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Crear tablas interactivas en Google Sites. Google Sites Tutorials - Page Layout, Pictures, Animations. Google Sites - Insert an Image Slider [How to] How to add a picture gallery to Google Sites. Virtual Classroom Tips - The Virtual Classroom Workshop. In my last post I went over how to insert and edit images on your Google Site.

Virtual Classroom Tips - The Virtual Classroom Workshop

In this post, I'll go over some special applications of images in your virtual classroom. Most teachers who build a virtual classroom do so for the convenience of their students and homework postings, documents, and calendars are all staples of teacher websites. Other less obvious functions of websites are storage and organization, and in this post we'll go over some options surrounding images where your virtual classroom has some unique advantages over other presentation media. If you have an LCD projector or Smart Board connected to the computer in your classroom, you're probably already displaying your computer screen all the time. You can incorporate your virtual classroom into this setup by using it as a presentation tool and also by creating specialized web pages that specifically house images.

Website as Presentation? To the left is a "Recent Posts" box which displays a homework announcement page. Maps. Google Sites Advanced Tips: Making Interactive Buttons on Your Website. Virtual Classroom Tips - The Virtual Classroom Workshop. Making Google Sites look cool. Using the Google Slider Gadget. Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business: Photo Gallery for Google Sites. After hours of research, I finally came up with a method for displaying Picasa photo gallery thumbnails in Google Sites.

Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business: Photo Gallery for Google Sites

The default Google Sites Picasa gadgets (single photo and album slideshows) were not flexible enough (in my humble opinion). My solution was to utilize the new html hosting features of Google Drive and linking, via iframe, to the exported Picasa folder. It requires a few steps, but the final product is impressive. It even adapts (responsive) to mobile devices! Here are the steps: Get SimpleViewer app Download and install SimpleViewer Picasa TemplateIn Picasa (desktop version) From Picasa 3.9, export your photos as HTMLChoose the SimpleViewer templateIn Google DriveUpload the entire folder created in previous step to Google DriveSet the folder permission sharing to publicCopy the folder IDIn Google SitesAdd iframe gadget to pageSet URL to " *importantResize gadget to best fit your websiteSave page.

Gallery - A Neu Design Interiors, Inc. App Script en Google Sites - Bahia. Como poner galería de imágenes en Movimiento con enlaces código HTML Wep o blog. Curso Crear wep con jimdo - Página web de photoshop-ivan-hernando. TicIESO: Galería de fotos con Google Sites y Google Drive. Hace tiempo que +Manuel López Caparrós condujo un magnífico Taller sobre Google Docs del que guardo un gran material elaborado durante el mismo.

TicIESO: Galería de fotos con Google Sites y Google Drive

El más técnico ya está ¿desfasado? Diseño - Web Tutorial de Google Sites. Change The Banner - ARC Templates: Google Sites Templates. 8. Menús de Navegación - Web de empresa en Google Sites. Eforcers S.A.: Diseño Web Avanzado con Google Sites. 2013 was an amazing year with loads of stuff happening in the +Eforcers development team and also in my professional life.

Eforcers S.A.: Diseño Web Avanzado con Google Sites

As we've learned, the retrospectives are an essential part of our process and what better than doing a retrospective of the whole year by writing this blog post and sharing it with the world. Gobierno en Línea For the largest deployment project we've had so far at +Eforcers we built an internal tool (code named DomainMove) that supported the whole migration and provisioning processes. It basically "took a picture" (that term became like a internal slang for explaining what that phase did) of the state of one Google Apps standard domain and helped the team to recreate the same at another different Google Apps for business domain. It didn't do any data migration though, we used a combination of Backupify migrator and GAMME for that. Change of the technology stack This year we moved away from Django to embrace Flask in the backend, from Dojo (I still miss you!) Autobot. CREA Y DISEÑA TU BLOG: INSERTAR FLASH EN GOOGLE SITES.

Varios me habéis preguntado cómo podemos insertar un javascript dentro de nuestro sitio web.


En principio, Google sites no permite insertar gadgets o applets que incorporen script, por motivos de seguridad. Pero varios desarrolladores han creado gadgets que pueden contener el script y permitir que funcionen en google sites. Hay muchos por la red. Podéis encontrar multitud de ejemplos concretos en la magnífica página de Philippe Chapuuis, pues cada script debe de tratarse de una forma un poco diferente.

Hoy vamos a poner un ejemplo concreto, que nos puede servir de orientación para trabajar con ellos. Lo primero que necesitamos es un gadget contenedor del scrip. Vamos a la página donde queramos insertarlo y entramos en modo Editar página. El flash que vamos a insertar es un personaje parlante de voki. Copiamos el enlace resaltado y lo pegamos en el campo file de la pantalla que mostramos antes. Podéis ver un jemplo en nuestro sitio de pruebas, aquí. Centro de Aprendizaje de Google Apps – Toda la formación que necesitas, en un único lugar.