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A collection for the novice (me) to gain some insight into what has been done (and still is being done) to hold us in the false matrix and reincarnation cycle which needs to be dealt with in order to move on..

The calendar we now use is Gregorian and the one the so-called elite are using is a Julian calendar which has 13 months and 13 astrological signs (occult), but there have been many others as well. Ask yourself, if 'octo' is a prefix for 8 why is it our 10th month? An unrecognized consequence of our perception of time is that our connection to the natural world and it's natural cycles have been lost.
This method of keeping time was instituted by Pope Gregory and solidified through a Papal Bull. What is a Papal Bull? It is a sorcerers spell written in blood on human skin.

Gold also has had a curse on it which transferred to the paper money and coinage. When the paper was excepted by our parents and grandparents in exchange for their gold, they essentially exchanged our souls for the worthless paper.

There are more..
Another binding spell on a papal bull was written by Pope Boniface VIII, binding everything on earth, including our souls, to the Vatican.
This is then reinforced by our birth certificates, social security numbers, and by the UCC code which is also known as Cestu Que Vie and equates to 666.
The major buildings of religious worship and governmental power were constructed on earths ley lines which also hold us into the matrix/reincarnation cycle. A new revelation of interest regarding ley lines can be seen in some of the videos on 'black goo'.
Sex, language, baptism, gold, time, false education, religion (including 'new age'), technology, codes and laws...
How many other spells, curses, hexes, etc. have been put over us?
Do we need to deal with these or just the binary codes of 1's and 0's which are the basis of this construct? Is it possible for it to be rewritten by humans? What happens when/if it is rewritten?

This Patent & Technology Can Shut Off All Machines & Humans Wirelessly. Supernaturalspirit Magic. This is the Cookie Policy for Supernatural Spirit, accessible from What Are Cookies As is common practice with almost all professional websites this site uses cookies, which are tiny files that are downloaded to your computer, to improve your experience.

Supernaturalspirit Magic

This page describes what information they gather, how we use it and why we sometimes need to store these cookies. We will also share how you can prevent these cookies from being stored however this may downgrade or 'break' certain elements of the sites functionality. (2) Bases 66-8 Blood Lines and Soul Contracts Aurora MH. The7Keys. Soul Contracts, The Warning and Afterlife Systems of a Cosmic School or Prison Plane-ET. Crrow777 Radio. The Matrix is Falling Apart, She Went Into Another Dimension & Saw How Reality is Created. Feeling Your Way Out of the Dark. Supernaturalspirit Magic. The fact that Westerners in the ADR (Anglo Demonic Reality) are possessed by dead human spirits and demons is a result of the Illuminati evil in Britain and Europe since Elizabeth the 1st’s reign.

Supernaturalspirit Magic

The biophysical body is a quantum computer that can be in multiple states to run quantum computing and error correction. Quantum computing depends on the superimposition of quantum states to run multiple programmes simultaneously. In the 1970’s Heinz-Dieterzeh of the University of Heidellberg in Germany and Wogcieh Zurek at Los Alomos National Laboratory in New Mexico (the American’s top military research complex where all it’s weapons of mass destruction are designed/tested, investigated decoherence. Quantum multiple states are extremely delicate. They can only exist in multiple states if totally isolated from their surroundings. Cough 19 ~ NOT a Virus!!! Rather A 5G/GE Electronic Battle for Your Soul Forever and Ever. Overcoming Fear - Ascension Glossary. To Overcome Fear, we must comprehend the real reasons we feel afraid and realize that our fears are pointing to the places within us that need attention.

Overcoming Fear - Ascension Glossary

Many humans have taken on the fear based predator mind belief systems or alien mind control for the purpose of consciousness enslavement. All people that indulge in unrestrained and uncorrected negative emotional states of fear will attract demonic or dark spirits, which generate energetic blockages and cords in our Lightbody. At this critical juncture during the bifurcation shift, each person is choosing if they want to exist in spiritual bondage or freedom. (1) Bases 66-8 Blood Lines and Soul Contracts Aurora MH. Soul Contracts ~ How to: Re-Negotiate, Resolve, Break.

Satan’s Flower of Life. A Satan’s Flower of Life is based on the principle of polarity and the principle of 60° and the number 6, which represents ego and personality.

Satan’s Flower of Life

The Satan’s Flower of Life is unfortunately known just as the “Flower of Life”. Untill last days I also believed that this is God’s Flower of Life. Emerald Guardians (EG): The Flower of Life AKA The Daisy of Death. The Azur-A or Seed Atom allows the unified Man-u (Holy Spirit) God-force to emerge with the “Eternal INTERNAL Flame” (Amoraea Flame) of God-consciousness, or “open two-way-swinging door” between God-source and Manifestation Fields within IT.Azur-A means the “Center Point of Eternal Creation”.

Now let’s investigate the difference between the MCEO teachings that lead us to an energetically eternally self-sustaining path of accretion of our Quanta towards God-Source and the “false” Ascension teachings, which are based on devouring or destruction of existing finite Quanta for the accretion of further new Quanta or in other words death/destruction and re-birth cycles. The “The Tree of Life” teachings that were dispensed by the entity Quetzlcoatl to the Mayan Civilization, in fact, represent The Tree of Artificial Life or Metatronic Death Science technologies.

Lost Technologies, Multidimensional Soul Trap Harvest Grids in Action, Ra Castaldo. (6) Ouroboros and the Diabolic Philosophy of the Qlippoth. Lucifer Will Rule Earth. Lucifer Masquerades as God I would have never believed that the world’s religions and nations would be abolished before Jesus returns, but Revelation 13:14 and Revelation 17:12 makes this prediction.

Lucifer Will Rule Earth

Since this may be the first time you have ever considered such a prediction, I am sure you are wondering how these things can happen. Apocalyptic prophecy predicts a series of coming events which are stranger than fiction. Bases 88-8 The Gridkeeper aka Duncan Davis Explains Tim Rifat. Through the Twelve Chambers of Hell: The Afterlife in Ancient Egypt. Death, the ancient Egyptians believed, was not the end of our struggles.

Through the Twelve Chambers of Hell: The Afterlife in Ancient Egypt

They believed in an afterlife and that the worthy would go on to paradise, but their dead didn’t simply pass over to the other side. If they wanted eternal life, they would have to fight for it. The souls of dead Egyptians had to battle their way through the twelve chambers of hell, overcoming demons and monsters, crossing over lakes of fire, and finding their way past gates guarded by fire-breathing serpents. The path through the afterlife was violent, brutal, and dangerous. They could be killed in hell, and a death there meant an eternity in oblivion. WHAT IS THE ATEN : The Computer Brain from Beyond The Veil. The Soul Trap Machine, Men in Black, AI Artificial Time-Matrix Lords and The Light Faction. Heads UP! Why Mandatory Vaccines are Being Forced on US All Now. Andrew Bartzis - Origins of War Pt3 - AI, Technology Taken Away, Cyber Warfare with Sean Bond. Interview With The Devil - The Secret To Freedom And Success - Napoleon Hill.

Civilization Reset. Meet the Phoenicians, your reset button pushers. Sim 1. ~ What You Must NEVER EVER Know ~ The Soul Contract and Breaking Free of the Prison of Your Mind 16 minutes. The Energy Extraction Matrix: Chakra Overlays & Hive Mind Parasitism. The Devil: Collective Unconsciousness. Does human negativity originate as thoughts to eventually become thinking patterns that are unwittingly enlivened into an opposing entity?

The Devil: Collective Unconsciousness

Can human-created darkness become a false self and be what the ancients termed 'the Devil'? - by Louis Charles With so much misinformation about demons being promoted in various media, we feel it important to demystify the demonic. Long before Christianity became an organized religion, what our ancestors defined as 'the devil' or 'demons' were definitely not what most consider them to be, today. Checkpoint Amenti. DMT: Sekhmet Meditation for Ascension Flu Symptoms - Live Video.

The Archons: Dislocating the Scourge pt1. THE SCIENCE OF LEVIATHAN. Milab, Anunnaki, Voodoo and the Time Loop - Max Spiers. The Time Machine. Embrace the Shadow Self – Your Dark Side Misses You. Breaking the in-verse Soul programming codes: A-voiding the lords of harvest. Frances Toews Bred With A Species We Think Is Mythological. Organized Satanic Ritual Abuse, MK-Ultra. THE ARCHON BATTLE: AHRIMAN VS GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD STEINER & CAYCE! DARK JOURNALIST. Soul Hackers Pt 1 part of the Bloodlines Invaders Series. We all have been Digitally Mark. Some Telling Words – Word Magic Global.

Popular criticisms of linguistic witticisms is a cultural bias that serves to deny us the wisdom and fun one can plumb from some puns.For even though the pun is shunned as overdone and quite dismissible, a simple play on words can make the obvious abruptly visible, for puns are one way to see multi-dimensionally– where our Mother Tongue slips she reveals our thoughts culturally: As, for instance, in the quite perverse yet apropos conceit that relegates our souls to what gets walked on by our feat.

Some Telling Words – Word Magic Global

One can’t say unequivocally linguistic anomaly will always contain bits of social psychologically. But multiple incidents of startling coincidence suggest by the prevalence of overlooked evidence there may even be influence that occurs where the confluence of thought-streams in words have vibrations converge in one sound. But because we’re both oblivious ​and derisive toward the pun we tend to disregard the deep profundities that some possess in their unseen and yet conspicuous curriculum. Podcast 478 – “Breaking The Spell On You” – Psychedelic Salon Podcasts. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | | More Guest speaker: Shonagh Home [NOTE: All quotations are by Shonagh Home.]

Podcast 478 – “Breaking The Spell On You” – Psychedelic Salon Podcasts

“The mushroom has a wildness to it because it is wild, just as our minds once were wild.” “I see the mushroom as the ultimate test of the initiate because you’re on your own. There’s no shaman to guide you, and so it is up to you to determine how this [experience] is about to look.” Who is KEK? Memetic Magic, Chaos & Twin Particle Accelerator Facilities Mandela Effect 2017. Every Day Is White Sun Day Now. “Stop Being Spiritual” Cara St. Louis Talks with Emily Moyer: "Sugar As Programmable Matter" Chaos Magic, Portals and the architects of the Great Deception: Transcending the 'Game'

Breaking the in-verse Soul programming codes: A-voiding the lords of harvest. Article no.2: The Death Trap and How to Avoid It. In the “Wes Penre Papers,” as well as in my e-book, Synthetic Super-Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind—A Roadmap to the Singularity I wrote about what normally happens after a person dies and leaves his or her third-dimensional human body.

Article no.2: The Death Trap and How to Avoid It

I argued that the “afterlife” is just another aspect of the frequency prison in which we are contained. The afterlife, I wrote, is just an intermediary station where souls can rest, until they are recycled (reincarnated) into a new life on Earth. The Secret Covenant. This is an alternate dimension. The human race has been trapped in a simulated reality. – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling. The control system has existed for hundreds of thousands of years. The advancement of technology achieved the capacity to replicate worlds and life experiences. This is veritably a multidimensional prison. Imagination is the filtration system for this reality. Ones imagination can alter this reality. The Nine Veils That Surround The Human Soul. As a seeker of truth, we have often come across the mystical symmetry in math. One particular example is in fractal geometry regarding the numbers 1 – 9.

For example, here are nine equations: The Afterlife: Part of the Illusionary Matrix. You heard it before: people are waking up. Waking up to what exactly? The term often used is 'from the matrix', a reference to the movie The Matrix. The movie not only is about waking up from a matrix of a simulated world created and controlled by an artificial intelligence that harvests energy from human physical bodies, while the minds of the same humans are unknowingly entrapped in an illusionary world.

Trick of the Light: How souls are recycled in the moon and sun. TI segment: Soul Code Genetics and Alchemy. Update Situation Parasitic Interdimensional Infection Soul Stealing Spiritual Enslavement System. Planet X and the A.I Mind Interface Grid system. The Battle for Earth & Your Soul - Enki vs Enlil - Eagle vs Serpent - History Altered. DNA Quantum (Hyperspace) Soul Internet.

Untitled. Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc (bio and articles / forum) Circa October 2008, a funny thing happened on the Internet. Satanic Ritual To Destroy The Universe - Tracy Twyman. Secrets of Saturn - Episode 19 - James Alfred - Hatybov...The Translations So Far. Booby Traps: Hidden Death Commands from Abductions or Military Service are Affecting Millions of People - Metatech.

Duncan OFinioan: Supernatural Eruption. Ritual Abuse Cannibalism, Human Spiritual Slavery and Degradation, The Holographic Universe. False Light and Traps of Agreement. By Laura Leon Guest Writer for Wake Up World There is much healthy discussion taking place in determining the ways that manipulating forces have invaded, hijacked and concealed Light Truth. For those on such a quest in their awakening state, a far more sophisticated level of ensnaring is surfacing on account of this power; a power occurring within the Universal Wave, which is inside us as much as throughout the Universe. Now more than ever we are navigating through a minefield of not only misinformation, disinformation and spiritual interference, but also a whole new level of seduction that seeks to blind and bind humanity deeper within the earthen prison matrix — especially against those waking up and unlocking Keys.

The aim of the ‘game’ is to snare humanity utilizing powerful truths. Whatever gifts and knowledge bestowed was to serve their hidden objectives of our enslavement to ‘them’. They had to find ways to keep people trapped whom are waking up. The False Ascension Matrix, How Does it Affect You? U.n.-constitution-syntax. For these CLAIMS: :VERB-SYNTAX-(THINKING): IS = SINGULAR, ARE = PLURAL. Communing With The Demon Masters Of The Elite & The Portal To Hell. Staged Centuries Part 1 Fabricated Reality Invented History Phantom Time historical ManipulationY. Spiritual Warfare. The TRUE reAson for the Mandela Effect ! PART 1. (EG): This is what is commonly reffered to as the Flower of Life, AKA: theDaisy of Death.

SHOCKING !!! OMG!!! - They can remove your soul ? and place it in a container. pt2. 08 – Number 13 – Messiah Mesa MessHall Mecca – MEMORY The Illusion Of Time Past – Human Sacrifice – Bohemian Grove – The Manipulated Become Manipulators – The OWL Seeing EYE – The Capitol Building – Genocide In Canada – Nazi Mind Control « illuminatiMATRI. Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is. Click here to watch video. The PC And Saturn Pt. 1 Occultscience101. The False Light Constructs of the Cosmic Matrix. The Metatronic Distortion, Flower of Life, and Vesica Pisces. To better understand the information presented here, it helps to think of a computer. Is there a spirit world where the departed "souls" reside? How the Impostor Gods Imprison You in the Matrix. Chemtrails - Implanting Artificial Intelligence to Prevent Human Expansion of Consciousness -

VANCOUVER, BC – Alfred Lambremont Webre interviews Alex Hunter a Vancouver activist known as “Captain Chemtrail” because of his command of the full range of the covert technology of chemtrails to terraform Earth and humanity into a remote controlled species commanded by a Controller Matrix and in turn by AI Artificial Intelligence. A Planetary Emergency “MayDay” Call Key points if you don’t have the time to listen tothe 2 hour + interview: Psychotropic Soul Harvest - Steve Richards. Soul Control the Immortal Illusion - Sevan Bomar on The Dino Dean Show 10 27 13. The Binary Code of the Matrix & the Power of the 'Machine' 4.02 Months of the Year - Greenland Theory. Supernatural: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control - Gnostic Media interviews Jose Barrera #157.

TheCarlaFoxBlog: Organic vs Synthetic. Your Kundalini / Chakras are a Trap / Prison. Error in Statement of Tropical Year. Vernal Equinox 2012: First-Day-of-Spring Myth Busted. The Lunar Illusion, Space Magick, & The Bigger Conspiracy Puzzle. The Oldest Soul Trapping Game -Tobias Lars. WARNING! The Afterlife "Life Review" Is A Trap! How We Became A Prison Planet. Time Manipulation. The Matrix Literally Has Your Soul — Reclaim It!