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Should I Work for Free?

Should I Work for Free?

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In case you were wondering, here's what's happening in your brain during a re... We’ve all been through them, some more than others, and it’s hardly pleasant for either party involved. The fact remains however that, unless you’re planning to remain in your first relationship for the rest of your life, a break-up is a natural event in life. The Nerve’s Drake Baer recently went through a painful break-up and was inspired to pursue an investigation into why we are able to feel such real pain over something that’s completely psychological. After consulting mental health experts and brain researchers he discovered that the ‘need’ we feel for somebody we love is as real as physical requirements like hunger and thirst. The oldest part of our brain, often called the lizard or reptile brain, operates this impulses unconsciously. So, when we are hungry for instance, this primordial piece of our biology excludes all conscious thought that isn’t directly related to satisfying that hunger.

Using The ADDIE Model to Create Effective eLearning Experiences – Your eLearning World When designed and delivered appropriately, eLearning courses can be highly engaging and useful to students. Any course that engages its learners, will invariably result in being an effective teaching tool. To be truly successful, however, online courses must include certain hallmarks: They should support the overall business objective for which they are being createdThey should contribute to actual improvement in learner’s behavior or knowledge; andMotivate learners to embrace them Here is how instructional designers can use the ADDIE model to create effective eLearning experiences for their learners.

Do users read license agreements?: Measuring Usability Blog Jeff Sauro • January 11, 2011 The short answer is no. Whether free or paid, use software, and you have to agree to pages of legalese. So-called End User License Agreements or "EULAs" are ubiquitous. They are so common, in software and on the web, that many users ignore them and blindly click "Agree" without understanding what they're agreeing to. 7 Rules To Creating A Professional Portfolio Site If you decided to get involved in web design, no matter what your particular profession is about, sooner or later you will need a portfolio site where your expertise will be showcased. Why is it so important to have a portfolio? The point is that most clients only believe what they see, and your personal portfolio is the visual proof for them to witness your expertise, taste, and personality.

mistaken_goals.html about wordmap Adapted from the book "Maintaining Sanity in the Classroom, illustrated teaching techniques" by Rudolf Dreikurs, et. al. (1982). All children exhibit goal-seeking behaviors. 5 Yoga Poses that Make All Yoga Poses Better (Part 3 of 5) We all want to make our poses better…more integrated, less effortful, more sukha! Over decades of practice and thousands of sequences, I keep coming back to a handful of poses. Do these versatile yoga poses regularly and experience their transformative power on your practice especially when done in a creative, Iyengar way. Salambasana | Locust Pose

Did Cavemen Use Micro-Learning? Guess what? They did…and in the absence of technology. The whole thing went down on a Thursday morning when an informal micro-learning moment went social and was delivered synchronously at the Point-of-Work…and…at a critical Moment of Need. Whaaat? They were freaking cavemen for crying out loud. Who woulda thunk it?

Flattr's sign-up process: is this how you'd design it? The core idea of Flattr is great. You define a set amount of money each month (say $5) to tip content creators. Then, whenever you see something you like, you click their Flattr button and they get given a slice of your monthly quota. The size of the slice depends on how many people you tip that month – the more you tip, the less each individual gets. The concept is a bit weird at first, but if you think about it, the idea of a single-click micropayment tool is actually quite compelling. There’s no stop-and-think “how much should I give” step. Designer: 8 Places To Build and Showcase Your Portfolio Designers are breaking barriers and going global with their designs and one of the best ways to showcase their talents is to have designer portfolios. An online portfolio is a must for designers who want to take their careers to new levels. From it, clients can have a better view of your advantage over other freelancers. If you don’t because you do not know how to code, know that this is no longer a problem. There are plenty of online platforms that allow you to build your own portfolio in a matter of minutes.

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