. ★ Amazon's Top Best Apps of 2012 ★★ The BEST & MOST popular sleep aid app ★★ Beautiful, Simple & Complete ★★ UNBEATABLE bank of 52 sounds & music ★★ Over 8,000,000 people now sleeping better ★

Relax Melodies

Música relajante. Meditation relax music sleep offers you 15 sessions of meditation sounds without repetition to be used how: ambiance music, massage music, music to sleep and calm music.

Música relajante

Meditation relax music sleep is your perfect relax aid and help to stop anxiety and stress daily, relieve headache, cure insomnia and how a substitute for white noise. Why waste your time creating a mix with relax music? AutoRap. Tunable. From the creators of NodeBeat comes Tunable, the most intuitive visual toolkit for musicians. Tunable is a chromatic tuner, tone/chord generator, metronome, and recorder that helps you learn to play steadily, in tune, and on beat. Featuring a unique “tuning history” display for visualizing pitch over time, Tunable is the perfect toolkit for beginning to professional musicians. ★ Learn to play in tune with sustained pitch history ★Visualize how steadily you play or sing.

NodeBeat. Make music with NodeBeat, the intuitive and fun visual music app for all ages. Whether you're 2 or 92, NodeBeat will make you sound like a pro. Create your own music in a matter of minutes or listen to NodeBeat generate its own. Easily record and share your creations with your friends. Prezi. Wordsalad. Make great word clouds out of documents or sentences that matter to you! With Wordsalad you can make beautiful word clouds, super customized with different fonts, colors and words layouts. Inspired by the famous Wordle app, Wordsalad is the number one word cloud generator used in education, many schools love this app! If you are a teacher you should definitely give it a try: "Very useful app for teachers - I found this version better than the Wordle program you find online. Tellagami. Animate your life! Download today!

Tellagami is a mobile app that lets you create and share a quick animated Gami video. A Gami can be an exciting tweet or status update. AulaBLOG 2014. Symbaloo. Pearltrees. Steller. TED. Twitter. Classdroid. Edmodo. Edmodo takes learning beyond the classroom by providing a free, safe place for teachers and students to connect and collaborate—anytime, anywhere. Unlike an LMS, Edmodo lets you seamlessly integrate and manage e-learning. Join the over 30 million people already on Edmodo and see how easy it is to: • Create secure groups that take learning beyond the classroom • Connect and collaborate with students and fellow teachers • Foster and continue discussions outside of school hours • Post and turn in assignments, polls, and more • Track progress and performance with a built-in gradebook • Upload and share files, photos, and videos The world’s largest K-12 social learning network, Edmodo is learning made Edmodo toma el aprendizaje más allá del aula, proporcionando un lugar libre y seguro para los profesores y estudiantes a conectarse y colaborar en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar.

Remind101. ClassDojo. Nearpod. Experience for yourself this magical educational app that has been used by more than 5.000.000 students around the world. Nearpod is a must have application for teachers and schools that have access to a set of mobile devices for their classes. What's Nearpod? The Nearpod platform enables teachers to use their Tablet to manage content on students' mobile devices. Barcode Generator. QR/Barcode generator - Free, no ads, no permissions - Database with search engine - Export to file, email, NFC etc - Barcode scanner integration. Layar. Conecta mundo digital con el mundo que te rodea con Layar, la aplicación número #1 en Realidad Aumentada. Glogster. Classcraft. Kahoot! Playbuzz. Quizlet. Plickers. EduDroid. Are you a school, teacher or parent and would like to use android device(s) for your child's education and learning?

If so, our content is aimed at children in KS1, KS2, children with SEND and it can also be used in secondary schools. We do NOT have any ads in our app and our in app purchase area behind a password. So you know your children are safe when using eduDroid (see below on how to access Adult Mode). Current learning content includes... bingo, picture creator, stop motion, triangular maths, word searches, handwriting, phonics, spelling, reading, eBooks, quizzes, multiplication, number bonds, precision teaching, sound recording, money counting, hundreds tens and units, time, flash cards, app lock and more... all in one app.

Children can explore eduDroid on their own or by using it as teaching tool with you. **Parents** To protect your child, we have created a module which only parents can access. **Schools** StudyBlue. AnkiDroid Flashcards. Creativity. MindMeister. Cree y comparta mapas mentales fácilmente con MindMeister, la herramienta de visualización de datos y mapas mentales líder en el mercado. MindMeister para Android le permite crear, editar y compartir sus mapas mentales en su teléfono o tableta Android y sincronizarlos con el premiado servicio MindMeister en línea gratis, ya sea solo o en colaboración con otros.

Mindomo. SimpleMind. GoConqr. Socrative Teacher. Socrative Student. Revision Quiz Maker. Animoto Video Maker. Make fun videos wherever you are, with photos and video clips from your phone or tablet. Choose from one of our sleek video styles, add a song, and you’re done! Spreaker Studio. Magisto. VivaVideo. VideoShow.

LiveBoard: RealTime Whiteboard. Movenote. Lensoo Create. Flipped Primary. Explain Everything. Khan Academy. Duolingo. TED. Arts & Culture. NASA.