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Gardening Mistakes I've Made So You Wont - NZ Ecochick. Wow I’ve learnt so much in my last year of gardening.

Gardening Mistakes I've Made So You Wont - NZ Ecochick

Last year when I started I had no idea what I was doing. I mean they are plants right? You put them in the ground, they grow, you eat! Makes sense. Well it is and it isn’t that simple! The Best Planting Tip I Ever Received. This spring my wife and I started to convert the expanse of lawn around our newly purchased ranch house into gardens.

The Best Planting Tip I Ever Received

While we focus on renovating the insides of the house, the focus for our garden is its infrastructure and bones. To that end, we’ve been smothering several hundred square feet of lawn under cardboard, newspapers, and compost; planting young shrubs to create screens; carefully carving specimens out of overgrown trees; and generally preparing the soil for future garden spaces. Last week we installed several hundred perennials and grasses on the side of our house. During that planting, I remembered the best planting advice I’ve ever received. This advice came to me by way of a representative from Monrovia Nursery.

The advice focused on techniques of installing container plants. I had known how to direct the roots away from the plant using a root hook, or by scoring the sides of the roots with a sharp blade. How do you deal with this problem? Want to really baby that plant? List Of Companion Plants. Dill is one of the few plants to grow with Fennel This is a list of companion plants.

List Of Companion Plants

Many more are in the list of beneficial weeds. Companion plants assist in the growth of others by attracting beneficial insects, repelling pests, or providing nutrients, shade, or support. They can be part of a biological pest control program. Vegetables[edit] Fruit[edit] Herbs[edit] Flowers[edit] Crop Rotation.

Growing Fruit

Indiana Nut Growers Association Home Page. Growing Vegetables. Growing Mushrooms. 13 Vegetables That Magically Regrow Themselves. Propagating Foliage & Flowering Plants. Propagation Media: A good propagation medium is made up of components that provide optimum aeration, drainage and moisture holding characteristics.

Propagating Foliage & Flowering Plants

These are usually made up from combinations of peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, sand or similar materials. The primary role of a propagation medium is to provide support and moisture while the plant is developing. These requirements are quite different from those of a potting medium, which may have to sustain a mature or growing plant over a long period of time. Generally speaking, potting media are not recommended for plant propagation purposes. Many plants will easily root in water. Moisture: The propagation medium should be thoroughly moistened before use. Light: Light is an important environmental factor in plant propagation. Humidity: Since cuttings do not have roots, they cannot replace the water lost through transpiration. These conditions can be provided by placing a clear piece of plastic over the propagation area. Temperature: Plant Propagation - Earth-Kind® Landscaping.

Growing Herbs

Growing Grains. How & Why To Grow Sunflowers. The sunflower, kidney-beans, and potatoes, mixed together, agree admirably, the neighbourhood of the sunflower proving advantageous to the potato.

How & Why To Grow Sunflowers

It is a well-authenticated fact that, with careful attention, the sun-flower will make excellent oil. The marc or refuse of the sunflower, after the oil is expressed, may be prepared as a light viand for hogs and goats, pigeons and poultry, which will banquet on it to satiety. Query, would it not make good oil-cakes for fattening pigs? Grow Your Own Chocolate. By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter Around Valentine’s Day the worry of what to give that special person is throbbing in ones head.

Grow Your Own Chocolate

A nice dinner is always a great start to that special day dedicated to couples. Commercials show giving diamonds as a way of expressing ones love but I have another way that may take time but shows true commitment, love, and can address those cravings that we all have had some time in our lives. One may ask what could that be. Well the answer can be found in the candy aisle and it is . . . chocolate. Growing your own hyper-local chocolate is one way of showing how much you care for an individual. Chocolate mint is one plant that any individual can grow that smells and tastes like the name states, chocolate mint. The cocoa plant is a challenge to grow for even the seasoned gardener.

To start this project of love, either purchase cocoa plants from a reputable tropical plant dealer or start with the beans. Move the tree to a warm room away from direct sunlight. Edible Landscaping With Charlie Nardozzi. Ordering Seeds and Plants.

Edible Landscaping With Charlie Nardozzi

Yummy Yards. DIY Wine Bottle Waterer. Posted by Lesley on May 28, 2010 Last night’s empty bottle of Malbec and my mother’s obsessive crafting have inspired me!

DIY Wine Bottle Waterer

The Irish sprinkler system, first discovered when my sister lived and blogged from Ireland for a year, has been upgraded again. This time with the help of two small items - glass marbles and wire from a hanging candle holder. As I stood over the sink rinsing out the wine bottle, I started to channel my mother, the MacGyver of marbles.

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