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Bass Traps

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Knauf Insulation Eclipse™ Air Duct Board with ECOSE® Technology. Just Two Broadband Panels | Homebrewed Music. I’m amazingly lucky in so many ways, and one of them is my good fortune in having a dedicated recording space. I can leave mics and guitars out, decorate to my preference, put speakers in the middle of the room, and best of all, hang broadband absorbers all over the walls and ceiling and stuff them into every corner. I found that installing these panels made a lot more difference in the quality of my recordings than upgrading a preamp or a/d converter, or even buying a new microphone.

By improving the sound in the room, the acoustic treatment made the whole recording process much easier and more enjoyable. So when people ask me how to improve their recordings, one of the first things I suggest is room treatment. Minimum Impact, Maximum Result Unfortunately many people don’t have a dedicated recording space. They can’t stuff a dozen panels into corners or lean them against walls, and they often ask how few panels they can use and gain any benefit. Let’s Listen Here’s the resulting video: Building a frameless broadband absorber. How to make a Bass Trap Acoustic Panel (Tutorial)

Owens Corning 703 Fiberglass Acoustic Board w/NO-FRAME Edges. Owens Corning 703 Fiberglass Acoustic Board (3#) Bass Trap Corner Impaling Brackets. 2-Prong PushDown Acoustic Impaler Clips. V Groove 90 Degree Red Duct Board Tool. Acoustic Panel Impaling Clips. CornerBlox Bass Traps - Next Acoustics. Color: Charcoal Qty: 4 pieces per box Size: 24” x 12” x 8” (max depth 12”) NextFoam™ CornerBlox™ – Corner-mounted low-end acoustical control for any sound environment. You don’t have to be an acoustician to realize the biggest problem in nearly every room - low frequencies. It’s the thump of the subs, the murky build-up or rumble of the bass that makes hearing your music harder and harder.

Why does that happen? Applications: • Effective at absorbing the bass (low frequencies) in your room. • Can be mounted in corners (or wall/ceiling junctures). • Perfect for any room. CornerBloxcan also be installed with CityBlox™, SoundTrax™ or BevelBlox™ mounted on the face to increase the bass-trapping in your room, while maintaining a consistent design in the room. Note: One side of each CornerBlox piece is 12” and the other side is 8”. Get your CornerBlox today…and start hearing what you’ve been missing! Rotofast Insulation Cloud Anchors. Rotofast cloud anchors are convenient for hanging sheets of fabric-covered Owens-Corning 703 and 705. We do not recommend using these anchors with Roxul Rockboard 60, as the Rockboard is not quite strong enough for a cloud installation with these anchors.

(The Rotofast wall anchors work well with Rockboard however.) Installing panels in cloud applications is done easily on site. Simply screw Rotofast Cloud Anchors into the back of the panel for a strong and secure installation. No special tools required. 4 anchors are required per piece of acoustic insulation, some people prefer 6 anchors per piece, especially when mounting thinner 1" insulation boards. Enter the total quantity of anchors needed in the quantity field below. These anchors are NOT for hanging ATS Acoustic Panels (see our Acoustic Panel Installation Kits for that). Price: $2.17 Currently ships within: 1 business day. Quantity: Fill-it-Yourself Acoustic Panel Frames. Home > DIY Acoustic Materials > Fill-it-Yourself Acoustic Panel Frames Fill-it-Yourself Acoustic Panel frames from ATS Acoustics are a cost-effective way to a professional, customizable result.

These are empty frames, ready to fill with acoustic material (Roxul AFB recommended for best fit), and cover with your own choice of fabric. Please note that the dimensions listed are outside dimensions of the finished panel after adding insulation and fabric. To build your own acoustic panels using these frames: Select size(s) and quantity of frames. Acoustic Insulation - Order Online, Ships UPS. Building a broadband absorber (on the cheap) | Homebrewed Music. When I talk about room treatment I only discuss the simple broadband absorber. I’ve read discussions of tuned membrane bass traps, tube traps, and diffusors, but my approach so far has been guided by the slogan, “You can never have too many broadband absorbers in a small room.” As I mentioned in a previous post, my construction method for broadband absorber panels is cheap and simple.

I use no frame or other hardware, but simply wrap two sheets of OC703 in burlap, like wrapping a package, and fasten the fabric with glue. Bill of Materials So the material list for a single panel goes like this: 2 sheets of OC703 or equivalent. 3 yards of 30″ wide burlap glue Fiberglass is not the only material that will steal a little energy from passing sound waves, but compressed fiberglass sheets like OC703 are very handy because they’re self-supporting. Faced vs Unfaced For this panel project I found a local supplier with both faced (FSK/FRK in Owens Corning terminology) and unfaced panels.

Video Demo.